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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

In Manvi’s sangeet function, Harsh and Rupa dance on Ek Main Aur Ek Tu. Shilpa is looking for Sujoy. He and Manvi are going to perform next. Upmanyu goes to look for him.

Sujoy is with his friend. They talk about Sujoy’s playboy image. Sujoy has many girlfriends. I cannot leave all my girlfriends. His friend talks about a girl in particular. Sujoy changes his words when he notices Upmanyu coming there. Upmanyu says you are perfect for my daughter. I know you will keep her really happy. Everyone is waiting for you. Sujoy agrees to join him soon. Upmanyu goes. Sujoy and his friend follow him.

Rahul’s family dances together on a song. Rahul and Avanti too are asked to join. Rahul walks away from there. A man signals Raj. Raj nods at him and goes aside. The man tells Raj

that he has positioned all the crackers near Upmanyu’s hall. I only have to set fire. Things will happen as per your wish. Raj tells him to be careful. There should be no mistake. The guy leaves.

Shilpa gets all emotional during the sangeet ceremony.

Rahul wishes he had never fallen in love with Manvi when she hates him so much. I wish I could go away from you. Manvi too wonders why she feels so empty from inside. All this happiness is giving me no happiness. Rahul hurts himself. He recalls Manvi tending to his wound last time. On the other hand, Manvi is in tears. They both think of each other.

Everyone dances together. There are fireworks outside. One rocket lands in the hall where Manvi’s sangeet is happening. Everyone rushes out except Manvi. Upmanyu looks for Manvi everywhere. Rahul hears the commotion. Rahul goes inside the hall to look for Manvi. Upmanyu feels uneasy.

Manvi is stuck in fire. She calls out for help. Rupa asks Sujoy to save Manvi. Sujoy thinks he cannot jump in fire for Manvi. I should act like going inside to save myself. He goes closer to the hall but cannot see Manvi.

Rahul keeps looking for Manvi. She faints because of the smoke. Rahul finally spots her. He goes to pick her up when Sujoy hits him on his head. This is the time to become a hero in front of everyone. I should get Rahul out of my way! Rahul falls down. Sujoy puts some ash on his face and then picks up Manvi in his arms.

Sonali tells Raj about the next hall catching fire. Hope everyone is fine. Raj tells her not to take tension. Such incidents happen daily. Rahul and Avanti are about to perform. Where is he? Raj asks Shaleen and people but no one has seen him. Nisha thinks it is interesting. Raj’s favourite son ditched the party. Someone informs Raj that he saw Rahul going to the next hall which caught fire. Everyone is shocked. They rush to that hall.

Raj and Sonali shout for Rahul.

Sujoy brings Manvi outside. Upmanyu and everyone get concerned for her. Sujoy acts. I reached there on time or don’t know what would have happened to Manvi. Upmanyu is indebted to him for saving Manvi. Sujoy confesses his love for manvi. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if something had happened to her. A few people are heading inside to save someone who is caught in the fire. Upmanyu goes with them to rescue the person.

Upmanyu calls out loud, asking if someone is there. Rahul is still unconscious. Raj and Saloni notice him just then.

Manvi is having trouble breathing because of the smoke. Sujoy goes to find Upmanyu. They decide to take Manvi to hospital as soon as Upmanyu is found.

Rahul asks for Manvi as soon as he gains conscious. Raj only talks to him about Avanti. She is fine. Rahul yet again talks about Manvi but Raj insists upon Avanti. Avanti and Talwar hear it from far.

Upmanyu wants to help other people first. Sujoy asks him to come. Manvi’s condition isn’t right. She is having trouble breathing. Upmanyu goes with him right away.

Rahul tells Raj she is inside. Avanti is in tears to hear it.

Shilpa tells Upmanyu that Manvi has gained conscious but she cannot breathe properly. It’s all happening because of Raj. The fireworks he shot have caused this fire. Shilpa blames Raj and Upmanyu’s enmity for Manvi’s condition. She would have lost her life today. Upmanyu is angry hearing Raj’s name. I have had enough! He tried to kill Manvi. I wont spare him.

Precap: Upmanyu challenges Raj. Our enmity was between us but now you have crossed all limits. You tried to ruin her sangeet. I wont leave you! Rahul holds him and pushes him down.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  4. Pushes him down?! That’s a bad thing to do to an elderly person…let both the elders fight!

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