Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi receives a call. What? I will just come!

Rahul keeps switching from normal to that of the tiger.

Mani notices the weather outside. I don’t have time to look for an umbrella.

Rahul looks at himself in the mirror. The animal takes over him.

Manvi goes out while it is raining badly. She cannot find any taxi or auto.

The door of Rahul’s room opens because of the wind. I have to close the door before I turn into an animal or someone might become might target today. he tries reaching out for the door but the spirit of the animal is giving a hard time.

Manvi feels as if something will go wrong today. I have to reach there before something goes wrong. No one should see me this way.

Guru ji opens his eyes. He looks at a holy book. No! How

did I forget today? Tonight is the day! This bad weather is an indicator that something will go wrong today. Rahul will turn completely into an animal today. no one can save him. Everyone will have to stay out of his way. Whoever will come his way will become his prey.

Rahul manages to close the door of his room. Sonali wakes up as she hears the sound. She wakes up Raj. Go and check. Chotu too has heard the noise. Raj tells Sonali that it might be because of the stormy weather. Sonali insists. I feel restless. He gets Guru ji’s call. He is shocked to hear something. Sonali asks him about it.

Chotu comes outside Rahul’s room. The noise is coming from his room only. Is there some thief? I should check.

Sonali asks Raj about what Guru ji said.

Chotu is left shocked as soon as he opens the door. He screams for help. Raj and SOnali rush downstairs. They ask Chotu what happened. Chotu has closed the door forcibly. They hear the sound of roar. Raj says it must be some dog. You left the door open.

Manvi is getting drenched. She finally stands before a taxi so as to stop it.

Shaleen and Nisha also come there. They hear the sound. It is of some dangerous animal. Shaleen suggests leaving the house. It can break open the door. Raj tells him against it. It is a dog only. Chotu faints. Raj goes to his side.

Manvi does not take change from the taxi driver and rushes inside.

Shaleen wants to take his friend’s gun. We can kill this animal in one shot. Raj tells them against it. Rahul left the door open. It must be some dog. Go in your room and lock it tight. Shaleen wants to do something but Nisha says dad is right. They head upstairs. Raj wakes up Chotu. Chotu says tiger. Raj tells him not to tell about it to anyone. he sends Chotu to his room. Sonali asks Raj what Guru ji said. Raj shares that Rahul will turn into tiger tonight.

Manvi reaches hospital. Shilpa tells her that Upmanyu was having trouble breathing. Doc tries some technique to even his breathing. Upmanyu opens his eyes. He gets happy seeing Manvi but his pulse begins to drop. Manvi says nothing will happen to Baba. I am here. Doc tries to keep him breathing but the monitor beeps showing a blank line. His body isn’t responding. Manvi asks her Baba to open his eyes. You cannot leave us. Say something Baba. She asks the doc to check. Doc asks them to move aside. Let me do something. He again tries to revive Upmanyu but he does not react. His body gave up.

Raj tells Sonali nothing can be done now. Rahul has transformed into an animal. Guru ji said he wont recognize us in this form. It is dangerous to go before him in this condition. They hear Rahul banging at the door. Raj tells Sonali to go but she refuses to leave him alone. They hear the sound of glass breaking.

Manvi cries beside her Baba. You cannot leave us. Please do something doctor. She has kept her hand on his. Upmanyu moves his hand. Shilpa and Hard see it. Upmanyu gains conscious. Manvi happily looks at the monitor.

Raj opens the door to peek inside Rahul’s room. The room is in a mess. They are shocked to see the broken window.

Guru ji thinks he feared this only. The tiger went under the open sky. He has all the powers and they cannot be challenged. Whoever will come in his way will die. Save the world God. Someone will certainly die tonight!

The tiger is roaming in the jungle.

Sonali is crying. Where would my son be? What if something happens to him? Raj says nothing will happen to him. He is very powerful in today’s time. I am worried that someone else can fall in some problem because of him. She says you still are worried for others. Let us go out to look for him. I want him back. She suggests going to Guru ji’s ashram.

A couple is driving through the jungle. The kid is recording a video of the route. The tiger passes by.

Manvi asks doc if Baba is fine. Did he go back in coma? Doc says he is out of coma. He will be fine soon. They thank him. He has given injection to Upmanyu. He will gain conscious in 2-3 hours. You can meet him soon. Manvi tells Shilpa not to cry anymore. Harsh wants to punish Rahul. Shilpa tells him against it. We should not pressurize his brain. Sujoy asks them who they are talking about. Manvi shares that baba is out of danger. He gained conscious. Sujoy asks if he said anything about the accident. manvi denies. we did not speak to him about it and don’t even want to. He nods. He thinks of the accident. I don’t have much time. I have to do something quickly or my truth will be out. Harsh takes Sujoy with him to the canteen. Both the ladies are hungry. Sujoy reluctantly goes with him.

Manvi goes aside for a minute. She is about to make a call but is in a fix. Shilpa tells her to make a call. I know you want to share this good news with Rahul. Manvi wonders if it is a good news to him or not. I don’t know how he will react to it. I don’t know if I should call him after what he did with me today. Shilpa says as much as I have understood him I don’t find both the things right. I feel something in missing in between. Manvi too is worried about the same. he normally never behaves like this. He can be angry but he never spoke to me like this. His words, his actions did not make me believe he is the same Rahul with whom I spent so many days. I feel he was helpless in some way.

The tiger roars in the jungle.

Shilpa tells Manvi to listen to her heart once. Call Rahul. Manvi declines. I cannot fall weak. If he is really involved in the accident then he might try to run away. I wont tell him anything. I want police to tell him all this.

Precap: Manvi is in the jungle. The tiger attacks her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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