Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Upmanyu calls Manvi to ask about Rahul.
Manvi says I have to go as Baba wants to talk to me. I will be back before evening. Don’t go out of the room till I am home. She leaves. He looks tensed.

Manvi comes home. Both Manvi and Upmanyu ask each other what happened. He reminds her that it is Shilpa’s birthday tomorrow. We should give her a surprise in midnight. She worries about Rahul. She suggests making a new plan this time. We do this every year. Upmanyu says when surprise is done repeatedly then it becomes habit. We begin to expect it. Your mom expects it too. Come home by 12. Harsh will decorate the hall. She thinks about Rahul but Upmanyu asks her to come. Bring Rahul too. She lies he wont be able to come. He is busy in some work but I will surely come.


calls Manvi. I overheard your convo outside police station. Is it true? Manvi is taken aback. Nidhi is shocked to realise that Rudraksh is not helping Rahul. Is that dead body because of? Manvi denies. Ambika said that he cannot harm anyone. I have full faith in Rahul. He cannot do anything wrong. Nidhi says I was about to say everything to Bhaiya but I covered it up. If its true and if Rahul indeed turns into tiger at night then its a problem for everyone. Manvi assures her she will handle everything. You spent so many years with your Nana. He might have told you some way out. Nidhi denies. I will meet you in the evening. They end the call. Manvi overhears the driver telling someone to take sleeping pills. Rahul too wont go anywhere if he takes sleeping pills.

Manvi buys sleeping pills from the chemist. The chemist initially asks for prescription but then gives it hearing Upmanyu’s name. One can sleep peacefully for 13-14 hours.

The lady calls Prithvi. She talks about the recent and past murders. The killer will attack tonight again. He tells her to tell him clearly. The lady says you will know everything tonight after another attack that will happen tonight. Don’t forget to keep an eye on Rahul. He thinks if someone joked with her. He sends a constable after Rahul. Who is this woman who knows everything about the murders? Rahul does have some connection with all the murders.

Rahul is tensed. Why did you stop me from chaining myself? It wont be any problem if I chain myself. She tries to calm him down but he is panicked. She shows him sleeping pills. He gets happy. if I lose conscious then the tiger will not come. I don’t have to tie myself. Manvi goes to bring milk for him. Nisha hears them. Why is he taking sleeping pills? He used to avoid taking pills earlier but he is taking them happily today. What happened now? What’s happening? Rahul heads inside washroom. Nisha changes the medicines. Manvi is coming to the room just then when her phone rings. Nidhi says I will get late. Nisha runs out of the room when Manvi is looking in the other direction. Manvi asks Nidhi to come at Baba’s home. I will send you the address.

Rahul takes the pills with milk. She knows Baba is waiting for her to make preps for the birthday. Chotu brings cake for Manvi that he ordered for Shilpa. I cannot go there. I hope aunty likes it. She is sure Ma will like it. He has specially ordered the cake taking care of her mother’s allergies leaving Manvi surprised, touched. Just the way you know everything about my family, I also know it. She hugs him to say thank you. Ma will be so happy to see the cake. You solve all my problems. He says I only try. She agrees. You always trouble me but I still like you. He realises what she just said. She tries to shy away but he holds her hand. Thank you for the pills. She says you cannot say it. That’s my line. Did you forget? You should say sorry. You say sorry, I say thank you. we will run and end up falling on bed. They both smile. She leaves to meet Ma. I am sure I will find you here only when I will be back. Thank you.

Shilpa asks Upmanyu where he is going to at this hour. You always used to tell me not to go anywhere after 8pm. He says I changed after accident. I want to go for a stroll. Come. I will treat you with ice cream. She suggests him to ask Harsh to bring it. He talks about taking a walk in the moonlight. Harsh wont bring it as he already fell asleep. They both go out. Harsh comes out of his room. Papa is becoming romantic day by day. He calls Manvi to inform her about it. She asks Harsh about Nidhi. She has not come by then. Manvi tries her number but it is unreachable. She was nearby only. She should have reached by now. Harsh and Manvi decorate the room. Upmanyu brings Shilpa inside while covering her eyes. They wish her happy birthday just then. he calls himself the mastermind. She knew what he was planning but I did not expect Manvi to come at this hour. Manvi hugs her. How can you think I wont come on your birthday? Shilpa asks about Rahul. MAnvi covers up. He will come tomorrow morning. He has sent a gift for you. Upmanyu gifts a saree to Shilpa. She goes to change. Manvi looks at the clock. It is past midnight. Nidhi should have come by now and her phone is also not reachable. I will meet her first thing in morning.

Precap: Manvi comes somewhere. She finds Nidhi’s dead body.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. End this track immediately. It has dragged for too long.

  3. Dragingggggg tooooooo much.

    Stop this supernatural tiger track.

    I love karan’s acting.

    Please stop this tiger track.

    This show started as a musical journey.

    Not a supernatural journey.

    Please ekta mam bring it to its original track.

    I watch this show only for karan.

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