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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi is on her way home. If Dada really saw Rhaul changing then! How can it be but? He was never around Rahul at that moment then how? I don’t understand anything. Driver stops the car suddenly. He gets down to check the problem. The car gets punctured. Manic is thristy. I will drink water from the nearby house till then.

She hears someone talking about taking revenge from Rahul. Guru ji says it is very easy for you as you are the leader of those bulls. You can yourself take such an avatar whenever you want. I don’t think Rahul’s death is far. She says it isn’t far but this is surely not the right time. Agni attacked him but Rahul escaped. Guru ji tells her to find the right time then. Agni is anyways near Rahul. He can attack Rahul anyone. Agni’s mom says Agni

cannot come in front of anyone for a few days as Manvi’s brother saw Agni turning into bull. Manvi realises who Harsh was talking about. I have to inform Rahul first of all. His some enemy is around only. I will have to tell him. She drops her purse but then picks it up and leaves.

Manvi comes home. I am sorry Rahul. I dint trust you. I even lapped you in anger. I should have understood you. I myself have realised how bad it feels when you get blamed for something that you haven’t done. I felt it when that money got stolen. Is that man behind it too? I wont let him come between me and Rahul at any cost now. our problems will end by tonight. A new day and a new start of our relation will happen after today. She checks her purse but the key isn’t there. Did I drop it?

Agni’s mom finds the keys. Do they belong to you? Guru ji denies. She deduces that someone heard them talking. Someone left from here without knocking the door. That person has heard everything. My sixth sense tells me that that person can be a danger for them. She leaves. Agni’s mom shows keys to Agni. He realises that it belongs to Sabharwal Family. I have seen it with manvi. She says I found it outside Guru’s house. That means Manvi was there? Did she hear it? Agni gets angry. What was the need to go there? You ruined my plan! He replies that it shouldn’t get ruined anyways. I wont leave anyone, not even you, if anyone comes in between me and Manvi. She tells him to stop. You have lost your head for that girl. You will hurt me for that girl? He angrily repeats the same. She reminds him of their revenge. He says I know I have to kill Rahul but I also want Manvi. What’s bad in this? She says there is nothing wrong in it. A woman can be the strength of a man but she can also become the biggest weakness of a man too. We spoke of making her Rahul’s weakness but things are taking a different turn. He says nothing has changed. I am telling you again. Manvi should not go away from me! She thinks he might become the reason of their defeat this way but she wont let it happen.

Manvi is sleeping at night. Agni comes to her room and looks at her. he leans closer to her. Amma has no idea how madly I want you in my life. This is my stubbornness. You are my stubbornness. I wont let you stay away from me. What’s in that Rahul that you risked your life and stood before me? The girl who can look into my eye (when I am a bull) and attack me so bravely can only be mine. I have never seen a girl like you. I will snatch you and make you mine if it does not happen on its own! You are only mine! She moves in her sleep. He leaves quietly. She wakes up hearing the sound of the door closing. She is startled. I wish I could think of it as a bad dream but it is a truth. Everything is going on in the house at once. I feel as if only one person is to be blamed for it. I feel that he is around only but I cannot see him. I will have to fight alone, cannot tell anyone anything till I find a proof.

Next morning, Rahul asks about Raj. Sonali shares that he left for walk. He speaks of injection. She says Manvi brought medicines earlier itself. She has been very helpful. Rahul again says Manvi’s family is responsible for it. How could you let her go in front of papa? She says Manvi knows and understands everything too well. She dint go in front of him. She did it all though. He calls it a show off. She has nothing to do with us. Her life is limited to her family. she will never get out of it. It is still too late if it isn’t a show off. She dint trust me and then broke my trust. There is no point of this relationship. She asks him why he feels so. He talks about the newspaper article. I neither trust her nor this relationship. Manvi says she was wrong but you don’t break relations being upset.
You can slap me if you want to settle scores. He argues with her. She says I have understood you now only. I am sure now you wont harm me or my family ever. They end up arguing again. Sonali tells them to stop. Go away. leave me alone. I am already upset because of Raj’s health. They both go out.

Manvi asks Rahul to misbehave with her as they have a problem with each other. Why trouble mummy ji? He tells her not to give importance to her. there are many servants in the house who can look after mom. Rahul tells Manvi to stay away from her but she refuses to do so. He is taken aback. She clears that she does not think it is necessary to agree to his every childish demand. I will not stay away from you! I wont listen to you this time. He leaves.

Kabir asks Manvi why Rahul was so angry. You were speaking so nicely. Rahul is dumb at times. Manvi praises Rahul. We say anything to the people we love. we feel we have a right over them. He points out that he was only doing what her mother asked her to do. You can tell me if Rahul does not listen to you. She smiles. Problems happen between husband and wife. You too should marry now. No girl can say no to you. He thinks only she can be that lucky one. You will have to make me happy. she excuses herself. Kabir wonders why Manvi dint tell her anything about her fight with Rahul. Something is going on in her head but what?

Manvi pours water. She recalls the convo between Agni’s mom and Guru ji and of Dadi’s doubt on Kabir. NO, Kabir can never think wrong of us. It is someone else altogether but who. I will have to act normal till I figure it out. I cannot give tension to papa or Rahul or make my enemy doubt me. I have to find out about him anyhow.

Manvi gets a call from Baba. Harsh has been discharged. She agrees to come over. I can know the truth now.

Manvi meets Harsh who happily hugs her. He asks her if everything is fine at home because of the article. She says everything is fine. Just that Rahul is a little upset. He suggests her to come here. I will take care of you. He thinks he can keep her away from Kabir that ways. She wonders why everyone is trying to separate her from Rahul. She asks him about the man whom he saw turning into an animal. He is in a fix but trusts Rahul’s love for Manvi. I should tell her everything. He gets Kabir’s call just then. Kabir congratulates him on his return. Your sister came to meet you. You anyways know about my powers well. You would know what I can do. I have my eyes on every member of your family. Which son would want to see his parents’ dead? Harsh denies. Kabir warns him to keep his mouth shut.

Precap: Manvi scolds NIsha for giving importance to her friends over her papa. Nisha gets angry on her. You cannot insult me like this. Manvi again reprimands her for giving wrong medicine to papa.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  13. hey ooshi ek latest news suno nisha would plan to kill family member she would leave gas knob opens as maanvi is unware about his evil attention she light the gas Burner and this how and this is how a major blast rock the house god know rahul was able to save his family or he Blane’s maanvi for all these

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