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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul and Manvi cannot understand why Raj got so angry today. Manvi points out that Raj always gets angry anyways. Rahul says it was not just anger. I saw fear in his eyes today. He is hiding something from me. Manvi is confused. What is it that he is hiding from you? Dadi comes there. She yet again asks the couple to go for honeymoon. I wont hear any of your excuses. Sonali too asks them to go. She asks Rahul to be back before Purnima. We have to do an important puja on 13th. Sonali and Dadi go to make preps. Rahul and Manvi can see no other option but to go.

Sonali says I know we did not start in a positive way but things eventually got better between us. She gifts a shawl to Manvi. It is for a new beginning and a family tradition. Manvi thinks I cannot comment on the new beginnings

but I will try to be a good DIL. Sonali talks to her sweetly. All the close relations start from fights. Slowly the fights decrease and people come close. Rahul is standing outside. He smiles seeing them sharing a hug.

The weather is pretty stormy. Guru ji etches Rahul’s kundli. We have to stop him. He cannot go. He might not come if he goes this time. If he comes back then everything will be finished. He asks his disciple to call Raj. Raj is not picking his phone.

Manvi and Rahul leave for Shimla.

Raj asks Sonali if they did a mistake by sending Rahul. She denies. I anyways made pundit ji tie a Raksha-sutra around Rahul’s wrist in Mata ki Chowki today. He will be fine.

Guru ji asks his disciple to continuously try Raj’s number or the landline number. We have to inform him at any cost. There is danger for Rahul! Tell him not to let Rahul go out of the house today.

The landline rings. Nisha picks the call. Guru ji tells her to convey his message to Raj. Tell him to not let Rahul go out of the house today! Nisha asks Guru ji who he is. He replies that that isn’t necessary. Don’t act mad. Just inform Raj. Don’t let Rahul go out of the house before Purnima. Raj will understand who I am when you will give him my message. Nisha is still unable to recognize him. She retorts angrily. Rahul already left for wherever he had to! Raj asks Nisha about the caller. She says it was some random fan maybe. He was saying rubbish. Raj tells her to let it be. Nisha is irked as the caller called her mad. I anyways don’t care if anything wrong happens with Rahul!

Guru ji shares that nothing can be done now. Rahul has already left from home. Things will not be the same even if he comes back now. Everything is going to change!

Raj notices the missed calls in his phone. Raj immediately calls his Guru ji. Guru ji tells him he wanted him to stop Rahul. I am getting wrong signs. Time is not good for Rahul. Something wrong is about to happen to him. His life is in danger. Raj panics. Guru ji advises him to call Rahul back home asap. Raj agrees. He ends the call and tries to call Rahul. Sonali comes there. He tells her what Guru ji said. Rahul’s phone is unreachable. Raj thinks to call at the hotel. I will ask them to send Rahul back as soon as he reaches there. I will meet Guru ji. You keep trying Rahul and hotel’s number. Ask him to come back when he picks the call! Sonali nods.

Rahul and Manvi are on their way. He is whistling but goes quiet when Manvi stares at him. He starts a random convo with his driver (Gopal). I don’t understand how people spend the entire journey while looking out of the window. Tell me, how are you! Gopal talks to him about his problems. Manvi points out that Rahul has never even stepped in the market. How would he know about inflation! Rahul and Manvi indirectly talk and end up fighting cutely again. Rahul asks Gopal to stop the car. I will prove you what effect can this face have on people. Gopal stops the car. Rahul stands outside on the road. Gopal asks Rahul to come inside. The road is stranded. Manvi smiles. Rahul tells him to wait. Gopal insists. Rahul notices a dog coming towards him. He climbs on the top of the car. Manvi laughs at him. You were right. The entire world is your fan. Gopal asks Rahul to sit inside. Rahul finally sits in the car. What route is this? the route to Shimla is crowded. Gopal says storm came when we were about to leave. My wife is at her mother’s home as she is pregnant. Her home is nearby only. I spoke to her before leaving. Rahul asks him since when is she here. Gopal says 3 months. I will get to see her only when the baby is born. Rahul makes him stop the car. Take this money and meet your wife. I will drive till Shimla. Manvi suggests him to let Gopal ji drop them at Shimla first. Rahul reasons that that ways he will not get any time to spend with his wife. Not all wives are like some kind of wives, who don’t talk to their husbands at all! Gopal leaves. Rahul makes Manvi sit in the front while she insists upon him to wear seat belt first.

Guru ji reprimands Raj for letting Rahul go to Shimla. How are they going? Raj says they will go by road. The route is clear. Guru ji gets angry. Did you forget Durgapur Jagir comes on the way? Did you forget the secret of the Paudi’s (a place there)?

Precap: Raj and Sonali hope Rahul and Manvi don’t reach Durgapur Jagir. Nisha overhears their convo. Why are mom and dad so tensed? What is the secret about Durgapur Jagir?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hope al things r fine with rahuvi. manvi its your time to save rahul. he saved u from suj. plz save rahul. may no harm come on both. intetested n eager to tom episode

    1. Wish d same

  2. Rahul is so sweet n kind hearted…manvi….u r too gud…Oops…..wt trouble is ahead hope dat ranvi…..will b fine…..!! Nice epi…

  3. I think all this superstitious events are taking place so as to let karan can go out for 1 month for roadies

  4. Nice episode.i want that show should be repeated once evening time.first this show is repeated next day at 6:30pm then why it us not repeated at that time.

  5. Plz the repeat show at 1:30pm …begusarai i hate begusarai…

  6. Why update of the nxt episode is so late… Waiting fr it yaar… Plz update it fst


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