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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shilpa asks Upmanyu if he dint do any drama outside. Upmanyu talks about media persons. They are hypocrites. I made Rahul understand. Sujoy and his family reach there. Sujoy asks for Manvi. Shilpa shares that she will come directly from parlour. Sujoy thinks he will get Manvi in 2 days. I will stop all her dramas afterwards. She will have to do what I will ask her.

Raj and Talwar tease Rahul. A guard tells Rahul that they have removed the vans from the way. Raj questions Rahul. Rahul says I don’t want any complaints today. Talwar asks them to come out. Avanti must reach anytime now. Media wants your photos together. A car stops outside just then. Reporters rush to the car. It turns out to be Manvi. Rahul and Manvi look at each other. Everyone looks on in surprise. Nisha tells

Shaleen that this is the best family drama. Reporters speak about Avanti. Manvi clears their misunderstanding. Rahul thinks it to be Upmanyu’s plan. Rupa asks Manvi to come. Manvi and Rahul look at each other as she heads to her venue. Avanti reaches there just then. Avanti asks Rahul how she is looking. Rahul looks towards the small Sangeet Hall. Avanti stands with him to get their pictures clicked. Rahul’s attention is diverted. She notices it.

Avanti pretends something went in her eyes. She makes an excuse to go to washroom. She is actually going to the sangeet hall where Manvi is.

A few men tease Rahul for being lucky in love. Not everyone gets to marry the person they love. Rahul thinks of Manvi.

Avanti compliments Manvi. Manvi is touched that she left her sangeet and came to meet her. Avanti acts all good with her. I heard Raj uncle speaking to someone on phone. Rahul called the media and press. He only got the entrance of your hall blocked. I have no idea why he is doing this. I got it all cleared as soon as I got to know about it. I was worried. Raj uncle and Rahul can go to any extent to harm you and your family. I need to go now. Congratulations. Manvi nods.

Rahul wonders what he should do that this pain goes away. Manvi cannot get Rahul out of her thoughts. I hate you so much. I cannot get this hatred out of my head. I only hope Sujoy’s love helps me. I only want to forget you! Rahul thinks of Manvi’s bitter words. Both Rahul and Manvi are lost in each other’s thoughts.

Sujoy looks at Manvi. She looks so beautiful. She will be fine in a few hours. Mehendi is put on Avanti’s hands. A girl says we are waiting to see its effect. It hints how much your husband loves you. Raj and Saloni give a dance performance on Gulabo. Avanti calls them mom dad later as she compliments them on the dance. Raj and Saloni leave Rahul and Avanti alone to talk. Avanti asks Rahul how good they will look together when they will grow old. He simply smiles or stays quiet. She asks him if his attention is in the function going on outside. He says sorry to her. I may be preoccupied. I am sorry for neglecting you like this. It wont happen again. A guy requests Rahul for a selfie. Rahul goes with him. Nisha comes to talk to Avanti. I would have never believed Rahul if I was in your place. I believe Rahul is interested in that other function more. Avanti handles her smartly.

Manvi and her family get emotional as the rituals go on. Rupa warns Upmanyu and Manvi not to cry. Today is a day of happiness. Upmanyu says time flies. It looks like yesterday when I was teaching Manvi to walk. Rupa mimics Upmanyu. Everyone ends up smiling.

Nisha and Shaleen give a dance performance. Shaleen forgets his steps. He looks all lost in the middle of the performance. Raj looks angrily at him. Nisha tells Shaleen he forgot all steps. Raj scolds Shaleen. We will have to delete this performance from the video now. Shaleen asks his dad when he gave him a chance. You never taught me anything or let me do anything. You never had time for me! Saloni questions Shaleen on his behaviour. Shaleen walks away miffed. Nisha is impressed by the change in Shaleen. Saloni thinks of talking to Shaleen. Why is he so upset with us? Rahul is also tensed. What’s happening with my kids?

Precap: There is a fire in the sangeet hall. Manvi faints. Rahul goes to pick her up when Sujoy hits him on his head. Rahul falls down.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. precap is interesting!!
    avanti should be pushed out of d epi!!!!…….

  2. omg!! show s full of minunderstandings..
    hope t ends soon..
    i read in one spoiler tat rahul comes to know about sujoys character nd he tries to make manvi understand this bt she wont listen to him.. finally chatterjee wl cum to knw this and marriage wl b stopped..
    hope in the mean tym rahu ltoo wl knw abt avantis stupidity..

  3. OMG boring episodes .plzz show something good between ranvi.clear misunderstanding.

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