Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nisha shares the latest update with Shaleen. He is actually happy. It will give me more time with dad. He leaves to bring a painting for his dad.

Nisha calls Avanti. Manvi and Rahul are going on honeymoon today. Avanti is shocked. How can it be? We cannot let them go alone. They will come close if they are left alone. I wont let it happen. Nisha says I feel Manvi does not want to go. Avanti is confused. I am sure there is some tension in their relationship. They are not telling something to everyone. Nisha asks her if she has some plan. Avanti shares that she was planning an anniversary party for her parents. Now I will have to turn the idea lower class for Manvi. I will arrange a Mata Ki Chowki.

Avanti invites Manvi for Mata Ki Chowki. I thought of giving a grand party but

then I thought that there is nothing unusual about it. Finally I decided upon having Mata Ki Chowki. I have never done it before, so I thought to take your help. I got to know about your and Rahul’s honeymoon trip. Manvi wants to stay back so she can pray for her father. I want to come in the puja. We can go on honeymoon later. I will definitely come. Avanti is happy. I will wait for you. You have to help me after all. Manvi is happy that she has a perfect idea to opt out of the honeymoon thing.

Sonali asks Raj to come early tonight. We have to go to Talwar’s house. It is their anniversary. Avanti has kept Mata Ki Chowki for them. Raj declines. Sonali says Avanti personally came to invite us. Rahul and Manvi are going. Raj repeats that he cannot go. I will cook up excuses. We cannot go. Rahul can go if he wants but we cannot! You know this too. What will Guru ji say? He ends the call. Sonali feels at time I feel as if my entire family is living a nightmare. She begins to talk to herself about the secret. Strong wind blows. She realises she cannot say the secret loud before anyone, not even herself.

Rahul is trying to find his Indian clothes. Manvi asks him if he isn’t ready yet. He fumbles looking at her. Chotu might have kept my clothes aside to make space for your clothes. He tries to take the bag kept above the almirah. He ends up falling on her and they fall together on the bed. Rahul says sorry to her. Her mangalsutra entangles with his chain. They share an eye lock. She frees it. He goes to change.

The guests greet Talwars. Avanti takes Rahul and Manvi for special darshan. Manvi is all tearful as she looks at the idol. Rahul tries to take the aarti but the diya blows off. Pundit calls it inauspicious. Both Rahul and Manvi are taken aback. The guests wonder how it happened even when no wind is blowing here. Rahul says sorry to pundit ji. Manvi calls it a mistake. When it happens by mistake then it isn’t inauspicious. Ma always comes to the house of people who believe in her. Our dharma teaches people to believe and not promote superstitions! She lights the diya. Rahul is happy to hear her taking his side. pundit ji compliments her outlook. We are only doing the namesake puja. It is you who is doing the real puja of Ma. Rahul looks admiringly at Manvi as she prays. Avanti looks at them angrily.

Rahul tells Manvi he is impressed with her. I thought you will support everyone else and speak against me but you completely surprised me today. Thanks! Which movie dialogues were those? She retorts that he can never understand anyone’s emotions. He jokes that she broke his heart. I thought your lectures were exclusively for me, but you said them before everyone else today. She replies that the lectures she gives to him are indeed special. You are like a kid, who is explained the same things time and again but in vain! You can never change. She goes from there. Avanti is irked. I thought there were problems in their relationship but it does not appear so!

Dadi is trying to book another trip for Rahul and Manvi for tomorrow. Dada ji sits down to guide her. They both fail in doing it as the tickets are full. Dadi does not want to cancel the other bookings. Raj will want Rahul to be here during Purnima. Dada ji suggests sending the kids via car. Dadi likes the idea. They will have to leave tonight itself then. I will make preps.

Pundit ji says Avanti’s parents will do the puja in the end. Afterwards, everyone can do the aarti one by one. Avanti looks at Rahul. I will not let Rahul and Manvi do puja together. I have kept this puja so they go separate ways. Rahul will have to do this aarti with me only!

A guy calls Manvi. He tells her that her father’s condition has worsened. She panics. He lies that he is calling from hospital. He hastily ends the call. Manvi gets worried for her Baba. She goes to look for Rahul but he isn’t there. She tries his phone.

On the other hand, Avanti removes the sim and gives it to the same guy who called Manvi. Break it. Manvi should never know who called her. He assures her of the same. she pays him money. You know what you have to do now. He nods.

Manvi tries to stop a taxi / auto. Avanti looks at her. She tried to come between me and Rahul. I said that I and Rahul only will do the aarti together! Manvi finally boards a taxi.

Shaleen shows the painting to Nisha. She likes it. He is sure dad will like it. She says as far as I know dad, he will find a fault in this too! He cannot expect anyone pointing at any fault

Precap: Sonali tells Raj that the potli given by Guru ji will hint at anything inauspicious that is about to happen. Maybe the painting is one such hint.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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