Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonali thanks Manvi for patching up the saree. Manvi is intrigued to see her all tensed about the puja. Is it for something specific? Sonali dismisses the question and hastily leaves from there.

Manvi wonders why everyone is so concerned about Rahul all the time. Why there are so many puja’s held for him at home? She hears Dadi laughing out loud. Dadi is watching cartoons. She goes to sit with her. Dadi says I love cartoons with animals. These animals are way better than us. Animals never kill anyone, people do! Animals actually help other animals when they are in trouble. Human beings are selfish. Manvi thinks of the story she heard in the town about 12th step of the temple. She tells it to Dadi as well. I want to know why everyone is all the time scared for Rahul. Is there some

problem that is going to come in his life? Is there something written in his kundli? Dadi is not aware of it. Rahul is very dear to Raj. It maybe because of the fact that he is the last memory of Gayatri. He is very much like his father. this is why Rahul has a special place in Raj’s heart. Manvi wonders if these are the only real reasons behind Raj’s extra concerns.

Inspector has cross checked Sujoy’s proof. He was indeed in the restaurant with his friends. Constable says even Rahul’s friend gave testimony in Rahul’s favour. Does it mean neither of them is the killer? Inspector denies. He is sure the killer is either Sujoy or Rahul only. The killer is arranging for fake name and fake witnesses to save himself. He has a doubt on Rahul. It is not difficult for him to arrange fake witnesses and proofs. Ajay is his friend. He can do this much for Rahul. Constable asks him if he is sure about it. Inspector says maybe. It can happen. The case is not as easy as it seems. We will have to see every proof logically. There is a lot that is hidden in this case. We will have to unveil on it.

The weather is not good. Guru ji is worried if Raj and Sonali did what they were told to do. There has been no news from them so far. There is not much time. I wonder where they will be!

Raj and Sonali are on their way. The brake fails. They meet with an accident. Both of them get hurt. Sonali drops the potli as she steps out of the car. It all spills. They both put everything back together. They have lost Rahul’s nail. They frantically look for it but in vain.

Guru ji hopes Raj does not delay it anymore. Save your son!

Sonali is in tears. That nail is very important. The puja will be incomplete without it. Raj looks at his watch. It is midnight. They both stand helpless. The bells in the temple ring. Sonali cries out loud. Raj comforts her. raj thinks how did the brakes fail.

Shaleen gives a gift to Nisha to bring a smile on her face. She throws it away. these are for kids. I feel suffocated here. You have become Rahul’s shadow. Don’t you realise how bad your parents behave with us? Your mom created such a big fuss today when I made such a small mistake. Rules are different for Rahul and us. They can accept it when Rahul even brings the daughter of their enemy home. they will not accept it when we do something. Shaleen shows her the brake wires of Raj’s car. I failed it. She reasons that they can even die because of it. Shaleen does not mind it. they did not care for me till date. Why should I do then? It is enough. I am the real son of mom but I am made to feel a step son or brother in everything. You are right. No one valued me till date. Today was heights. They did not even respect you. I cannot take it! I am proved useless before the world but I wont let them do the same with you. I will end the problem from its root. I will snatch Rahul’s support system from him – Dad. I did not get anything till date so I will snatch it from now onwards. I have spread my hands enough before everyone. I will only snatch things now. Dad won’t be able to take anything from me from now onwards. Nisha agrees. You calm down first of all!

Raj and SOnali are at Guru ji’s ashram. They regret failing in saving their son. Sonali blames herself for dropping the potli. I could not save my son. Raj says we tried our best but don’t know how it happened. Guru ji says I put all my powers in it but things did not happen the way it should have. Now what is bound to happen will happen. Everyone will have to bear the consequences now, especially Rahul. Raj requests him to show them some way. We wont leave any stone unturned this time. Guru ji cannot do anything now. the time is past. This was my last attempt to free Rahul from this curse. Sonali asks him to do something. Please save our son. Guru ji repeats he and everyone is helpless now. We will have to maybe pay for the mistake that we did 10 years ago. You both will have to be extra careful now. You cannot leave Rahul alone for even a second. Anything unimaginable can happen. Destruction is bound to happen. Try to delay it. Don’t leave Rahul alone. Raj tearfully agrees. They both leave from the ashram.

Raj and Sonali come home. raj tells her to be strong. We have a long battle to fight. You cannot give up. She keeps crying. Manvi comes there. She gets concerned seeing SOnali in tears. Sonali heads straight to her room. Raj tries to go after her. Manvi asks him about Sonali. He replies that she got allergy because of the smoke of puja. Are your questions over? Manvi wonders why they are hiding the truth from her. I do know the difference between real and fake tears. I will find out the real reason.

Raj comforts Sonali. Everyone will understand this secret if we will not be able to control ourselves. This secret should remain a secret. I know it difficult but this is the only way. Please forgive me. it is all my fault! The parents of other kids are a blessing for them but I became a curse for my son. Sonali denies. I know you can never think bad for him. He reasons that bad is indeed happening. It’s all happening because of me. We wont let any harm come to him. We will take extra care of him all the time. They both cry.

Precap: Rahul sees that cursed temple and tiger in his dream. He starts saying no in his dream. Manvi looks at him. Rahul opens his eyes all of a sudden.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wts happening in this show guys, tiger part and all nt nice,I want 2 c Manville and Rahul scene

  2. Ed shraap track immediately.

  3. my question is that where is the ora who had seen manvi’s kundli and was going to tell a shocking news then sudden she go outside and didn’t come back till now. where is she and when she will come?

    1. Exactly main bhi yahi soch rahi thi this is the main problem of Hindi serials they do really silly mistakes just for the sake of trp or twists n forget other important characters n things

  4. ye horror track kab end hoga


  5. I think if rahul destiby is to be the cursed lock then manvi kundali would be the key to break rahul cursed destiny

  6. reveal manvi’s kundli secret firstly then do any thing else please

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