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Nisha and Shaleen discuss how Rahul went an extra mile to help his wife. Shaleen is upset that Rahul couldn’t help his own brother in the same way. Sonali comes to Nisha’s room. Sonali confronts Nisha who is worried as she will get in trouble in both the cases. If I say I did it then I will be scolded by MIL. If I say no then this Sandhya / Yamini wont spare me. She manages the situation diplomatically. Yamini has been standing at the door only. She leaves content with Nisha’s reply. Sonali tells her to stay out of this matter. Let me handle the matters related to Rahul and Manvi. Nisha agrees. Shaleen asks Nisha if she did something like that. Nisha denies.

Nisha meets Yamini outside. I dint do anything. Yamini knows it already. Who else can do it other than me? Who else can make

use of Harsh’s murder to separate Rahul and Manvi! Nisha is impressed. You will have to be a little more careful from now onwards. I handled the matter today. you can give me some hint in future. Yamini nods. Nisha asks her why she wants Manvi out of her way. Do you want Rahul too? Yamini tells her to mind her business. What you want is happening, be happy with it. Nisha says you are right. She goes. Yamini thinks Nisha is a big fool. Kabir was right. I should have used her earlier only. Anyways, I will do it now.

Yamini meets kabir. They cannot understand who is behind all this. Nisha is also helping me. Kabir advises her to be a little careful. She can cheat anytime. Yamini is sure she cannot cheat her. Kabir asks about Rahul and Manvi. Yamini assures him nothing can happen now. Her Baba took her with him. They cannot come together.

Sonali prays to Mata Rani to keep her kids united. Do some magic.

On the other hand, Yamini is too confident of her planning.

Manvi fixes another audition for herself. Baba tells her not to do so. It isn’t needed. I am here. I have some savings. It will work for a few days. we will think later about work if needed. Don’t take tension. She says there is nothing to worry. Rupa called. She shared that her company is looking for singers for some big show they are about to organize. I will get something there. Baba says go ahead if you feel so.

Manvi gets a call from doc. Sonali’s injections have come in. Manvi has to come to collect them. Manvi requests her to send them directly to Sabharwal House. Doc declines. They have been called especially from abroad. They aren’t normal medicines. Either you come personally or send someone with a prescription to collect it. we will have to send them back otherwise. Manvi tells her against it. I will arrange for it. The call ends. Manvi informs her mother about it. I will ask Chotu to go to collect it.

Rahul is waiting for some people. Servant tells him they still aren’t here. Manvi calls at the landline. Rahul picks it up. She goes quiet hearing his hello. He understands it is her and takes her name. She is surprised. Abhi Mujhme Kahin plays in the background. They think of past happy moments spent together. She is in tears. Shilpa notices her thus and tells her to give the injections personally to Sonali. Manvi ends the call before saying yes to her.. Rahul looks at the phone. I know it is you. why don’t you complain? Say something.

Servant informs Rahul that the person is here. Rahul tells the guy to make sure there is no liability of Harsh anymore. I don’t want any loans or anything. Chatterjee’s are really simple people. They must not know about it. The guy assures him they will inform Chatterjee’s that the insurance amount covered for everything. Rahul nods. I know you will never take help from me but I will still help you Manvi. I will neither forgive you nor the promises that I made to you.

Manvi comes to hospital. She finds too much security there. She collides with a lady who apologises to her. we are panicked as a big terrorist got injured and was brought here. You should try to wind up your work asap and leave. A guy looks around. A lady shoots a bullet in air. Manvi drops her purse in shock. The lady warns everyone to stay put. I will shoot if you move. People begin to run helter-skelter in fear. The lady shoots the constable when he tries to shoot at her. She warns everyone to sit at one place. You now know what will happen if you act smart.

Terrorists make everyone sit in one place. Manvi looks scared.

Shilpa comes to Sabharwal House to look for Manvi. I cannot step inside this house as he (Upmanyu) swore to it. He wont like it if he finds out I came here. Should I go back? I have to find Manvi. She came here to give medicines to Sonali. I am concerned for her. She knocks at the door. Sonali is surprised to see her. Shilpa asks about Manvi. Sonali says she dint come here. Shilpa is taken aback. She was about to come here directly with the medicines. She got a call from doc. She said she will come home afterwards. Sonali dint get any call from Manvi. Shilpa asks her to make Manvi call her if she comes here. She might have gone to give interview. Sonali agrees. I will also inform Rahul. Shilpa turns to go when Sonali apologizes to her. Shilpa leaves from there quietly / sadly.

Sonali comes inside and finds the tv on. She sees the news about a terrorist taking the hospital and its staff as hostage. Sonali panics. Manvi went there to collect my medicines. Is she in some trouble?

Precap: Rahul says if any of our relative is hurt then you wont be able to give answer. Manvi gets up to go when the terrorist lady tells her to sit down quietly. Manvi challenges her to shoot her if she can. She turns once again. The terrorist lady shoots.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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