Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti comes to Sonali’s room. She apologizes to her for whatever happened. Sonali says its ok. Rahul told me everything. Not you but NIsha was at fault. Avanti takes out for shopping as she wants to go to a wedding. Mom is not there so I have no idea what to shop. Mom likes whatever you buy. We wont take much time. If you don’t come with me then I will feel that you have not forgiven me. Sonali agrees.

Nisha enters Sonali’s room just when Sonali and Avanti leave. She finds the green saree and makes a big cut in it. Mom made a very big mistake by messing with me. I will show you how dangerous I am for you and your son. my work is done! She keeps the saree back in the packet. Do the puja for your beloved son now. I will see how it happens.

Shaleen asks his father

to check the presentation. Raj does not like it. he asks Rahul about his next concert. Rahul says I am excited. I haven’t performed since a long time. When will it happen? Inspector walks in just then. I want to talk to Rahul regarding an incident. Raj says my son is a public figure. Inspector says I was valuing his privacy but now I will ask you here only. Where were you on that night? Rahul agrees to talk to him. they go to another room. Manvi wants to know what Rahul is saying.

Inspector asks Rahul about Niru’s death. Rahul is sure he has a doubt on him which is why he is here. Manvi thinks not to eavesdrop like this. maybe this is the only way to find the truth.

Raj is about to call the commissioner when Ajay comes. He asks for Rahul. Ajay is surprised to know police is questioning Rahul. Raj replies they want to know where Rahul was on that night.

Rahul gives the same reply to Inspector. Manvi thinks he will be trapped in this case for no reason if he gives such replies. Ajay walks in just then. he lies to the Inspector. Rahul was with me that night. Inspector points out that Rahul does not remember anything. Ajay says Rahul was very uneasy that night. He was not in his senses. He had pain in his hand. he felt dizzy after taking medicines. He might not remember anything. Rahul repeats he does not remember anything. Maybe Ajay is right. Ajay says we cancelled our program to go on hunting because of that only. Rahul fell asleep in the car only. I did not know he will forget everything. I went out of town for a meeting. I came back just now. Raj scolds him for taking Rahul with him in such condition. Ajay says sorry to him. he even offers to give a written statement. Inspector nods. for the time being, I will accept what you said. Ajay gives him his card. Inspector leaves.

Rahul thanks Ajay. I could not remember anything. I did have pain. I took pills and could not remember anything that happened afterwards. The Inspector looked like he wanted to frame me in this case at any cost. Manvi is relieved. I doubted Rahul for no reason. Raj thanks Ajay for helping him. ajay in turn thanks him for giving him the contract of managing Rahul’s concert’s contract.

Raj tells Sonali that he had a backup plan ready. He tells her everything about Upmanyu and Niru. Niru died the night she met Rahul. As per the post-mortem report, some animal has attacked her. I don’t want to believe on this all but the truth is, Rahul was not at home that night. Remember wht Guru ji said? She is shocked to think Rahul can be behind it. Raj says Rahul is innocent. He has no idea what he is doing these days. He is not responsible for this. I am responsible for this curse. This is why I had a fake witness. She hopes it all ends tonight. He too hopes the same.

Sonali is shocked to see her saree torn. Nisha looks at her from outside. What happened? Nisha acts. Where did you keep it? There are no rats in the house. Sonali says I gave it for dry clean. I don’t think that it can get torn there. What will I wear in the puja? Nisha offers to get another green saree ironed. Sonali does not like this colour. I never bought one for the same reason. Do you have a green coloured saree? Please give it to me if you have one. The puja will be incomplete otherwise. Nisha does not have one. Sonali wonders what to do now. The shops will be closed by now. Guru ji had specifically mentioned green colour. It will not be complete otherwise. What should I do now? She goes outside. Nisha smiles thinking Guru ji is right. This puja will not complete till I am here.

Raj calls out for Sonali. She is searching for a green saree in her cupboard. Nisha advices her to wear a blue coloured saree. The puja is more important than the colour of the saree. Sonali says it does matter. Guru ji said it specifically. NIsha looks uninterested. She is going out when she collides with Manvi. Manvi notices the condition of the room. Sonali asks her for a green saree. Manvi has sent it for dry clean. She still goes to cross check in her cupboard.

Manvi finds a green coloured saree in her room. Rahul does not like the colour. She tells him that she is taking it for mummy ji. He is sure she will not wear it. Rahul moves forward towards her when he steps on the skate board. She holds his hand to support up but they both end up falling on the bed! They smile sweetly at each other. He teases her to walk carefully. She points out at the skates. He says Nikhil wanted my old skates. She turns to go when he gives her the saree. They both yet again trip and fall on top of each other on bed. They share an eye lock. She closes her eyes as he removes the hairs from her face. Sonali calls out for Manvi just then. She teases Rahul back as she gets up to go. He thanks God for making his day happy.

Manvi bring a green dupatta. I will do the patchwork on your saree. Raj calls out for Sonali. It is already 11. We don’t have time. SOnali gives the thread and needle to Manvi. She sits down to alter the saree while Sonali goes to inform Raj.

Guru ji calls Raj. He is surprised to know Raj still has not left from home. Guru ji asks Raj to see the time. We will fail if we don’t follow time. We have to do this by midnight tonight or the curse will not go away. Hurry up! Raj assures him they will reach on time. Nisha thinks the puja will be incomplete only. Nothing is going to happen.

Precap: Inspector is sure the killer is either Sujoy or Rahul only. The killer is arranging for fake name and fake witnesses to save himself.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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