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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj is with Agni / Kabir. I like the idea. Even I wanted to talk to you about it on Holi party but did not get a chance. Agni gives him the papers and asks about Rahul who comes just then. Rahul is happy to see Kabir / Agni. Rahul refuses to do an open air concert. Agni knows it too well why Rahul does not want to do it. Raj asks Rahul to sign the contract. Rahul proposes to sing a duet concert this time with Manvi. Agni likes the idea. They shake hands to call it a deal. Rahul feels something strange as soon as he touches Agni’s hand. I got a shock. Agni says this shock is nothing compared to what the world will feel after your contract. He mentally thinks Rahul’s countdown has begun. You cannot even imagine what shock people will get after your album.

Rahul shows Agni his studio.

I will tell you the way I work. A girl (maybe Rahul’s assistant) comes to talk to Rahul about something. Agni looks at the girl. She is wearing a red coloured dress. Rahul and the girl go aside to talk. Agni begins to feel strange seeing red colour. Agni goes inside the washroom to calm himself down. I must control myself or Rahul will doubt on me. This girl is mad. He hears the girl leaving from the room. This girl does not know that bulls cannot bear to see red colour. I will have to keep a hold on myself. If Rahul finds out about my truth then! I cannot let it happen. He smiles. This relation with red colour is weird. It brings me closer to enemies and also turns a bull dangerous. When this colour is of blood then it pulls the tiger closer.

Rahul asks Agni if he is fine. Agni lies that he drank too much water as he was tensed before Raj. Rahul laughs. I thought my secretary was your ex so you left. Rahul had forgotten about a scheduled meeting. Agni does not mind. I have kept a party to announce our contract tonight. Rahul is impressed by his attitude. Let’s have a party. Agni agrees and leaves.

Outside, Agni collides with Prithvi. Prithvi has dropped something. Agni picks up the photo for him. It is Nidhi’s only. He hands it back to Prithvi. Agni thinks Rahul will be trapped for the mistake that he dint even commit. He wont be able to escape this time.

Shilpa is looking forward to finally have lunch with Rahul today. She finds Manvi all lost. Are you hiding something from me? Manvi denies but Shilpa can read her face. Is there some problem? Manvi lies that Rahul still hasn’t come. He messaged me that he is on the way but he isn’t here. Shilpa teases her. You are missing your husband. Don’t worry so much that you forget the difference between dhaniya and dry fruits. Manvi smiles. Shilpa praises Rahul and so does Manvi. You are right. He must be stuck in traffic. Upmanyu calls out for Manvi. Rahul is here. Manvi happily goes out to meet Rahul. She finds him tensed. He says he is happy that he will get to eat authentic Bengali food today. I am looking forward to it. Upmanyu is happy to see Rahul. Rahul gives a gift to Shilpa. She likes the saree. Upmanyu says he is my SIL after all. They all sit down. Upmanyu compliments Rahul’s talent. Manvi notices Rahul fidgeting. He is surely hiding something from me. His smile is not so real. What could it be? She tries to take him aside to talk to Rahul but Upmanyu intervenes. Manvi insists. She takes Rahul inside.

Manvi asks Rahul what he is trying to hide. He lies to her. There is nothing. She knows him too well. I will find out if you wont tell. He asks her who she will ask. She realises that there is something for sure. You have my swear. I will accept it if you say that there is nothing. He cannot take her swear or lie. It is your mom’s birthday today. He shares that Prithvi came to meet him in the studio. He said Nidhi is missing.

Flashback is shown. Rahul says Nidhi called yesterday. She asked for Manvi’s number but couldn’t meet her. Prithvi wants to know if Manvi met her. I am asking you this as my constable saw Nidhi coming to your house. Rahul points out that the constable was following him. Prithvi says how it matters. You haven’t done anything wrong. Rahul nods. She did not come to our house. Manvi was not at home as it is her mother’s birthday. I have no idea about Nidhi. Prithvi finds it weird. All the clues lead me to you always. Nothing can save you. Flashback ends.

Rahul fears that maybe Ambika predicted things wrong. She can make a mistake after all. She cannot be completely right. What if this tiger kills people for fun? I clearly remember seeing Nidhi till I was conscious. But I have no idea what I do when I turn into an animal! Save me from this. People are going missing every day. Dead bodies are found. I have no guarantee I am not behind this. I want an answer.

Shilpa waits for Manvi and Rahul. Upmanyu tells her not to worry. They must be talking something personal. I will not let this food get cold. She stops him. Rahul has come for the first time. We will eat together. They go to call Manvi and Rahul.

Manvi is hugging Rahul and caressing his head to calm him down. Upmanyu refuses to knock at the door knowing that the door is closed from inside. They must have come to discuss something important. Manvi assures Rahul that she wont let anything happen to him. He asks her what all she will do for him. She says this is what we call love but then covers up calling it marriage. Rahul smiles.

Upmanyu is hungry but Shilpa again asks him to wait for Rahul. He gives up.

Rahul and Manvi share a romantic eyelock.

Precap: Manvi asks Rahul why he isn’t coming in the party. It isn’t Purnima today. he says I can have a party anywhere anytime. She suggests him to have her Rudraksh but he reminds her of what Ambika had said. You cannot do without it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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