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Rahul and Manvi are stunned to see Yugant alive. Yugant says they are right. He shot me last night but only because of a misunderstanding. Maybe he mistook me to be some wild animal in dark. Luckily, I am safe. Rahul says how it can be. I shot only to scare you but you got hurt badly. You fell down. I checked your pulse. It wasn’t there. You were not even breathing. Yugant says I dint die though. I might have got scared because of the bullet sound and fell. I got unconscious for a while. I am standing before you right now. Rahul and Manvi repeat what they saw at the jungle. She stops talking about his hand (steel nails) in the presence of police around them.

Lawyer tells Inspector that he was right. My client is under some misunderstanding. Victim is alive so there is no case logically.

Inspector allows him. Yugant smiles. Outside, lawyer questions Rahul on why he was confessing his crime before police. It was only going to make the case difficult for you. Rahul says I only did what I felt was right. Lawyer explains how that guy came there himself. There is nothing to worry. He updates Raj as well. Raj is relieved. I knew Rahul cannot harm anyone. he talks to Rahul. I told you, you were mistaken. I know you better than you. You cannot harm anyone even in dreams or unknowingly. It was about killing someone! Rahul says I don’t find something right here. The bullet was fired. There was blood and no pulse. Something is not right. Raj says we all know no one can come back to life after dying. How would that person come then? Rahul nods. You are right. I am stressing myself for no reason. Raj advises him to enjoy the vacation. Lawyer leaves. Manvi asks Rahul if everything is fine. He nods.

Agni and his mom are standing next to Yugant’s dead body when Yugant comes there. They are shocked. Yamini comes in her real form. Agni says it is unbelievable. I only heard about your powers till now but I got to see them today. She says what the point of it is when I couldn’t save my husband. He says you are anyways taking revenge. Did you tell police everything? When should I go to give statement? She shares that she went to police station in Yugant’s avatar only. People can begin to doubt us otherwise. If that happens then the truth of us not being humans will come out before everyone. I don’t want it to happen. Agni reasons that Rahul will escape this way. She replies that this is what she wants. How will he be punished by law when he is my culprit? His death will be really painful. I will give him the same pain that he gave to me. He snatched my Yugant from me and left me alone. Now I will snatch his wife from him. He will be tormented like anything. I will kill him then. Agni smirks. this is what I wanted. Everything is going as per my plan. He speaks of making arrangements for YUgant’s last rites but she denies. I want to be with him for some time.

Rahul is still puzzled over everything that has happened. Manvi asks him what he is thinking. He says how it can be. You were also there. It all happened before you. I don’t understand something. It does not look normal. How can it be that the person whose pulse I checked a while ago was standing before me alive? Manvi too is unable to understand it. He feels that it is all a big plan. Manvi takes Kabir’s name. He nods. He isn’t going to give up soon and let us live peacefully. I am sure it is him. Manvi says he wouldn’t have let you come home otherwise. He would have surely punished me by sending me to jail. She says maybe he does not want his truth to come out. Rahul nods at the possibility. She tells him to forget it all. We will not talk about it after today. we will only think of our vacation.

Yamini caresses Yugant’s head. I am sorry for breaking my promise of not crying but I am unable to do so. Don’t think that I will break my other promise of punishing your killers. I will kill them in such a way that even death will be scared. They have snatched my Yugant from me. She thinks of their happier times. She cries looking at him. Agni comes there with a few of his men. Agni’s mom takes Yamini aside while they make take Yugant on a ladder. Yamini cries. You cannot go far from me! Agni’s mom says you were his everything, his love and family. You only will have to do his last rites. Control yourself.

Yamini looks at YUgant. How did you separate yourself from me? We were together for 500 years. You dint even think how I will live without you? We met at a similar place. Why did fate take you away from me? She lights the pyre. I wont spare Rahul. His death will be the price of your death. She lets out a scream. Agni’s mom goes to her. Eat something. I understand your feelings. I felt the same way when Agni’s father died. I dint eat anything. I wanted to die as well but death does not come when you ask for it. You have to wait. Yamini says you have Kabir with you. I only had my Yugant. He too left today. We were together since years. No one could separate us. Many kings tried to get me, separate me in that age. They all died. We dint let anyone come between us, not even death. We were always each other’s shield. My shield has gone away from me. How will I live without him? How will I forgive him? Kabir adds fuel to the fire. You shouldn’t forget and forgive that Rahul who killed your husband. Yugant was only doing puja but Rahul came from somewhere and shot your husband dead. I wont spare him. I will just kill him and bring his body here.

Yamini tells Agni not to intervene. He is my prey. I only will punish him. He agrees. I feel guilty actually. I was there yet I couldn’t save Yugant. I wish you were there in my place. Your power could have killed Rahul then and there itself. I couldn’t do anything. She says you are not to be blamed for it. You did the right thing. if it wasn’t for you then probably Yugant’s dead body would not have reached me. it was good that you were there. I recognized Yugant’s killers because of you. Help me a little more. I want to know everything from the start. I want to know what happened and how in detail. Kabir says Manvi reached there just when Yugant was about to sacrifice the goat. Yugant tried to make her understand politely but that woman wasn’t listening to him. She began to shout. I went to fix the camera at that time. I dint know that Yugant would need someone. Situation turned worse. Yugant and Manvi began to argue loudly. Rahul heard them and came there. He was holding gun in his hand. Yugant got alert. He used his powers in self defence when Rahul shot him. He killed Yugant without thinking anything. His face was filled with hate. I cannot forget it. He was making such a face seeing Yugant as if he had seen a devil. We were right I sacrificing human beings. They deserve it. Yamini asks him if Rahul came there alone with the gun. Agni denies. I felt that earlier but the manager of the resort accompanied Rahul till that place. I hate that manager’s face. If he had not given the gun to Rahul then Yugant would have been alive. Yamini decides to make that manager pay the price of killing her Yugant as well. Agni asks her what she is going to do now. She tells him to wait and watch. Count the number of deaths that happen now. Agni smirks.

Precap: Manvi sees little Payal stabbing her father with a dagger.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. bakwas episode Ravi scene bilkul nhi tha and yes Jo mujhe shak thavoh huya huya iss serial ko sab musical serial kehte hai shayad SE un sab ko galat fehmi hogi actually yeh koi musical nhi balki bakwaso SE bhara supernatural serial sahi Ravi ko ab kehna chahiye yeh kaha aa gaye hum writers pagal ho chuke hai dimag ka dahi to apna bana hi rahe saath hamara bhi me sirf yeh serial Ravi ke liye dekhti hu please ab issi mahine is track ko band kar dena varna Jo trp mil rahi hai Na 0.3 voh bhi ghatke -0.0 ho jayega pls kamsekam kuch romants hi dikha Ravi honeymoon karne aaye hai ya or kuch isse badhiya toh family trip pe jate kuch romance toh hota 19 Jan SE yeh track shuru huya hai ab band tabhi hoga jab serial band hoga

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      1. yes right

  2. writers maine aap ko iss track ko khtm krne k lie 15 june ki date di thi lakin ab 17 june last hai agr us din yeh track khtm na hua to mere sbr ki sari limits cross ho jaen gi us k baad agr maine kch kaha to mera koi kasoor nhi

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