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Upmanyu challenges Raj. Our enmity was between us but now you have crossed all limits. You tried to ruin her sangeet. I wont leave you! Raj calls him a poor man. You want to take money from us this way. Tell me what you need. Rahul warns him not to talk to his dad like this. Upmanyu says I will slap him. He thinks money is above everything. He covered the entry initially and then set fire in my hall. He doesn’t care about emotions at all. Now he has started to take lives too. Rahul pushes him down. Upmanyu falls down. Sujoy warns Rahul not to say anything. Upmanyu talks about Raj. He is a

Rahul tells him to stop. I am younger in age but I wont take anything wrong about my dad from you. Upmanyu says truth wont change. Your father will do anything using his money. See what has

happened to my daughter. She is unable to breathe. I swear on Ma Kali, I wont leave you Raj if anything happens to my daughter. I had forgotten everything that you have done in the past. I was living a simple life of music teacher. You will see another face of mine if anything happens to Manvi. Raj speaks bad about Manvi. We don’t care about what happens to you and your daughter. Upmanyu gets angry. Sujoy tells Upmanyu that they should go to Manvi now. The ambulance is here. Upmanyu leaves from there after warning Raj. Rahul has to stop his father.

Nisha asks Raj if he is ok. He was a cheap man. Rahul asks his father about what Upmanyu was saying. Raj tells him not to take that guy’s words seriously. Why did you go to that hall? Nisha speaks up. He must have gone to help someone. He is a good guy after all. NIsha points out at the wound in Rahul’s hands. Raj cancels the engagement. We will do the marriage directly. They all begin to go.

Nisha pulls Avanti aside. I had warned you earlier also but you ignored me. Rahul’s mood got off and then the engagement was called off. I got to know that Rahul went there to save Manvi. I hope you understand the meaning of this. I don’t want anything to go wrong with you. don’t take Rahul and Manvi’s relation lightly. You will end up becoming a joke this way! Avanti is in thoughts.

Doc checks Manvi. She is fine. It would have been worse if help had reached her late. Manvi’s family thanks doc. Shilpa next thanks Sujoy for saving Manvi. He acts all sweet and modest. I should be thanking Rahul. I became action hero because of him only.

Raj is angry with Upmanyu for being so rude to him. he is nothing before me. He ruined everything. He speaks against Manvi too. She was after Rahul. She is just like her father, cheap! Rahul stops his father from cursing Manvi. She hasn’t thought of anything wrong for me. You should not point fingers at anyone if you cannot understand them. Raj refuses to hear him. I don’t want anyone in the house taking that family’s side. I hope I am clear. He leaves. Rahul is clueless about Raj’s hatred towards Upmanyu and his family. Sonali too has no idea. She goes to check on Raj.

Rahul asks his grandparents about it. They agree to tell him everything. Rahul’s grandmother agrees to tell him everything. She says, a lot many years ago, there were 2 kids who used to learn music from your grandfather. One was Raj and the other was Upmanyu.

Flashback is shown. Upmanyu sings beautifully while Raj cannot sing so well. Raj feels bad when his father praises Upmanyu.

Present: Raj was always jealous hearing / knowing Upmanyu sings better than him.

Flashback: Raj and Upmanyu decide to participate in a competition. The winner will be launched internationally. Raj stole Upmanyu’s composition and songs during the competition. Upmanyu was worried initially but then thinks all positive. Raj did something wrong in the race to win the competition. He wanted to win it at any cost. He dint think of right or wrong. He gave juice to Upmanyu in which vermilion was mixed. Upmanyu couldn’t sing then. Everyone started making fun of Upmanyu. He was broken and insulted by everyone. His voice dint get fine even after a lot many days. Upmanyu found out Raj’s truth one day. He scolded Raj a lot but the damage was done. He went far away from us one day. No one came to know anything about him.

Present: Rahul is shocked. Dad will ruin someone’s career to win a competition. Raj says I was sure my father will make my own son stand against me one day. Rahul says you did wrong. Raj points at the luxuries he is enjoying. I did whatever I had to do to win. Rahul points out that real victory is in proving your talent / worth. When you did not know it then how do you desever it? Raj credits everything he has to that day only.

Raj shares that he had to prove his merit to his father, who always thought Upmanyu was a better singer than him. It was important for me to win. I had to defeat him. I got what I wanted. I would have helped him but he insulted me. His curses could never reach me. This victory was in my destiny. If he was really talented then he would have tried again. He dint try again. Rahul says his defeat wasn’t his competition. His defeat was his friendship. You broke his trust. When trust is broken then everything is broken. Rahul leaves. Raj asks his parents if they are happy now. My own son is speaking on behalf of my enemy. I will never forget you (his dad) for this day! NIsha is impressed by what Manvi has done indirectly. You made the father and son stand against each other.

Avanti has made a mess of her room. She remembers Rahul asking for Manvi as soon as he gained conscious. She continues throwing stuff. Talwar has a hard time controlling her. She cries thinking about Rahul and Avanti. Rahul loves her. How can he love her! Talwar is confused. She says he jumped in fire without worrying about his own life. He jumped in fire to save Manvi! Talwar says I dint notice anything in the past days. She cries. He has agreed to marry me but he loves Manvi. He thinks of her every passing second. She breaks down. Talwar comforts her. Why dint you tell me anything? He cannot ruin your life like this. I will find another guy for you. I will cancel this wedding right away. She wants only Rahul. I love him. everything will be fine after our marriage. You have never said no to me for anything. Please get me Rahul. I want him!

Precap: Sujoy meets Mala in the hospital. You don’t trust me. I really love you though. It is all because of my parents. I am doing this marriage so my parents aren’t upset with me. Mala is shocked to see Rahul there. Rahul slaps Sujoy.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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