Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul talks to all the chorus singers he has chosen. Music is my life. Not everyone appreciates Rock Music as a typical form of music. I want you all to take it seriously as it is a very serious thing for me. They all start the practise. A girl’s phone rings during practise. Rahul doesn’t take it in a wrong way but the phone rings again. Next time he asks her to receive it. I don’t like any disturbance between work. Vicky asks her to leave. They need one more chorus singer now. Vicky had stopped the auditions afterwards. Rahul tells him to find the solution of the problem in an hour.

Rahul got angry as someone was calling that girl in between music. Is a phone call more important than music? Avanti asks him if he values love at all. He doesn’t value anything else

above music. She asks him who he is actually looking for. Are you looking for that same particular voice? Wont you sing with anyone else till then? what if you don’t find that voice? Rahul has high hopes from that voice. There cannot be any other voice like her. that voice will find me if it is in my fate. She will have to meet me one day.

Vicky notices Manvi still there.

Avanti jokes about the voice. Rahul gets angry. Don’t make any jokes about my work, music! She was only trying to uplift her mood. I am jealous of that voice already. You are so much into it even though you haven’t seen her. She tries to sing but he pulls her away. You think it is easy? You find that voice a joke? Never joke about my life and music. Music is my passion and my life. I wont bear anything wrong about it. what do you know about it? You need real dedication for it. A good singer can hear and feel his voice. He should be able to make it reach people. I wont take any jokes about it. She is all happy because of their proximity and his words. So hot! He calls her mad. I want my space for a while. Please leave me alone. She leaves.

Vicky asks Manvi to come with him. we need replacement. One chorus singer left. Manvi gets glad. I can still give audition? He directly hires her. Just manage it inside. Switch off your phone. She goes in excitedly.

Rahul cancels the practise for the day. Manvi hides seeing him. Vicky shares that he has found the fifth chorus singer. Rahul still cancels the practise. We will do it tomorrow. Manvi forgets her bag there.

Manvi is in auto. A beggar asks her for money. She realises that she forgot it in the studio. She asks the driver to take u-turn.

Rahul thinks of the soul of this song that he is waiting for. Where is that voice? Will I ever find it? he comes to the recording studio. Only that voice can fill this silence and emptiness. I feel she is around me only. Where should I look for you? What should I do to find you? He goes back to his room to look for his phone.

Manvi covers her face as she enters inside the studio. She takes her bag. She looks at the empty studio. No one is here. I wonder how it will be to hear my voice in this studio. She starts singing. Rahul hears her. This is the same voice that I have been searching for. He rushes towards the studio. Manvi continues singing. Manvi senses that someone is coming. She hides in one corner and swithes off the lights. She is shocked to see Rahul. She has covered her face again. Rahul goes back outside as he sees no one there. Manvi is relieved. I should go now. She comes out of her hiding place when Rahul holds Manvi’s hand. He looks at her. He removes the dupatta from her face. They both look at each other.

Rahul asks Manvi to sing again. He insists. She has to sing eventually. He is stunned to finally meet the voice / the girl he has been so mad about. Rahul tells Manvi that he had been looking for her everywhere. This voice was echoing in my mind since so long. I heard you in Agra. I knew I would meet you. I was so anxious to look for you. I called someone else in your place. I made such a big mistake. I was looking for you so dedicatedly that you had to come here. You are the voice that will sing with me. You only will sing with me in my next album. It will be the biggest hit! Aren’t you happy? Manvi says no. I will not sing with you as your partner or lead singer. I will sing only as the chorus singer. He stops her. are you mad? I am asking you for lead singing. Do you know how good your voice is? I have gone mad since I have heard your voice. Our voice together will create magic. We can reach the heights. No one can stop you from becoming a star. Don’t you want your voice to reach people? She sticks to her answer. I came here for chorus singing. I will do that only. You can decide. He agrees. She leaves. He wonders why she is refusing to sing with him. I cannot let it happen. This song needs you. You only will sing it, if you want it or not. I will take your voice to its rightful place. This is my promise.

Manvi asks Vicky for 1.5 lacs in advance. Vicky denies. You will get money only after work. The rehearsals haven’t even begun yet. She promises not to miss any show or rehearsal. I seriously need money today. Vicky agrees to talk to Raj Sir tomorrow morning. Raj Sir takes all the decisions related to money. Rahul tells Vicky to give her whatever she wants. Vicky agrees. He gives 1.5 lacs to Manvi. He makes her sign a receipt. Manvi wonders if Rahul is keeping any other hope from her by helping her.

Precap: Rahul tells Manvi that no one does anything free for anyone in today’s world. She knew it already. She returns him the money. He says our company gives people money for their work. I want you to sign a contract with our company for this. manvi is surprised.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. finaly they saw each other

  2. Finally they met without fighting. Now stop them from fighting and spread some love

  3. Finally they met……
    Nice episode.

  4. Nice serial
    Finally they met……
    & rahul is looking so cute yarr

  5. finally they met , now m waiting for their love story to kick start

  6. Wow..amazing episode..

  7. Finally they saw each other….
    And yes Karan as usual looked his best.
    But someone teach Manvi some acting

  8. karan’s acting is fantastic. Now misunderstanding will start. now i m used to these kind of serials IPKKND, geet, KMH etc

  9. finally they saw each other………eagerly waiting for the tashan going to take place between them…………..luv this show the most coz its not like the typical saas-bahu serials,plz don’t put any unnecessary tracks which’ll make the show boring like the rest of balaji shows………..

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