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The tiger / Rahul attacks her. He pulls her by her saree. She hits him using a stone but it stands near her only. Raj and Sonali are passing by from the same route. Raj suggests stopping the car and walk in the jungle to look for Rahul. She wants to accompany him but he denies. A biker knocks at their window. Raj lowers the glass. It is Inspector. He is surprised to see them here at this hour. Raj replies that they felt like going out. Inspector knows he does not do something just like that. When I came at your house to enquire about Rahul, his friend came all of a sudden. Rahul disappeared all of a sudden. The news was found out by paper. Raj shares that Rahul is back now. Inspector points at the connection. Sonali lies that Rahul only asked them to go out. Inspector tells them that this

jungle is scary. I got my constable’s dead body here. The marks on his body were similar to that on Niru. They were of a wild animal or of a tiger. Raj says we are indeed at the wrong place then. Inspector offers to follow them to give them protection.

Guru ji’s disciple tells him that there has been no news of attack of a tiger so far. Guru ji is surprised. It is bound to happen as per my calculations. Raj calls Guru ji. we couldn’t find Rahul. Sonali requests him to do something. My son can be shot down thinking of a wild tiger. We all know who is responsible for it all. Guru ji is helpless but agrees. The call ends. He knows he cannot do anything. They still expect me to do something. What should I do?

Sun rises in the sky. The rays fall on Manvi. The tiger / Rahul leaves from there. Manvi gathers herself. She somehow manages to walk away a little. She notices the tiger turning into Rahul. She looks at him in shock and covers her mouth.

Sonali and Raj worry about Rahul. Is it that the curse will show effect in day time also? He denies. She wonders if someone caught him. They are distracted to hear Manvi crying. Sonali rushes other side. Manvi falls down. She mumbles Rahul’s name in her semi conscious state. Raj gets intrigued as soon as he hears Rahul’s name. They ask him about Rahul. Manvi says jungle, tiger. Raj tells SOnali to take Manvi inside. Don’t tell anyone about this. He rushes out to look for Rahul.

Chotu is concerned about Manvi. Sonali lies that Manvi fell down. Chotu is sure these wounds are not of falling. Should I call doc? She denies. Raj has already done it. I am here. Chotu leaves. Sonali looks at Manvi. Years ago, your Baba had to bear a lot because of Raj. Today it is you! I don’t know how to stop it. I am sorry manvi. She nurses manvi’s wounds. Manvi takes Rahul’s name in sleep. Sonali pats at her head.

Raj brings Rahul home. He is all tired. They make him lie down next to Manvi only. Raj says no one saw anything. Tiger has attacked Manvi. We have to get her treated. He goes to call doctor. Sonali thinks of what happened in the past. No one should know of this. She goes outside. Manvi wakes up. She looks at her wounds. She is stunned to see Rahul in the bed. She recalls seeing him transform in the jungle. She is panicked. Rahul too wakes up. He holds his head. How did I reach home? He is equally shocked to see manvi. Manvi wakes up screaming big time. Sonali comes there. Manvi says Rahul and breaks down. Manvi asks for Rahul. Sonali shares that he is in guestroom. Manvi insists upon meeting Rahul. Sonali tells her to rest but Manvi runs out. Raj is sitting beside Rahul. What are you doing here? Manvi tells her about a tiger transforming into Rahul. You might not believe it but I saw it with my own eyes. She asks SOnali to trust her. Call someone. These wounds are because of the tiger attacking me in jungle. He changed into Rahul as soon as sun rays fall on me. You might think I am mad but this isn’t so. Trust me! I am not lying. Raj tells her to stop crying but she says I saw it with my own eyes. We have to do something. He tells her against it. I will do what I will do. Manvi says your Guru ji came in hospital. He told me that Rahul is under a curse.

A flashback is shown. She says I am going to tell Rahul about Baba gaining conscious. He says the Rahul you are looking for is not at home. You might not believe me but you have to. You might have seen changes in Rahul. It is all because of a curse. It came to life since he stepped in Durgapur Jagir Paudi’s temple. A holy tiger was shot down there. Rahul had to stay away or the spirit of tiger will take over him. It happened as Rahul went there. Manvi is confused. Guru ji tells manvi he has proof of everything. But right now I don’t have time. She wonders why everyone is telling me weird things. Guru ji is shocked to know she met Durgapur Jagir’s pundit. She shares that pundit ji was trying to tell something. He spoke of words. Flashback ends.

Manvi wants to consult Guru ji but Sonali stops her. He too does not have answer to anything. Manvi is taken aback. You knew about this already yet you did not tell me anything? Why did you do this to me? She questions Raj. What then? Manvi says he is not just your son but my husband too. I have a right to know what’s happening wrong with my husband. She is sad that Sonali too hid it from her. My husband has turned into an animal. I tried to know but why dint you tell me anything. I beg you, tell me what has happened to my husband. Sonali apologizes to her. we tried but could not free Rahul from this curse. I am mother. How could I tell you my son is turning into a tiger? Manvi wipes her tears. I don’t want to make you cry. I only want to know what’s happened to my husband. Raj refuses to talk about it. You will give the news in paper otherwise. She shares that she went to Durgapur that night. You can ask the cab company if you want. Rahul was about to kill me today. These wounds are a proof of the same. You still think I am lying? She wants to know the story behind it. Sonali agrees to tell her.

Precap: Manvi tells Rahul she will fight with the power of his curse. I wont fail. I will die fighting but wont back down. I will fight till my last breath. We will see who wins!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    nice episode…………for the very first time manvi is going to help rahul

  3. Amazing episode, love it thanks for the updates Pooja?

  4. now thats interesting….i feeling so relaxed , after so many days of dragging and irritation , every thing is revealing day by day….but i hope they will get back to their official track …the show started as a musical journey …want to see rahul convincing her to sing with him and want to see rahul making maanvi a superstar

  5. Superb epi…..yaar jst luv manvi…..

  6. supebbbb finally maanvi get to know everything

  7. seiously achaa hua ki manvi ko sab pata chal gaya aur ab wo rahul se pyaar karne lagegi so happyyyy aur haa jaldi tiger ka part khatam karo aur interestimg part laoo

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