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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shilpa looks beautiful in her new saree. Everyone happily claps for her and compliments her. Manvi tells Shilpa about the cake specially ordered by Rahul. Shilpa wishes he was here too. He would have slept by now. Manvi thinks she hopes it has happened. They cut the cake and celebrate together.

Manvi comes home. She notices the wet floor outside. She switches on the torchlight in her phone to check and finds Nidhi’s dead body there. She notices the marks on her body. Rahul? She panics and rushes inside. Rahul is not in the room. She checks in the washroom but in vain. She runs downstairs to look for him. Manvi cries. I thought the sleeping pills will help him but how can this happen. Where to look for him? Nidhi’s dead body is outside. I had promised Nidhi I wont let Rahul kill

any innocent. I could not save either of them. I made a very big mistake. Everything is finished. Sonali pats at her shoulder. Manvi says sorry to her. I couldn’t do anything. She takes Sonali outside but Nidhi’s dead body is not there. Manvi is taken aback. I saw the dead body with my own eyes. It was the granddaughter of the pundit of Durgapur Jagir. I saw blood here. She can see nothing now though. She tries to make Sonali believe it. Sonali calls it stress. We will take you to doctor tomorrow. Manvi shares that Rahul is not at home. I will just call him. Manvi tells her everything.

The lady (finally got to know her name – Ambika) drags Nidhi’s dead body to a stable full of bulls. She does some prayers next. I did that you asked for. Our decade old enmity with the tiger will be avenged now. We only will win. Another lady thanks Anamika. This isn’t between two people. To keep this fight alive you will have to keep giving sacrifices. Blood is very special. Some people call it a sign of love, some call it danger sign but it is also the sign of revenge. She tells the buffalos to not worry. No one can stop us from winning. You will not miss blood till we win. We will win. She asks Ambika to untie the buffalos. It is good that you killed the granddaughter of the pundit. We are all ready. The buffalos turn into human beings. They walk up to Nidhi’s dead body. The lady asks about Agni from Ambika. Ambika talks highly about Agni. He will do what he has promised. The lady tells Ambika to send the news to him. Tell him that our time is near. We will soon win.

Sonali is shocked to know everything. You guys dint tell me anything. He has begun to turn into tiger again? Manvi nods. Sonali talks about the puja and Ambika. I thought everything will be fine. why dint you tell me? Raj used to hide things from me earlier and now you too. Manvi denies. I wanted to find a solution and then tell you. SOnali asks about Nidhi’s dead body and Rahul. Where is he? She shares that she saw him taking 2 sleeping pills with her own eyes. I don’t know where he would be. Plus where did the dead body go? Sonali tells her to calm down. The dead body is missing. We have to find Rahul now. Sonali wants to go with Manvi but Manvi declines. Rahul wont be able to attack me because of this Rudraksh. You have my swear. I will look everywhere but bring him back. Sonali wonders how Rahul stayed awake after taking sleeping pills. I saw him awake with my own eyes. Maybe he dint take pills or!

Sonali comes inside and hears Nisha laughing. There has been only one person who has been responsible for everything that has gone wrong in the house till date. Nisha is surprised to see Sonali in her room. Sonali directly confronts Nisha about the sleeping pills. Nisha thinks mom doubts her. She acts. Everyone thinks I am behind everything that goes wrong. Blame me. Sonali repeats her question. Whenever anything went wrong in this home you were at fault. This is why I am asking you about the pills. Shaleen tells his mom not to blame Nisha for everything. I take her responsibility this time. Nisha tells him to let it be. Whenever anything goes wrong everyone thinks I am at fault. You can check my room. I will leave the house if it is found in my room. Manvi is constantly creating distances between us. Sonali wonders what her problem with Manvi is. Nisha calls it her problem. Manvi is giving some kind of pills to your son and you blame me. Sonali gives up and leaves. Shaleen thinks why mom blamed Nisha. Nisha says mom knows me well. I am sure she wont be able to catch me. He is shocked to realise that she stole the pills. She agrees. If Manvi thinks this is the last option for Rahul then we have to figure out what the problem is. We have to find it out if no one is telling us anything. It will atleast add some drama in Manvi’s life. They resume drinking.

Prithvi comes home. He calls out for Nidhi but gets no response. He gets worried as she never stays out this late. Her number is also unreachable. She would have informed me if she had gone to her friend’s place. Her bag is also not here. It means she is still not back from the coaching classes.

Manvi is in the jungle. She hears a roar. She moves towards the place from where she heard the sound. She is shocked to see the tiger and clutches onto her mangalstura and rudraksh. How do I save you from this curse? How to stop all this? She cries.

Precap: Kabir is Agni.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What….. Kabir ia agni!!!

  2. i knew that , from the first day of his entrance

  3. Ya same here aur kuch precap nahi tha kya dikhaneko except this
    actually bore ho raha hai serial abhi
    pura boring

    1. haan mrunali agr inhon ne yeh track jldi khtm na kia to yeh show dekhne k kabil nhi rhe ga already boht lmba ho gya hai yeh track ab aur nhi ab bs ab hm yeh zulm aur nhi sahain ge we want …

  4. the serial was of romance and music to our heart but it nt gooing that way what all blind faith are happening i dont like the recent episodes aur and tv walo ko kya ho gaya hai sare serial mai saas achaa saadi phehenti hai aur lead actreess bakwass saadi pphehnti hia for ex in gangaa madhavi achaa saaadi aur make up bhi fantastic aur in ye kaha aa gaye hum mai bhi maanvi ki saas achaa saad phenenhti hai aur maanvi kaamwali bai lagti hai

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    Ambika negative hain kya

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