Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nisha fuels Shaleen against Rahul and his family. Everyone only cares and worries about Rahul. No one gives importance to you. Why will they give importance to me? People have started to pinpoint at me and complain to me about little things daily now. I have no value. He agrees. When I take a stand for you, you only are proved wrong. You don’t even tell me. Bear it when you do mistakes. She asks him why he and everyone is ignoring Rahul’s way of talking to Guru ji. Another puja is being kept for him today. Shaleen is not interested in all this. He leaves to do his work. She refuses to bear it all quietly. Mom spoke so rudely to me last night. I got insulted today before my friends because of her. I will see how she will complete this puja today. I will ask Avanti if she has some plan.

Avanti’s phone rings there only. Nisha goes out to check.

Avanti lies to Rahul about the casserole and puts the entire blame on Nisha. He says I cannot blame you as you are an outsider. The family could have taken care of it. How the casserole did got mixed up in the food for Bhog? He next tells her he isn’t upset with anyone. He leaves from there. Nisha claps for Avanti. I was calling you here to seek your help. You trapped me only. Avanti lies to her but Nisha knows she saved herself only. It was all your plan. I only helped you. Do you realise how much mom and Rahul insulted me on the same? I trusted you but you backstabbed me only. I don’t think I need to talk to you on anything now. I am done. Avanti thinks she cannot lose Rahul because of anything, not even Nisha!

Sujoy shows the hotel bill to the Inspector. I was there with my friends. Inspector decides to cross check. You cannot leave town for a few days. Sujoy knows he has called him here as he is doubted for Upmanyu’s accident. Rahul is also under the scanner. Did you check with him as well or is it that no one can question Rock Star Rahul? Law should be same for everyone. Inspector thinks an ordinary person cannot bring fake bills to save himself. Is it true that rock star Rahul only is to be blamed for it? Manvi is also not saying anything.

Dadi also gets concerned for Rahul upon hearing about the puja. Sonali is holding the green saree in her hand. Nisha observes her quietly.

Nisha is lost in thoughts in her room. Avanti wants to patch up with Nisha so things don’t go wrong later. She goes inside. Nisha asks her if she has come here to blame her for something else. Avanti says I am on your side only. Why can you not understand it? Why did you say that Rahul threatened you? Why dint you back off? Rahul anyways had no proof. How could he prove anything in the middle of the night? You could have cooked up some story. Nisha shares that something has happened to Rahul these days. I got scared by his behaviour. Avanti calls him an intelligent guy. We will have to be smart to handle him or our plans will fail. Nisha points out that only she got pinpointed. Avanti nods. I will have to be in his good books so your plans don’t fail from now onwards. Nisha agrees to help her. I want you to help me first though. Take mom away for some time. Avanti reluctantly agrees to do it. She goes out. Nisha thinks I will also play my games my way when you are also doing the same!

Manvi gets Sujoy’s call. She asks him if he read the news about Niru. He says I am at police station since last hour. They think I am involved in it. He tells her about the proof. I am telling you all this so you should realise the truth. Why are you doing this when they don’t have any proof? She replies she isn’t blaming anyone. I cannot decide anything. He suggests her to either fall in Rahul’s lies or find out where he went that night. Manvi thinks of Rahul leaving from the house that night without telling anyone. He cannot kill anyone! Next second, she thinks she does not know him much. Maybe he is responsible for it. She also remembers what he said to Niru and to her in the car. I have mistaken him many times earlier as well. What if I make the same mistake? But what if Sujoy is right? Show me some way, God!

Rahul comes to his room. He smiles at Manvi. He jokes on the way she stands lost. What’s troubling you? What happened? Fight if you want to. You will feel better. Manvi asks Rahul honestly tell her about his whereabouts on the night of Niru’s murder. He understands that she still doubts him. She denies. I have no intention to doubt on you but I cannot understand who to doubt on. There were only 2 suspects of my Baba – you and Sujoy! He has been given a clean chit by police. I am asking you directly. Were you really with your friend that night? It is important for me to know this truth. He accepts it that he too wants to know. Honestly saying, I don’t remember anything. I don’t know what’s happening to me or where I went to that night. I woke up at a weird and unknown place. I did not tell anyone about what all is happening with me these days. I am telling you as you asked me. This is my truth. You can doubt me if you want but I don’t have an answer to your question. She finds it impossible. You want me to trust on something that you yourself don’t trust! Maybe you dong want to remember it! He smiles sadly. I knew you will doubt on me if I tell you. Why will you accept it now? Why did I think you will do something different this time? Your problem is that you hurt the one who is much more hurt to see you in pain. Unfortunately, I am that person! He leaves from there. Manvi wonders why he is hiding the truth from her then!

Precap: Rahul moves forward to give the green saree to when he steps on the skate board. She holds his hand to support up but they both end up falling on the bed!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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