Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the car, Manvi tries to make Rahul understand she wants them to adopt the kids. He mistakes it to the fact that she wants to have babies. She finally comes clear to her point. I always wanted to adopt kids. He reasons that it doesn’t happen just like that. We have to think about a lot of stuff. They argue on the topic. Rahul suddenly stops the car. They find the kids there. Manvi wonders what they are doing here at this hour. They get down and go to the kids. The kids hug Manvi. She asks them who did this to them. They say someone adopted them. They were very bad. They have hurt us. Manvi gets worried. Take me to them. I will complain against them. The kids refuse to go back there. They wont spare us this time. Please take us with you. Rahul agrees. He makes Manvi understand they

can tackle those people later. They are bleeding. Let’s take them home. She agrees. They take the kids with them. someone is watching them from far.

Sonali is waiting for Rahul and Manvi. The weather is really bad. Chotu offers her water but she declines. Rahul enters just then followed by Manvi and the kids. Rahul tells his mother about the kids. They are the same kids who were found in that house. Someone adopted them but really misbehaved with them. sonali worries for them as well. No one will harm you here. Manvi introduces her to the kids. She really likes kids. She wont harm you. they look scared and hide behind Manvi. Sonali says those people must be really cruel who have harmed the kids like this. she assures the kids no one will trouble them here. I have made a cake for you. She goes to bring it. Rahul heads upstairs.

Shireen asks senior doc about the kids. They ran away again. I told you they are not normal kids. They cannot stay with normal people. He speaks of her behaviour recently. She says we both have made mistakes. We have to get them back or we will be in trouble.

Manvi nurses the kids’ wound. Sonali brings cake for them. The kids eat with their hands. Sonali is taken aback. Manvi understands she dint like the way they are eating it. They have been away from normal people for so long. They don’t know etiquettes or table manners like us. They will understand soon. Sonali says it’s ok. They will understand in time. I don’t mind it. Rahul says they are eating as if it will run away. He tells the kids to be easy on the cake. It wont run away. sonali reminds him to call hospital. Inform them that the kids are here. He goes aside to call. Sonali tells the kids she will get them ice cream after the cake. Manvi smiles.

Senior doc says we should look where we last found them. Shireen thinks to inform Inspector but senior doc does not want to get in any trouble. Shireen gets Rahul’s call. He informs her that they found the kids. We have brought them to our home. shireen tells her senior too. thanks Mr. Sabharwal. We were really worried for the kids. Rahul does not trust her words and concern. You wouldn’t have handed them over to anyone just like that then. shireen accepts her mistake. We will not let the kids go anywhere this time. I am sending ambulance for the kids. Manvi refuses. Shireen assures her they wont let the kids go anywhere till they get well. Manvi says I wont send them now. They are resting. I will bring them tomorrow myself. Shireen worries for manvi. She tries to tell her against the idea. It isn’t safe. Rahul and Manvi stay put. We will bring the kids to hospital tomorrow morning. Senior doc allows them. Shireen tries to tell him it is risky for the family but he pays no heed to her words.

Manvi brings the kids to her room. You will sleep with us tonight. The kids jump on the bed and enjoy playing with each other. Manvi happily watches them. the kids are so happy together. it just like Dada and I used to do. She misses Harsh. I have to be very careful about the kids. Rahul comes there. He is not happy seeing them jumping on the bed. Manvi stops him from reacting. They are enjoying after so long. Rahul still scolds the kids for messing the entire room. We were also kids but we knew how to play and not mess things. Has no one taught you how to behave? The kids sit down immediately. Rahul smiles seeing them serious and shows the kids how to play. We used to pick someone in arms and throw them on bed like that (he does it with Manvi). The kids run around the room with Rahul chasing them. All four of them enjoy together.

It is night time. Rahul and Manvi are sleeping with the kids. The shadow comes in their room late at night. She covers the kids nicely with duvet. Manvi wakes up with a start. The window it open. Manvi thinks how it got cold suddenly. She closes the window and lies down again. the shadow is sitting on the window.

Next morning, Manvi readied the little girl. the kids sit sadly. She says I myself don’t want you to go. They want to stay here. Our old house is better than hospital. We are all the more scared now. What if we go in that house and get stuck there. What if someone kills us? Manvi speaks of formalities. I am helpless. The boy suggests her to adopt them. Manvi gets emotional as the kids request her to keep them with her. Manvi tells them not to cry. I will speak to Rahul. She goes out.

The kids see their mother as soon as Manvi leaves the room.

Precap: Shireen tells Rahul he cannot keep the kids with them. They aren’t ready to stay with anyone. Rahul says I too am not into this idea but my wife and mother aren’t ready to let them go. Shireen says it isn’t right for the kids to stay there. Just bring Manvi ji here with the kids somehow. I will manage it here then. Rahul agrees.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. as per saas bahu suspense rahul maanvi ke liye rose SE bedroom ko sajayega fir maanvi ayegi or sneeze krna start kr degi or rahul ko sare rose hatane ko kahegi fir as usual unka romants me fir koi rukawat aa jayegi . guys we all know that YKAGH offair on 20 August but kya 1 hafte me koi track start and over kaise ho sakta hai . maanvi ne bhi fb pe khaha tha don’t lose hope we don’t know what happen tommorow so guys don’t loose hope

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