Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The producers tell Raj that they are ready for the song recording. Raj comes to look for Rahul when he notices the video on tv. Rahul is nowhere to be found. Sonali also goes to check. Raj scolds the guards for leaving Rahul alone. Saloni is shocked Rahul went out of window. The producers are getting impatient. We have to leave tonight only. Manvi also goes to look for Rahul. Sonali tells her that Rahul is not in room. MAnvi also goes to look for him.

The producer asks Shaleen if Rahul does this often. Shaleen says being a rock star, he will have some tantrums. Nisha calls them lucky that they are getting to work with him. Rahul himself was saying so! They are taken aback. We are anyways taking a risk by taking him in the album. Please see if the problem is genuine or we are made

to waste our time intentionally! Shaleen goes out. Nisha advises him to use this golden opportunity for his sake. Dad will have to ask you to sing in case Rahul is not back. don’t leave any option with him today!

Raj thinks to call Rahul’s friends. Shaleen asks him why he is so worried. Raj tells him that Rahul is not in his room. Shaleen speaks of the producers. Raj suggests cancelling the recording. Shaleen reasons that they are big name in international music. Raj also knows how much loss he is going to bear. Sonali reprimands him for not thinking about their son at this point of time. Find out where he is. They hear Manvi singing and go to check in the studio. Manvi is singing O Palan Haare. The producers love her song. Nisha is irked. Are we here to clap for her? She leaves with Shaleen. Sonali loves her voice. Raj says it can be clearly seen she is Upmanyu’s daughter. This isn’t good for Rahul and I. He thinks Manvi is more talented than her son, just like Upmanyu was more talented than me!

Rahul is near a lake / river. He hears strange sounds. He feels weird. He looks at his reflection in the water. He can clearly see a tiger in his reflection. He tries to climb back up but fails in all his attempts. Suddenly he is able to do so. The clouds begin to cover up the moon. Flashes of that temple come before his eyes. He is in deep pain as he slowly begins to turn into a tiger.

The producers are thoroughly impressed with Manvi. They compliment her as well. She goes aside to try Rahul’s number. The producers are unhappy as Rahul was not so sincere. Raj lies to them. Rahul got unwell. He had to be immediately admitted to hospital. We will do it as soon as he is fine. They cannot do so as they have to catch a return flight in the night only. He offers them a fully funded stay for a few more days in India. They agree. Raj asks the guards to search Rahul.

Sonali is tensed thinking where Rahul could be. Manvi could not gain any info on Rahul from his friends. He is not even picking his phone. Raj says we should head home. He will come there ultimately. He prays that his son is fine.

Next morning, Rahul wakes up in Avanti’s room. He cannot remember how he came here. She tells him not to joke. He still cannot remember anything. She says I was coming back from Trisha’s house from the party. I took the lakeside route to avoid traffic. You were lying unconscious on a rock. She makes the driver put him in her car. Rahul can last think of being in the recording studio. How did I reach there? She says you must have gone there with someone. Try to think. Rahul is having a very bad headache. He sees vision of experiencing something strange last night. Maybe it was a bad dream. I cannot understand what’s happening to me. She offers to call doc but he denies. She did not call anyone at his home as it was pretty late. He wants to leave asap but feels pain. She advises him to rest here only. I will inform your family members. Take rest.

Ajay is at the police station. Inspector asks him to repeat what he did that night. Someone did kill Niru. What did you and Rahul do? What time did you meet him and where did you both go to? By mistake he fumbles in his story today and makes many mistakes. Inspector counter questions him on every point.

Sonali has not eaten anything since last night and is continuously crying. She asks Raj to bring their son back. I want him back. Raj assures her he will be back. Manvi gets Avanti’s call. She tells Manvi that Rahul is with him. Sonali asks her if Avanti is speaking about Rahul. MAnvi nods. Avanti lies to Manvi. Rahul was very much stressed because of the recording. He came to me to feel fresh. We went for drinks and fell asleep while talking. Manvi simply tells Sonali and Raj that Rahul is with Avanti. Sonali is unhappy as Avanti informed them so late. Avanti tells Manvi to tell aunty not to worry. I will drop him off as soon as he is awake. Manvi denies. I am coming to pick him up right away. Avanti smiles.

Precap: Manvi tells Avanti she does not get jealous or insecure with her or with any other girl ever. You can do anything that you want and cross any limits you want to but I have full confidence on Rahul. He will never cross his limits. Avanti is angry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. where’s the explanation of manvi’s kundli matter according to me it’s the only thing which can bring rahul out of the problems created by his father please open the door to hope and finish this horror which is not clearing in drama

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