Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul is sleeping. He sees that cursed temple and tiger in his dream. He starts muttering to himself in sleep. Manvi looks at him. Rahul sits up suddenly. Manvi asks him if he saw a bad dream. He is having a severe headache. She says he must be thinking a lot in his dream. She puts balm on his head to ease his pain. He wipes a drop of water from her face. She tells him to rest for a while. You can go to rehearsals after breakfast.

Raj speaks to someone regarding the concert. Shaleen is unhappy to see him alive. My plain failed. He asks Raj about the puja yesterday. Raj says it was ok like always. The driver comes there. Raj questions him on who looks after maintenance. Shaleen acts all caring towards his father. he also scolds the driver along with Raj. They send him to repair the

car. Rahul joins them. raj tells him to be ready in the evening. I have got the track for your upcoming project. We will record in the evening. Rahul says it is good news. He asks Manvi to join them. He tells his father he will not record the song. Raj scolds him. We have been waiting for this day so anxiously. I am sure someone has put some rubbish idea in your head. Tell me what’s in your mind. Rahul proposes recording the song with Manvi. Raj looks angrily at Manvi. I knew it that you will have something like this only. Manvi says sorry to Rahul. I will not sing for the album. She goes from there. Rahul goes to talk to her.

Rahul asks Manvi what she is doing. She asks him when she said she wants to sing with him. He says I understand things at times. She tells him not to joke. He reasons that she is talented enough. I cannot understand the reason for you to say no. are you still upset with me? She denies. don’t push me for it. papa does not like it. drop this idea. There are already so many problems in the house. He sweetly asks her to agree. I will talk to papa. She stands speechlessly.

Rahul asks his mother to pat at his back. I have thought of such a brilliant idea. Sonali gladly does so. Why? Rahul says I have thought of a brilliant idea. Today is the recording of my new song. I have decided to do it with Manvi. Isn’t duet a great idea? Sonali too likes it. Manvi is a trained singer. I would really give a nod if you both are up for it. Rahul says all 3 of us agreed. Who will talk to papa? Sonali offers to do it.

Sonali tells Raj Rahul’s idea is good. Manvi and Rahul’s duet will be a great idea. Raj says international makers want Rahul. Sonali reasons that Rahul just got married. When the couple will be on stage together it will be good for publicity. Rahul too requests him. raj leaves it on them. I don’t mind, you can do whatever you want. Sonali and Rahul smile.

Manvi comes to her room. She thinks of how angry her Baba has been with the Sabharwals. She is in a fix. She had promised her Baba she will stay away from them. She calls her mother. Shilpa says I was about to call you. Rahul is about to sing for an international company. I want to wish him luck. Manvi agrees to say it. Rahul wants me to sing with him. I am in a fix. Baba never liked western music or Sabharwals. Shilpa reasons that Baba wouldn’t have minded it if he was in perfect health today. He would have been happy to see you happy in your new life. DO your duty of a wife and DIL. Your Baba is upset with Sabharwals and not your talent. Don’t hide your talent if you are getting a chance. I will play your album next to your Baba as soon as it is released. Your music will reach his heart for sure. Manvi nods. I will sing with Rahul. Nisha has overheard her convo. This is too much! Manvi has become more important than me and Shaleen. This isn’t fair dad! You can give the daughter of your enemy a chance but not us!

Rahul and Manvi are in the recording studio. Rahul is feeling uneasy as he sings the song. He starts once again. Manvi is looking at him all this while. Manvi too starts singing. Rahul stops to hear it. He smiles as he hears her sing. They both look at each other.

Raj tells the security guards to be always with Rahul. Don’t leave him alone even for a second. He meets his guests (producers) next.

Manvi is worried. Rahul says you performed well. I am the one who should be worried. She nods. You always stay so focused in your performance. This is your plan to divert my mind. You will give a powerful performance like a super star in your final show. Sonali wishes them luck. Raj introduces the producers to Rahul. They request him to sing his favourite song before the real recording. Rahul looks at Manvi. I like only one song. Manvi says all the best to him. She joins everyone else. Rahul sings the song while looking at Manvi. He thinks of all their meetings form Day 1. She too thinks of their happier times. Sonali and Raj speak in hush hush tones about what Guru ji had said. He assures her he will handle it. Rahul ends the song. Everyone claps for him. Manvi is all smiles.

The producers compliment Rahul on his performance. Rahul asks Manvi if she did not like it. She nods. I liked it a lot. He smiles. You liked something about me atleast. The producers go to check the studio with Raj. Rahul switches on the tv. There is a clipping of lions and tiger on tv. Security guards ask Rahul if wants something. He orders them to get out. He feels immense pain in his hand. they ask him if he alright. Rahul walks up to them, staring at them. they immediately run out of the room.

Precap: Rahul is near a lake / river. He feels weird. He slowly begins to turn into a tiger.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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