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Rahul is booking something for the vacation when Shaleen comes. I don’t know how to talk to him about the horn. Rahul sees him. I am a little busy right now. Can we talk later? I have to arrange for everything else as only tickets are booked as of now. Shaleen says my talk is really important. Rahul again repeats that they will talk at night. Shaleen gets angry. They don’t treat me any less than a servant. I am your brother! Nisha is right. He insults me anytime anywhere he wishes to. Agni calls Shaleen. Shaleen says I couldn’t find it anywhere. Agni suggests him to ask Rahul. Shaleen says I tried but Rahul is planning a vacation for our parents. Agni advises him to make use of the situation. You should help Rahul. Shaleen shares that he tried but Rahul agreed to discuss it all

tomorrow. Agni says you have tonight only. I will kill you tomorrow if you fail. He disconnects the call. I will kill this Shaleen first of all once my work is done. Yamini figures out that there will be less people in the house now. It will be easy to get inside the house. Agni asks her how she will do it. Yamini tells him to leave it on her. Sonali is Manvi’s biggest strength in that house right now. She is the reason for Rahul to trust and love Manvi blindly. She is the reason behind them together. I will have to break them apart so Rahul goes against Manvi. Agni looks impressed and content.

Manvi comes to Sonali’s room who asks her about the honeymoon trip. Manvi instead gives her a thank you gift for the lovely surprise. I have booked a spa for you. You have to reach in half an hour. Sonali is hesitant so Manvi calls for Dadi. Dadi asks Sonali to accept the gift. Sonali deduces that they are together in this. Dadi nods sweetly. Manvi says you do so much for us. Please go. Sonali pats at her head lovingly. I have got such a good DIL. How will I not go if you will ask so sweetly? She leaves. Manvi and Dadi pack Sonali’s bag. Dadi asks Manvi about her trip. Manvi decides not to tell Dadi the truth. We were tired so we thought to come home. Dadi says I will ask Chotu to keep the bag. She gives her a saree to give to Sonali. She likes it very much. She will be happy. Call Raj too. Manvi nods.

Manvi calls Raj. I packed everything for mummy. I will send at office. He thanks her. send Sonali to office somehow. Make sure she does not carry her mobile with her. I don’t want anyone to disturb us for the next 10 days. Manvi agrees. She thinks how happy mummy ji will be seeing all the planning.

Manvi is talking to herself. Dadi gave such a heavy saree to mummy ji. Hope she does not get doubtful seeing it. Sonali comes there wearing that saree. Doubt about what? What’s going on? No one tells me anything. I was sent forcibly to spa and then I am made to get ready. What’s happening? Manvi lies that she planned a surprise dinner for her and papa. Sonali asks her if Raj knows about it. Manvi nods. Sonali understands she couldn’t hold herself back. Where to meet Raj? Manvi tells her to go to office. Pretend to be surprised before him. Also, please give me your phone. Sonali gives her phone to her and goes. Manvi thinks mummy ji will be surprised after knowing the truth. She informs Rahul.

Sonali comes to office. She notices a pamphlet of Maldives on the table. She calls out for Raj. He comes and lies to her that he is going for an important meeting. She gets upset. You dint even tell me. You tell me now that I ask. He says it was very important. I had to go. we wont be able to go for dinner tonight. She thinks she should have understood that there is nothing more important for Raj than business, not even me. He offers to drop her home but she says it isn’t needed. This isn’t right. You don’t think about anyone else’s plan before yours. He ends up smiling. I am not going to Maldives for any meeting. Plus you are coming along. It is your birthday gift, from me to you. It was kept secretive. Your son and DIL helped me in this plan. Your son booked the tickets while your DIL helped me with packing and stuff. She calls it the best birthday gift. He smiles. I only will get the credit for it as it is entirely my plan. They both smile.

Rahul and Dadi are playing Ludo. They cutely argue over the game. He says you are so violent. It is good you aren’t playing with gun or you would have killed me. They are shocked to see Sonali entering just then. What are you doing here? Flight is on time? What happened? Sonali (Yamini) angrily looks at them. Don’t take his name before me. Rahul asks her if everything is fine. She says his meeting is more important for him than me. He left me when he got a call. He cancelled the trip in between. He tortured me by even taking my suitcase with him. Surprise, my foot! Dadi says I will call Raj and scold him. Sonali warns them against it. I wont talk to anyone who talks to Raj for now. He is missing my birthday for his work. It is more important for him than me. Dadi nods. Sonali insists no one will call Raj. You have to promise me. Rahul tries to make her understand but Sonali stays put. Manvi says you look tired. Please take rest. I will bring something for you to eat. Sonali tells her against it. Whatever I take from your hand will only seem to be poison. Who told you to pack my stuff? Rahul takes Manvi’s side. we did what Dad asked us to do. Sonali says who is Raj to decide where I will go on my birthday. Who are you all to agree with him? Give surprise to your wife if you so wish to, not me! She heads upstairs. Dadi wonders what happened to Sonali. I never saw her talking like that. Manvi says she is really hurt. Dadi remarks it is good that Raj isn’t here or I would have hurt him.

Manvi suggests Rahul to talk to his mom but he wants to give her time to calm down. Why did dad leave mom like that? I should call him to tell him everything. Manvi reminds him of Sonali’s words. I will handle it all.

Sonali stands before the mirror. Her real reflection can be seen inside. Manvi says mummy ji. She notices the mirror and is stunned. Who are you? She looks at the mirror in confusion. Yamini talks sweetly to her. Manvi again asks her who she is. Yamini replies that she is her death. Manvi tries to go but Yamini pulls her inside from behind her neck. Manvi demands to know who she is. Yamini replies she is her death. You and your husband killed my Yugant. Now I will you to complete my revenge. Manvi asks to be let free but Yamini thinks of how she lost Yugant. She stabs Manvi. Manvi gets unconscious. Yamini says don’t worry. I wont send you to hell alone. I will send your husband after you very soon. No, this will be a very easy death for Rahul and manvi (it was her imagination). I will torment them to death. They must not know my real identity or I will have to kill them soon. I don’t want it. I will end the love between them first. I will have to separate them then and then kill her mercilessly. It has to be a painful death!

Precap: Manvi says I was thinking to change your mood. We will have lunch party. Invite all your friends. I will cook something special. Yamini thinks today will be a really special day, not for her but for both of them though.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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