Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi makes Sonali understand who also allows the kids to stay in Sabharwal House.

Shireen calls Rahul. Shireen tells Rahul he cannot keep the kids with them. They aren’t ready to stay with anyone. Rahul says I too am not into this idea but my wife and mother aren’t ready to let them go. Shireen says it isn’t right for the kids to stay there. Just bring Manvi ji here with the kids somehow. I will manage it here then. Rahul agrees. The call ends. Rahul cooks up a story for Manvi who then agrees to take them to hospital.

Manvi brings kids to hospital. They aren’t ready to let her go but Manvi says I will be back after talking to doc. Shireen tries to make Manvi understand but she only talks about giving positive life and outlook to these kids. Either let me adopt them

or tell me a reason as to why are abnormal. Shireen says allow me to do a few tests on the kids after which you can take them in case everything is fine. Manvi gives in.

Manvi tells the same to the kids. I will take you once everything turns out to be fine. They are reluctant but she makes them understand. Shireen looks tensed at the kids.

It is night time. The weather is stormy. The kids are standing near the wall listening to their mother. Boy tells his mother about the tests which Manvi was speaking about. Don’t get upset please. We will go in that house. We will do as you say.

Next morning, Manvi is getting ready when Rahul wakes up. He is surprised to see her ready. Are we going on date? She reminds him it is a very special day today. Doc will do the tests and we will finally be able to adopt them. I was broken hearted till yesterday but now I am happy. rahul says I said we will speak about it but you have already made up your minds. They both share their respective opinions. She wants to give a better life to the kids. He reasons that this doesn’t mean they should adopt them. We will bear their expenditures and manage everything. It is a big responsibility to be a father. Manvi holds his hand. the kids need us more. I cannot be away from the kids and neither can I forget how we found them. He agrees. She hugs him happily.

Rahul tells his mother they have decided to adopt the kids. Sonali says it was already decided. Rahul says I said we will discuss. Nothing was decided. Now I have decided we will go ahead with it. He notices smile on the face of both Manvi and Sonali. Sonali says leave it. Go and get them now. She shows them what she has shopped for the kids. I will become Dadi. I will spoil my grandkids. Rahul says I can see that. I was thinking what would have happened if I hadn’t decided to get the kids home. Manvi suggests leaving for hospital. Sonali excitedly tells them to go. I cannot wait. Manvi and Rahul leave.

Nurse leaves the kids with Rahul and Manvi. Shireen is checking the reports. Something is wrong but I cannot figure it out. The spirit of kids’ mother comes in just then. Shireen gets aware of its presence. She looks around but cannot see anyone. the spirit gets inside her. it makes Shireen write that the reports are ok. The kids are ready for adoption.

Manvi is happy to see Rahul mingling with the kids. Hope the process happens smoothly. Shireen comes there. The kids recognize it to be their mother in her and hug her. Shireen says kids got attached in these days. I am happy that they have found parents like you. She asks the kids to go with them. the reports are perfectly fine. you can adopt the kids. Rahul asks her when they can do that. How much time will it take? Shireen says you can do it by tomorrow. Rahul says we also need to make preps. Manvi thanks Mata Rani. The locket in her neck shines. We will go to temple. Shireen gets uncomfortable because of the locket and excuses herself. Manvi thanks Rahul. I am very happy. Rahul says I am also very happy. our family is complete. We have kids too now. He tells the kids it is their last night here. You will be with us tomorrow. Manvi and Rahul leave.

Shireen / the spirit signs all the adoption papers to be ok. The spirit is seen inside her as she walks past a mirror.

Rahul and Manvi find Sonali waiting by the door as soon as they enter. SOnali asks about the kids. Manvi says some formalities are left. They will come tomorrow. rahul jokes that it isn’t pizza. Sonali is excited to make preps. Rahul says don’t make me feel jealous. Such excitement wasn’t there at my time too. Some people come in with bags and cartons. He asks them to keep the stuff in the room next to theirs. I want my wife not to run around too much. He asks his mother to help them ready the room for the kids.

Nurse is packing the kids’ bags. I am happy you are going to Rahul Sir’s home. I will distribute sweets amongst everyone today. Boy asks if she wont give them. Nurse points out that their every wish will come true at Sabharwal House. Nurse notices something which isn’t fine. Don’t take garbage with you. the spirit appears. The boy sends her out on purpose before teir mother can harm the nurse. The kids hug their mother.

Precap: Shireen asks nurse where the kids went to. Nurse shares that they got adopted by Sabharwal Family. Shireen says how it can be. They cannot go anywhere without my permission. Later, the kids tell their mother they did what she wanted them to. Will you stay with us now? The spirit nods making the kids happy.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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