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Manvi reasons she is not lying. He agrees she isn’t lying. But you might be mistaken. I took photos and videos of that time. I too was mistaken about killing that person but it dint happen. You must be under shock. They argue over their beliefs. Inspector suggests them to rest for a while. You look stressed out. Give your hotel details.

Shaleen comes to his Dadi’s room as he knows Rahul and Manvi don’t hide anything from her. He talks to her about Kabir. There is surely some secret which we aren’t aware of. Rahul saved our lives from Kabir. I wish to help him a little. Tell me something if I can help. Dadi is happy to see his concern. Let it be though. Kabir wont be able to harm us at all now. He is gone from our lives. Shaleen thinks how to make her understand Kabir is after

me now. He tells her about hearing Rahul talking to someone about a horn. Dadi is clueless about. Is there some problem? He denies. There is nothing to worry. I may be worrying for no reason as Rahul has saved us from Kabir already. He excuses himself. Dadi is sure Shaleen came to her for some reason. why is he getting into all this? What horn was he talking about? Shaleen thinks where to find this horn now. They hid it from Dadi too.

Outside, Rahul buys a water bottle and drinks. Manvi tries to make him understand. I like Payal as much as you do. I feel bad for her. He reasons that she is blaming a 7 year old girl for killing someone. It isn’t joke. They argue over what they have seen. She says everything is weird here. The person you killed with your hands is alive. How can it happen? I think we should leave from here. He calms her down. I know something is not right here. But nothing can happen till you are with me. He gives her water. She hopes this is not an indication of something wrong which is going to happen in our lives now.

Yamini is looking at Rahul and Manvi’s photos. You wont imagine how I will torment you to death. You will see your world ending before your eyes. You trust and love your wife very much. I will snatch all the people you love. I will kill you till you ask for your death on your own! You cannot even think how I will kill you. I will scare you so much that you will feel your death everywhere, all time. You will see your world breaking apart right before your eyes.

Shaleen thins of Kabir’s words. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find that horn. NIsha sees him checking cupboards. What are you looking for? He lies that he was looking for spare charger of his phone. She understands he is lying. Tell me what the matter is. He tells her not to look for conspiracy in everything. He talks to her rudely again. Go in room. I want to be alone. She leaves upset. He thinks he cannot let anyone know anything at any cost. He stops Chotu. I need some files from Rahul’s dad. Is it open? Chotu nods. Tell me when your work is done. He told me to keep it locked till he is back. Shaleen nods.

Shaleen checks in Rahul’s room but finds nothing there.

Agni’s mom asks Agni if Shaleen called. Agni shakes his head. You call him then. Agni calls Shaleen. Shaleen thinks he checked everywhere but the horn is not here. I will call him to inform him. he realises that he left his phone in his room.

Nisha comes to her room. Shaleen’s phone rings. She is about to pick it but Shaleen snatches it from her. She questions him on his behaviour but he says it is an urgent call. He goes outside in corridor to talk to Kabir / Agni. Shaleen tells him he is mistaken. That horn isn’t here. Agni is sure it is there only. You know what I will do to you if you don’t find it. He ends the call. Agni tells his mom she is right. Shaleen is a loser. His mom says Rahul is smart. he wont hide it where anyone can find it easily. Give Shaleen some time. Agni thinks of going there personally to get it but his mother tells him against it. They will kill you if they see you. Agni knows Shaleen wont be able to do it. I have to personally go there to get that horn. Yamini asks them what horn they were talking about.

Raj and Sonali are having tea. Rahul and Manvi come home which surprises them. Was the trip not good? Rahul replies that it was mind blowing. We got tired and were homesick so we cut it short. Sonali jokes that we should have sent you to Vaishno Devi instead. Shaleen wonders what Kabir did to them that they are home so soon. He asks Rahul if they dint like the resort. Rahul lies it was good. We were missing you all. Raj sends them to freshen up.

Yamini waits for answer from Kabir. They both fumble. Yamini warns them not to fool her at all. I know which horn you are talking about. The horn with which Rahul killed my son! Answer me! Agni says I know nothing can be hidden from you. I have met Rahul and Manvi earlier also once. They stole our Kuldevta’s horn. They want to kill us as they want our powers to rule the world. Yamini asks him why he hid it from her. He says I dint want to give you tension. I will handle it. Yamini denies. You wont do anything now. I will do it. It is my responsibility to find that horn now. I will do it my ways. Agni smiles. Great, that horn will be found then. Plus my revenge from Rahul and Manvi will be taken too. I trust you completely Yamini. I will get that horn surely now.

Rahul and Manvi come to their room. She is happy that he dint tell anything to anyone about what happened at the resort. He calls it all a bad dream. Rahul and Manvi talk about Payal. She tells him that she already took care of it. I called her uncle who would pick her up and look after her. I also told him we will take care of all her expenses and everything. He thanks her. I was only thinking about it but you have already done it. She tells him not to thank her. I very well know how to take care of my husband’s happiness. He smiles and holds her hand. I am very demanding. I don’t get happy so easily. She gets shy. He asks her why she gets shy when he talks serious stuff. Bol Do Na Zara plays in the background. Someone knocks at the door which breaks their moment. It is Raj. He asks them what happened after the police station incident. Rahul replies it was all good. Raj reminds them that it is Sonali’s birthday next week. I have arranged a trip to Maldives. He asks Manvi to help him in this. Pack her bag without her knowledge and send her to airport. Rahul reminds her she is not her mom but MIL. She shouldn’t know anything. Manvi assures him.

Precap: Yamini is in Sabharwal House in Sonali’s avatar. Manvi comes to call her when she notices the mirror.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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