Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj and Rahul sit down to hear Rupa. Rahul is taken aback to hear her voice. This is not that voice. He asks Rupa to calm down and then sing. Be all calm and composed. Rupa drinks water. She resumes singing. Rahul wonders how it happened. I went there myself and found her. how can I be so wrong? This isn’t the voice which is in my head since so many days.

The guard stops Manvi for entering inside without proper permission. She requests him but he doesn’t allow her in. You can wait by the door.

Raj questions Rahul. What has happened to your taste? He tells Rupa to leave. Your voice is good for nothing. Rahul apologizes to his father. Rupa tries to talk to him. He politely tells her that her voice isn’t the one he is looking for. I made a mistake. I am sorry.

You are not that voice. I will have you dropped. Rupa is heartbroken.

Manvi is talking to the guard. Rahul comes outside. He cannot understand how he made such a big mistake. Why I felt I will meet that girl / that voice here today?

Rupa tries talking to Raj. I came here all the way from Agra. He thanks her for coming. You can go now. She says I cannot go back like this. I left a lot behind me. He cannot give her a chance. You need more training. She tells him that she is classically trained under Upmanyu Chatterjee. Maybe I got scared seeing this big audition room and equipments. Raj talks against Upmanyu. Who is he? I have never heard his name. He sounds so low class. Learn to sing properly first. A bad teacher makes a bad student. My troop’s background singers sing well than you. You are a failure here. Don’t take his name anywhere you go next time. People would mock you. Find a good guy and settle down. You have no quality of a singer in you. He leaves. Rupa is in tears.

Avanti meets Rahul outside. She has spare time so he allows her in the car. I will drop you at your friend’s place. She wants to go on a long drive but he doesn’t give that option to her. He misses seeing Manvi.

Manvi notices Rupa as she comes out. they share a hug. Rupa says sorry to her. I destroyed everything. I have never been insulted like this before. You were right about them. They are very bad people. Manvi assures her that nothing has gone wrong. We will take a taxi back to Agra. Everything will be fine.

Upmanyu (Mr. Chatterjee) asks Shilpa (Mrs. Chatterjee) why she looks so tensed. Mr. Singh asks Mrs. Chatterjee to get Rupa ready first.

Manvi talks all positive to Rupa. She gets a call from her mother. She puts in on speaker. She asks about Rupa. Manvi tells her that they are leaving for Agra now. Shila says you will take time then. People will get to know you aren’t here. Manvi wants her to stop people somehow. We will be there in 3 hours. Shilpa is tensed. The groom’s side will reach in 2 hours. Manvi assures her that they will manage. Rupa isn’t there when Manvi ends the call. She keeps calling her but Rupa isn’t picking her phone.

Rahul keeps thinking of Manvi. That girl was someone else. Where do I find her?

Rupa is walking on a bridge. She thinks of all the incidents. She finally picks up Manvi’s call. I finished everything. I made a very big mistake. I snatched everyone’s happiness. This relation will break becuse of it. Ma Pa wont be able to bear it. Relatives will mock them. What if something happens to them? Manvi assures her nothing will go wrong. Don’t take any wrong step. People will listen and understand you. Tell me where you are. We will find a way. Don’t do anything to yourself. Rupa denies. It is too late. You were right about Sabharwals. They are the most selfish people on earth. It was my mistake and decision. I will have to bear its consequence. Tell my parents how much I love them. Manvi tries to make her understand. Rahul is to be blamed for it. He showed you false dreams. You cannot punish yourself for his mistake. Rupa drops the phone. Rahul’s car is on its way. Rupa climbs up the bridge and jumps down in the river. Manvi hears her scream. She shouts Rupa. Rahul makes the driver stop the car. He notices Rupa. He jumps off from the bridge so as to save the girl. Avanti keeps shouting his name. Manvi connects the dots. Maybe Rupa jumped in the river. Avanti calls Twinkle. Send security near the bridge. Send someone. Rahul jumped in river to save someone. Send security. Twinkle agrees.

Rahul rescues Rupa. Avanti scolds him. He instead reprimands her for leaving a girl to die. He recognizes Rupa. She is the one whom I called from Agra for audition! She is the same girl. She tried to commit suicide? Rupa mumbles in her state. Forgive me Ma. I shouldn’t have left the house on my engagement day. I ruined everything. Rahul tells Avanti that he met Rupa in Agra. Maybe I misunderstood. She tried to commit suicide because of me. Twinkle reaches there with security. She does not want him to go to hospital. People will make stories. Rahul cannot leave her but Twinkle assures him that she will take Rupa to hospital. I will look after her. Rahul feels bad. It happened because of me. I need update of it all. Avanti takes him away.

Twinkle takes away Rupa in an ambulance van.

Avanti is impressed by Rahul. You are so sweet and caring, and a big superman. Rahul denies. I cannot see anyone in problem, especially when I am the reason behind it. that girl committed suicide because of me. I don’t want anything to happen to her. Avanti calms him down. Twinkle will handle it.

Raj scolds the security guard for not being with Rahul. He is all the more angry to know that Rahul jumped in water to save a girl. He immediately calls Rahul. Raj asks Rahul to come home right away. Rahul agrees.

Manvi reaches the spot (bridge). She cannot see Rupa anywhere. People talk about a girl who jumped down in the river. Manvi asks them what they were talking about. Did a girl jumped in the river? They nod.

Precap: Manvi blesses Miss Khurana (Twinkle) as she gets Rupa ready. Such good people are still alive in today’s world. On the other hand, Rahul talks to Twinkle. You must be getting all the blessings while I will be getting curses. After all, that girl got in that situation because of me. Sometimes it happens that people can do as much good as they want to but they will end up receiving only hatred in return. Manvi talks about her hatred for Rahul.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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