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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul comes to his house. He keeps thinking about Manvi’s words. Sad song plays in the background as he thinks of her. Music was the solution of my every problem. Why is it not helping today? I fell in love with the girl who hates me! His family members hug him excitedly. Avanti is a very good girl. Raj has sent Nisha to Talwar House with Shagun. Sonali notices Rahul’s sad face. Rahul quietly leaves for his room.

Shilpa warns Upmanyu not to do something like this again. How will we live if something happens to you?

Sonali comes to Rahul’s room. Your passion has been music since always. Is it connected with Avanti? Will she be able to rhyme along? He says I have realised that music and life are different. They should be left that way only. Rhyme breaks when you try to

bring them together. Avanti is a good girl then why not? Dad’s life will become easy if this marriage happens. She suggests him not to marry if its about others and not him. He denies. These reasons are enough to go ahead. Sonali knows he is trying to hide something. You were talking about a special connection in the past. Is it possible with Avanti? I feel there is someone else. You can tell me. He lies that he is tired. She advises him not to take decisions of life like this. You wont be able to live this way. She leaves. Rahul too knows it. It will be really difficult to live without her.

Upmanyu and his family watch news. There is announcement of Rahul’s wedding. Rahul too watches it in his home.

Raj is checking the wedding plans. He tells the wedding planner to make a unique theme. The guy assures him of the same. Nisha overhears their convo. There is a small hall in the area which is booked for small occasions. There is sangeet due there. We cannot get hold of that place in such short notice. Raj asks him to book it too. Find out which guy has booked it, pay him some money and get it for us. Nisha is irked to see Raj spending money so lavishly on Rahul’s wedding. The wedding planner takes Upmanyu’s name. Her daughter’s sangeet will happen there. Raj tells him to let Upmanyu do his daughter’s sangeet there.

Nisha complains to Shaleen about Raj. He is so much in love with Rahul. He is ready to spend so much money in his wedding. Nothing happened in our time. Sonali adds that everything was cancelled that time as Shaleen was unwell. Things would have happened the same way back then otherwise. She gives some jewellery to Nisha to choose from. Shaleen refuses them from Nisha’s behalf. Nisha will wear her old pieces. You should shop for your popular son’s would be wife. Exclusive shopping should be done for her. Sonali asks Nisha to come to jewellery shop with her. Shaleen repeats the same thing. Sonali leaves from there sadly. Nisha is impressed with Shaleen. I cannot believe what you did. You never spoke like this to anyone. You really surprised me today!

Shilpa asks Upmanyu about Manvi but he doesn’t reply. She sends Harsh to do some work. Upmanyu asks Shilpa if she is alright. He trusts Avanti. We will get our house back. We should celebrate now. She asks him why his daughter is not with him in this celebration. Why is she sitting alone in her room? She knows she can try as much but her Baba will not talk to her. Shilpa asks Upmanyu what mistake Manvi made. She was only trying to help her Baba and save this house. What did she get in return? Rahul made fun of her and you! No one can understand what she would have gone through! You too did not! She needs you the most now. Your support, your love! You can pretend to be angry with her as much as you want to but you will cry the most the day she will leave this house! Upmanyu is in tears.

Manvi is sad to have hurt her family members. Rupa comes there. She scolds Manvi for not telling her about her wedding. Manvi says sorry to her. Rupa says you could have sent me a message atleast. You used to call me daily to tell me everything about your work. She takes Rahul’s name. Manvi tells her not to take Rahul’s name in this house again. Rupa is taken aback. You said that he isn’t that bad. What happened now? Manvi blames Rahul for everything that has gone wrong in ehr life. My Baba and I haven’t spoken to each other for the last 3 days. It is all my mistake. I feel so bad. My father and I have become complete strangers even though we live under the same roof. I am dying to hear my name from his mouth. Upmanyu calls out for her just then. Manvi cries with happiness. She rushes out.

Upmanyu tells Manvi to understand that things will happen his way only. You will have to listen to me. She nods. He scolds her for not practising since last 3 days. I will visit you daily to keep a check on you. I will not spare you if you make any lax. Manvi hugs him. Manvi apologizes to him. I cannot live without talking to you. Please forgive me. He wonders how he will live once she gets married. Don’t cry now. He tries to cheer her up. Keep them for your vidaai. It is said that the girl who does not cry at her vidaadi makes her husband cry for life. Your mother dint cry in her vidaai. Manvi hugs her mother. Harsh says I was getting importance in the past 3 days. Now it will be gone. Upmanyu happily hugs him. Rupa asks them if they have made any preps for the sangeet. She has already selected a song for Manvi and Sujoy. He will come for the rehearsal.

Precap: Raj plans to teach a good lesson to Upmanyu. Upmanyu is angry with raj for something.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. sshhh episode wass lil lil boring

  2. SPOILER :- Manvi’s marriage to be called off
    Maanvi (Saanvi Talwar) is going to marry Sujoy (Arun Rana) which made Rahul (KaranKundra) to know more about Sujoy and finally when he learns he comes to reveal the truth to Maanvi but she doesn’t listen tohim.Then how marriage will be called off?Chatterjee (Kali Prasad Mukeerjee) will also know about Sujoy and he unable to reach the venue so he sends Rahul near Maanvi so that the marriage can be stopped. But Maanvi who dislikes Rahul doesn’t listen to him.Finally in nick of time Chatterjee comes and reveals everyone the truth of Sujoy which makes everyone leave in shock. Maanvi is completely shattered and leave from the place.Now what will Sujoy do? Will he take revenge on Maanvi and Rahul or not?

  3. Nice episode…hope Manvi accidently marries Ragul instead of sujoy….waiting for that day

  4. Thanks Sunanda for, sending it. But where did U get the ne ws from

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