Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi is sitting beside her Baba. He turns to look at her. She holds his hand as he extends it towards her. How are you? She is relieved that he is fine now. Shilpa thanks Mata Rani. Manvi says I said Baba is very brave. He never gives up. Nurse asks them to let the patient rest. They all turn to go when Upmanyu calls out Manvi’s name. He asks her about her mangalsutra. I told him to save my daughter and her life. How did this happen still? She is confused. Who did you tell all that? He asks her if she got married. She thinks not to give him pain by taking Rahul’s name. He tells her against this marriage. He isn’t a good man. He is a bad man. Mala is carrying his baby only. I was coming to tell you this only when he pushed me before the tempo. I couldn’t reach you. Your life is

ruined. Forgive me. Manvi thinks it is Rahul. Harsh is again angry on Rahul. He fell so low yet threw you out of the house. Manvi says it is good he did so or I would have done it on my own. I wont spare him. Upmanyu is confused. Manvi blames Rahul but he says it isn’t so. Your husband tried to kill me! Shilpa shares that Rahul is Manvi’s husband. He smiles brightly. He married Manvi? Thank God. My daughter and I have been saved. Manvi repeats his words but he tells her against it. Rahul did not want to kill me. He (pointing finger at Sujoy who just entered inside the room) is the one who tried to kill me! Everyone is stunned.

Manvi slaps him. It was you! How dare you hurt my Baba? Harsh holds his neck. Sujoy manages to push him and flee. Harsh chases him. They engage in a fight. Manvi is with them too. Sujoy tries to run but Harsh holds him again. Sujoy says he just gained conscious. Maybe he is mistaken. Manvi slaps him again and again for all that he tried to do against her, her family and Rahul. Sujoy tries to run but Harsh again catches up with him. You have been coming here as you knew Baba will tell your truth to us when he wakes up. Sujoy says who will believe him. Who will police listen to? Police already has a doubt on Rahul. You will trust Rahul? Manvi nods. I will listen to him. He never wanted wrong for me. It was you who have been against him. Harsh wants to take him to police but Sujoy keeps a scissor around Manvi’s neck. It is the time to put an end to everything. I will end her story just like I tried to end your Baba’s story. She will have to be mine now. Harsh backs off to keep Manvi safe but Inspector points gun at Sujoy. Manvi rushes to her brother’s side. Inspector arrests Sujoy. Sujoy says it is Manvi who lost in the game Poor Rahul loved you so much but you pushed him away. It isn’t I alone who lost but you too! He will never accept you. You will also live a life of misery like me. Police takes him away.

Shilpa tells Manvi not to pay heed to what Sujoy said. You have made a mistake. Go and apologize to him. Nurse comes to tell Manvi that her Baba wants to talk to her. manvi decides to meet her Baba first.

Upmanyu shares that there were no chances of his survival. I would have died on the spot if it wasn’t for Rahul. I took a promise from him that you should not marry Sujoy. He lived up to his word. He saved you and your life. Rahul is a very good guy. Manvi recalls Rahul’s answer when she asked him why he married her. She is in tears. Upmanyu asks her why Harsh said that Rahul threw you out of the house. Manvi blames herself for it. I never listened to him but I heard him for the first time. I always insulted him by coming in Sujoy’s words. I always blamed him. I never said sorry to him. not anymore. I will apologize for my every mistake. I will ask him why he left me here alone today when he never left my side. Harsh suggests her going tomorrow as it is too late but she denies. I am already late in recognizing Rahul. Upmanyu tells her to be careful.

The tiger / Rahul is roaming in jungle.

Manvi is on her way to Sabharwal House. Sad song plays as she thinks of all the moments spent with Rahul. Taxi breaks down near jungle. He suggests her to take the route through jungle. It will connect you to highway from where you can get another taxi.

Manvi goes inside the jungle. The tiger / Rahul attacks her. He pulls her by her saree. She hits him using a stone but it stands near her only.

Precap: Guru ji sees Manvi’s kundli. Her kundli is magical and perfect antidote for Rahul. She can save Rahul for sure. On the other hand, the tiger / Rahul attacks Manvi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. finally sujoy is proved guilty. i am glad.
    hope manvi can bring out rahul from this curse.:) 🙂

  2. So happy…… Finally ??

  3. sonaina swati

    finally…….now the story is on right track

  4. Thank god mannvi s baba disclosed da truth of sujoy….

  5. yupiieeeee finally sujoy’s truth revealed feeling hapieeee

  6. Thank God that Sujoy’s truth is revealed by to Manvi by Upmanyu himself. Plzz end this tiger sequence. Want Rahul and Manvi together. Want Manvi to take out Rahul out of this curse. Precap is good. 🙂

  7. I will be glad to see Rahul and manvi together soon…hopefully ?

  8. ab yaad aa gya guru ji ko k unhon ne manvi ki kundli dekhni thi jb mangi thi tb to nhi lae abhi b mjhe yakeen hai raj ne kundli nhi di ho gi bl k kundli khud hi ur k pandit g k pas a gai ho gi kundli ne socha ho ga ab boht late ho gya hai ab mera ur kr pndit g k pas jane ka time a gya hai ab manvi ko rahul ka such btane main zyada time na lge i wish

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