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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi assures Rahul that she wont let anything happen to him. He asks her what all she will do for him. She says this is what we call love but then covers up calling it marriage. Rahul smiles.

There is a knock on the door. Shilpa asks them to come as the food is getting cold. Rahul jokes that Manvi never stops talking.

Agni’s mother is happy that Agni trapped Rahul. Prithvi is keeping an eye on Rahul. Agni says I have trapped Rahul such that he will have no place to hide. I will attack him then and end him. I have kept a party tonight to announce about the contract. Ambika want to attend it too but Agni’s mother refuses to go there. I will kill him if I see him. I wont go. They have killed your father mercilessly and have shed blood of your brothers. Their blood will make

us strong. Agni too feels angry whenever he sees Rahul. I will win his family’s trust after today. He wont even think in his dream that I am going to attack him. This is my promise.

Rahul and Manvi come home. He has called for different saree’s for Manvi. Kabir is throwing a party for us. You will represent us. You have to look best so these saree’s. Mom will guide you. Manvi asks Rahul why he isn’t coming in the party. It isn’t Purnima today. He says I can have a party anywhere anytime. She suggests him to have her Rudraksh but he reminds her of what Ambika had said. You cannot do without it. It’s not safe for you. Don’t even think of it. Manvi is sad. All my attempts are going in vain. Is there no way to keep Rahul normal for atleast a night?

Dadi is doing yoga and eating side by side. she scolds a servant for smiling looking at her. He shows her a parcel. Dadi calls out for Manvi as it has come for her. Manvi hugs Dadi happily as soon as she checks the parcel. I feel as if God does exists and hears us. She does not reveal what’s inside the box.

Manvi has sent hindi translation of Ambika book. There is a letter too. she saw a bad dream too. The evil people are near us. We have to be careful. This book will surely give us some solution. She reads it. If a person turning into tiger loses his rudraksh then he will turn into tiger only on Purnima and another night. You will always have to be with your shield. You can now come in the party. He doubts the book but she says this book has saved us from everything so far. I wont like it if you wont come in the party. He asks her why. She gives roundabout answers. He counts all the family members. Why wont you like it when everyone will be there? He does not let her go. She thinks he never says anything and wants me to say it all. She side hugs him and teases him using ice cream as an excuse. He pulls her down. Dint you find any worst excuse than this? She says I like you a lot. I wont like it at all if you wont accompany me in the party. They share a romantic eyelock. The phone begins to ring so they get distracted. Rahul thinks his FIL has done Ph.D. in becoming a hindrance in romance.

Constable shares that Nidhi was seen near a stable in Old Delhi area. She was unconscious. Prithvi gets angry. No one helped her when she was unconsciously dragged? Constable replies that all drunken truck drivers are found in that area. Prithvi goes to investigate.

Agni and Ambika are leaving for the party when Prithvi comes there. Agni goes to check. He hits a bucket while walking. Prithvi calls out for the person to come out. Agni thinks Prithvi should have been after Rahul. I made sure I leave no clue behind while bringing Nidhi here. Why is this inspector here then? He knows me as Kabir. Agni stands over a piece of cloth (Nidhi’s). Prithvi is surprised to see Agni / Kabir in the stable. What are you doing here? Agni shares that he loves animals. I have made this stable especially for bulls and buffalos. Prithvi shows him Nidhi’s photo. Agni denies seeing her. the workers are not here at the moment. I will inform you in the morning when they come. Prithvi agrees. He leaves with his team. Agni picks up the piece of cloth.

Outside, constable too has not seen anything. Prithvi notices the huts nearby. He sends his constable there with Nidhi’s photo to enquire about her. Prithvi decides to find out the truth anyhow. I have doubt on Rahul from the beginning. Agni too is Rahul’s friend. What is it? Why does everything come down to him only? I have to find out. I will have to go to the party. I will find my clue there only amidst everyone.

Ambika recognizes the Inspector. Agni wonders how he got to know about this area. We will have to be careful next time. There should be no mistake next time. He asks his mother to clean the stable well when they are gone. I found a piece of Nidhi’s cloth here. She assures him she will get it cleaned.

Media waits for Rahul. Agni goes to greet Dadi. She is impressed by his personality. He introduces Anamika to her as his mom’s friend. He asks about Rahul and Manvi from Raj. Raj is irked. Agni wants to win Rahul’s trust tonight at any cost. Raj is sure Manvi is the reason for the delay.

Rahul comes just then with Manvi. She is wearing a red colour saree. Agni is affected. What do I do now? Ambika looks tensed as well. She tells Agni to control himself. There are too many people here. No one should doubt us. She takes him with her. Prithvi is sitting there in disguise of a sardar. He observes them.

Ambika asks Agni to control himself. Your anger can be clearly seen in your eyes. No one should doubt us. She notices Prithvi there. A sardar is trying to hear our convo. Calm down. They compliment the decoration.

Rahul comes to Agni. He lies that he was feeling suffocated inside. I have asthma. Rahul offers to call doc but they assure him it will be fine in a while. Ambika advises Agni to control himself somehow. Agni asks her to remove the colour from his eyes. She thinks to do something to make him the hero of the party. Everyone will trust you a lot.

Precap: Upmanyu and Shilpa come in the party too. Manvi is happy thinking that Rahul invited them but Rahul denies. Dad invited them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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