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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonali tells Rahul about Manvi in the same hospital which is under terrorist’s target. Rahul realises that maybe Manvi was trying to tell him the same. I dint pick any of her calls. When will I understand it! He leaves for hospital.

A little girl is crying non-stop. The terrorist lady tells everyone not to worry. We have only come to get our chief. We will leave once our work is done. She hears the girl crying. She scolds the mother to quieten the girl or thrust a piece of cloth in her mouth. Manvi rebukes her for being a heartless woman. She is a kid. How would she know when to be quiet! The terrorist lady slaps Manvi for speaking too much. She tells the mother again to quieten her daughter who agrees fearing the lady. All the terrorists warn everyone not to act smart. you will pay

badly for it otherwise.

A lot many people have gathered outside the hospital. Their loved ones are stuck inside and are highly worried. Rahul comes there. Inspector tells him he cannot go inside. Rahul requests him but the Inspector refuses to put the lives of so any people in risk. They have already shot down a constable. Rahul asks him his plan of action. I know you cannot tell media anything but tell me atleast. Inspector again asks him to leave. Rahul says they wont come out if I leave. People question Inspector who goes from there. They hear an announcement from the terrorist lady. We wont leave from here till we take our chief safely from here. You have 15 minutes to think. You will be responsible for what happens after 15 minutes. Talk to senior officials. Rahul panics hearing it. He asks Inspector to do something which angers him. You will teach me how to do my duty? We fight with death daily. I am doing it since 20 years. You want us to free a terrorist? It can be a big risk for our country. Rahul argues. Where is commissioner? When everyone else can be here then why cant he be. Inspector calls the commissioner being helpless. Rahul understands from his convo that commissioner isn’t coming. If anything happens to any of our relatives trapped inside then we wont spare you. Inspector asks him to understand. Commissioner’s hands are also tied. He is also waiting for orders.

The kid is still crying. The terrorist lady is irked. The mother assures to calm her baby but the terrorist lady points gun at her only. It will end the chapter altogether. Manvi holds her hand, warning her not to touch the kid. What kind of a woman you are? Were you never a kid? Were you treated the same way when you were a kid? If it was that easy then our police would have killed your chief. You will have to keep us alive to keep your chief alive and safe. You told us you will not harm any of us. We wont sit quietly too if you wont stick to your words. We have to die. Why don’t we die fighting! The lady says I appreciated your daring but leave my hand right now! The mother says forgive my kid. She will be calm if she drinks water. Manvi assures her she will get water for the little girl. The terrorist lady tells her against it but Manvi stays put. Manvi challenges her to shoot her if she can. She turns once again. The terrorist lady shoots.

Outside, everyone gets tensed as they hear the sound of bullet. The situation is getting out of control. Inspector requests Rahul to control the people. They will listen to you as you are a celebrity. Rahul tells everyone to calm down.

A man is holding the hand of the terrorist lady. You are too hot headed. Stay calm. He allows Manvi to give water to the kid. The man talks to the lady in a corner. He advises her to keep calm. We have to get out of here. I am not asking you to spare them but wait for orders. She vows to shoot Manvi first of all.

Rahul is angry knowing commissioner still isn’t here. What can be more important for him than this? He leaves to meet commissioner.

Commissioner and minister are having some chit chat with nice food and alcohol. Commissioner is not happy to see Rahul. Rahul scolds him for not caring about his duty. You should be ashamed of it. Commissioner reminds him who he is. Rahul says I will just show you the reality. He records a video of commissioner. Commissioner resignedly goes with Rahul.

Shilpa comes to Sabharwal House again. She meets Sonali. Shilpa asks for Manvi. Is she here? Her phone is switched off. I am really worried for her. Sonali realises Shilpa does not know the situation. She invites her inside but Shilpa denies. My husband took a vow. Sonali insists upon her to come in. Shilpa comes in. They see the news. Shilpa is shocked to know that Manvi might be kept in the hospital as a hostage along with other people. I have to save Manvi. I have to go. Sonali tells her to calm down. Shilpa is berserk. What’s happening with my kids? What did I do that my kids are being punished like this? Kill me instead. Sonali tells her not to cry. Rahul has gone there. Everything will be fine. They continue watching the news for updates. Yamini smirks from far. She joins them. I heard your convo. Manvi Bhabhi helped me when I had lost everything. I want to pray for her. Allow me to go to temple. Sonali agrees. God isn’t listening to us. Maybe God will listen to you. Yamini smirks. Now I will get in the same hospital and confront manvi. No one will even doubt me. take your last breaths Manvi. Your death is coming to you.

Precap: Manvi slaps the terrorist lady. Rahul is also fighting with the terrorists. One terrorist shoots at Manvi but Rahul steps in between. Manvi looks at him in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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