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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul cannot find manvi anywhere. Manvi keeps trying her mother’s number so Rahul cannot reach her on phone. Avanti thinks you can look for Manvi as much as you want to, but you wont find her today. you will have to do the aarti with me only.

Manvi receives her mother’s call. She asks about Baba. Shilpa says he is fine. Madhvi tells her about the call she received a while ago. Shilpa tells her she is in hospital only. Nothing is wrong. I will call you in case I need anything. Go back to the puja. Manvi agrees. She asks the driver to take U-turn.

Avanti asks Rahul why isn’t he taking aarti. He says Manvi isn’t around. her phone is unreachable. Pundit ji asked to do aarti in a pair. Avanti asks him to do aarti with her. we are friends after all. No other relation

can be as pure as this. He is uncomfortable but she insists.

Manvi’s car breaks down. She asks the driver to hurry up or the aarti will end.

Rahul tells Avanti to continue. She tells him not to make excuses if he does not want to do aarti with her. He reluctantly agrees. They stand for the aarti. Rahul is still not comfortable. Avanti thinks this is just the beginning. Slowly, we will do everything that a married couple should do together. Rahul holds the diya. Avanti is about to hold it when Manvi extends her hand. Avanti withdraws her hand. Rahul and Manvi do aarti together. People compliment the couple. They look so good together.

Pundit ji stops the couple. You have married recently. She asks Rahul to fill his wife’s maang using Mata Rani’s sindoor (vermilion). Rahul fills the vermilion in Manvi’s forehead. Manvi is speechless. Avanti looks on unhappily. Manvi ties a Raksha-sutra around Rahul’s wrist. Rahul is touched. As a husband and wife, we have done something together for the first time. I never believed in rituals but I have realised their powers here today in this Jagran. This is no less than a blessing. I hope Ma’s blessings stay with us like this always.

On their way home, Manvi tells Rahul everything that happened. rahul wonders who would say such a cheap thing regarding Baba. He takes her to hospital. Could you sleep if you had any doubt regarding Baba’s health? Let us clear our doubt. She asks him how he understood she was worried. He says I am a little less villain than you think of me. Why do you girls take so much time in everything? Come, we have to go inside too.

Manvi and Rahul visit Upmanyu. Manvi is very happy to see him clean shaved. Baba looks so good. Shilpa says Rahul came and did it. Manvi is surprised. Shilpa takes her outside to talk to her. Is everything fine between you two? Manvi too does not have an answer to that. Sometimes, this person becomes so good that I feel there can be no good person than him in the world. At times, I find him the worst. Shilpa too is unable to understand Rahul. They hear Rahul talking to Upmanyu. He tells Upmanyu about the power of the holy thread he has around his wrist. He ties it around Upmanyu’s wrist. I and everyone wants the energies to help you recover soon. Shilpa and Manvi are unable to make any conclusion about Rahul. Shilpa advises her to try and understand Rahul with an open mind.

Manvi thanks Rahul. He jokes they should fight now. She says it was to make me meet Baba. You gave your Raksha-sutra to Baba. Thanks! He asks her to pinch him. I cannot believe any of it. We did not fight since afternoon. Have you started thinking me to be good? She says I cannot understand you. you did so much wrong with me. At times you become such that I cannot understand you. What’s your truth? Is it that you have realised your mistake and want to do penitence now? He says I don’t know what you think. One thing I can bet upon though. It was not my mistake to marry you. The conditions were wrong but I had no option. I can try as much as I want to but you wont trust me. We should wait for Baba to recover. The truth will be out then. She nods.

Raj enters inside. He stops in his tracks as soon as he notices the new painting that Shaleen has brought. He is shocked to see the painting of the tiger. He angrily calls out for everyone. He asks them who brought this painting here. Sonali is shocked to see it as well. Shaleen shares that he brought it. the old painting broke while dusting. Nisha was in stress. I brought this one in its place. Raj tells him to shut up. I have told you 1000 times. This is my house. Nothing moves in this house without my wish. Who did you ask before bringing it? He throws the painting on the floor. It wont stay here. Rahul picks it up. He looks intently at the painting. This is such a beautiful and mesmerising painting. Raj asks him to throw it out. Rahul offers to keep it in his room instead. Raj refuses to let a painting of a tiger in his house. Sonali too asks Rahul to throw it. Rahul cannot understand why they are fighting over a painting! Raj angrily throws it outside. Manvi looks at it all confused. He warns everyone yet again. I decide everything in my house. It will continue till I am alive! Dadi and everyone find it odd.

Raj is drinking. Sonali tells him to calm down. We have to keep this secret a secret. People will doubt if you react this way. We cannot let it happen. Did you notice something? The potli given by Guru ji was supposed to hint at anything inauspicious that is about to happen. Maybe the painting is one such hint. He thinks so too. When is the Purnima? We should get a puja done this time too. She wonders till when they will live with this fear. He says nothing will go wrong. Nothing has gone wrong till today. Nothing will go wrong today as well. We only have to control our fears.

Precap: Guru ji asks someone to call Raj. Tell him not to let Rahul go out of the house today. nisha asks Guru ji who he is. He replies that that isn’t necessary. Don’t act mad. Just inform Raj. Don’t let Rahul go out of the house before Purnima. Raj will understand who I am when you will give him my message. Nisha is still unable to recognize him. She retorts angrily. Rahul already left for wherever he had to!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. loving their romance …!!!nd in todays epi luvd d scene when rahul ws filling manvi’s hairline (maang) nd manvi closed her eyes!!!!!♡♡♡

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