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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru ji reminding Raj about Durgapurjagir village. He says you know what will happen if Rahul goes there. Raj says no, Rahul won’t go there, he will go by new route. Guru ji says I wish, but if Rahul reaches there, it will be possible to save Rahul and this secret. Raj says no, I will myself go to Shilma and save Rahul.

Rahul and Manvi are on the way. He says give me your phone, my phone is off. She says even I could not charge phone. He says how to know way without GPS. She asks him to ask anyone. He says no need, I will see signboard. She says men lose respect when they ask people. He says now you will taunt that I cheated and married you. Their nok jhok starts. He plays radio. Aaja meri gaadi me baith jaa….. plays………. He smiles. She asks him not

to act smart. He says I don’t need to, I m not singing this song, its playing on radio. She changes channel. Aao na gale laga lo…………. Plays……. He says see don’t play such suggestive songs, I m simple man, nothing can happen between us. She looks at him and changes channel.

Classical music and song Uda chala jaaye re……..plays…….. Rahul feels sleepy and wakes up by jerk. He stops it. She asks why did he stop. He says I was feeling sleepy by slow music. She argues on his rock music. He asks her not to comment on his music. She says no one understands your music. He says I did not tell anything about you music. She asks him to see ahead and drive carefully. She screams and he hits the tree. She holds her head and sees him lying on the steering. She moves him and sees he fainted. She asks him to open eyes and worries.

She shouts to get help and asks anyone to help them. She runs on the road and comes back to the car. She sees Rahul disappeared and cries. She shouts Rahul and sees him sitting aside on the road. She asks what are you doing here. He says I m seeing how much you care for me, I m joking, I got conscious and did not see you, I sat here, you would have cried if you did not see me right. Janam janam………..plays…….. she asks are you mad, I was worried. He asks why do you care, you hate me right. She says I was scared seeing the lonely road, I had to go home. He says I knew this. She says if you cared for me, you would have not joked this, you don’t know what is it to see any loved one in such pain. Yaara…………..plays……….. He apologizes. She says you sent driver, did accident, we don’t know the way. He says I did not do accident intentionally, don’t waste energy on arguments, come we will find place to stay at night.

Sonali asks Raj to relax. Raj says I m not able to reach Rahul, I hope they don’t go to Durgapur Jagir. She says be positive. He says we should have stopped them. Nisha hears them and wonders what’s Durgapur Jagir, and why are mom and dad worried for Rahul, maybe Shaleen knows about it. She goes to Shaleen and wakes him up. She asks do you know about Durgapur Jagir. He says no, let me sleep. She says I heard mom and dad talking about it, they were tensed about Rahul. He says maybe its their personal matter, don’t get in it. she says I m sure there is something about it, get up. He asks her to sleep. She thinks something is hidden from all of us, whats this secret, I have to find out.

Rahul and Manvi take their bags and walk. She asks till when will we walk like this. He throws bag and asks do you have any better idea, will any thief come and take your purple color, I m also not enjoying here, whose idea was this about this honeymoon. He stops a man and asks what is this place. The man asks are you singer Rahul Sabarwal. Rahul says no, my face looks similar. The man says true, you don’t have star thing. Manvi smiles. Rahul asks for some route to Shimla. The man says bus will come in morning, this place is Durgapur Jagir. The temple bell rings. Manvi says I did not hear about her place before. The man says temple bell ringing at this time signs danger. Manvi says since Rahul has come here, it will be surely danger. The man says there is some lodge ahead. Rahul hears some sound and goes towards the temple. Manvi stops him. The temple bell stops. Rahul tells Manvi that temple bell sound stopped. Manvi asks what are you saying, its not time to joke, enough drama for now, get this bag, we have to find lodge. He thinks why do I feel such, temple bell was attracting me, where did we come.

They come to decent hotel. She asks whats this place, is this safe for us. He says thank Lord we got this place. She asks who will give us room here. Ragul says him… and wakes up the manager. The man says I did not anything… Manvi asks about washroom and goes. Rahul asks for two rooms. The man asks are you singer Rahul. Rahul says no, my face is identical. The man says I knew it, you don’t look singer Rahul, there is just one room now, take it for now. Rahul says why this happens with me. The man says once other room vacates, I will give you. Manvi sees Rahul writing his name as Rahul Dhawan…

Avanti sees sangeet video and tells her dad that she was not feeling sleepy. She says I was seeing how this dress looks on me. He says my daughter is very beautiful, I want to say I m very proud of you, the way you handled the delicate situation, too good, you invited Rahul and Manvi in Mata ji’s puja, I appreciate it, I prayed to Mata ji that I get one of the best guy for my Avanti. She asks why, you have found him, Rahul. He asks what. She says none can be best than him and smiles. He worries…… He says yes, sorry but Rahul is married. She says so what, people marry, have divorce, then they marry again, its common. Don’t you know Sonali aunty is Raj uncle’s second wife, why are you shocked? He says stop it. she says I m saying truth, do you really think if anyone leaves your daughter alone in mandap and marries someone else, I will just see, no, I m sorry, I won’t accept this, Rahul has to bear punishment, I will kick out Manvi from his life, Rahul is just mine.

Rahul forcibly holds Manvi close and says its true, I did car’s accident intentionally and got you in this type of hotel. What will you do, where will you run, tell me?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what will hapen to Rahul now. Manvi plz save Rahul na. We dontwant see him as tiger. He is a handsome n nice guy

    1. Rahul will turn to a tiger… Cnt hlp…
      Bt dnt worry.. He will be back as rahul sabharwal…….

  2. omg!!!initially nisha,next sujoy,then avanti, & now this durgapur jagir……………..fed up of those dramas…………..when’ll sujoy & avanti be exposed????????????its been so long for upamanyu in coma,want his recovery soon so that truth is revealed to manvi…………….

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