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Manvi comes to register a complaint in police station. Inspector assures her they are doing their best to find them. Plus you and your husband have to understand we are doing enough already. She is surprised to know Rahul is inside only. Rahul requests senior Inspector to look for the kids. They are somewhat special. Manvi stands by the door and hears the convo.

Manvi asks Rahul how he came here. He shares that he got call from clinic. I came here directly to tell you not to worry about recording. We will do it once we find the kids. She looks at him lovingly and is touched by his concern for the kids. You proved me wrong once again. he says I am more worried for you actually. Your concern is my concern. I was only doing my duty. You could have told me you wished to be romantic. She

withdraws her hand. I only wanted to thank you. He says your eyes say something else. She smiles cutely.

Raj opens the almirah. He realises that they are the same kids. Does anyone know you are here? Who brought you here? Say something. The shadow appears behind him. Raj asks the kids to speak up. Who brought you here? Boy says Ma. Raj turns but the shadow disappears. He asks the kids about their mother. I don’t trust them. He calls police station.

Inspector tells Rahul and manvi that they have found the kids. They are perfectly alright and have been found in their house only. Manvi is surprised. How did they reach there? How did they recall the route? Inspector has no idea. They leave to meet the kids.

Senior Doc is talking to the kids. Who took you there? Shireen (Doc) is still in pain. I will rest at home. The boy walks up to her. Are you fine? She gets scared. The boy hugs her wishing her get well soon. Rahul and Manvi notice them thus. Manvi says kids are really pure hearted. How can the doc be so stone hearted? Rahul suggests letting them bond for some time. They go to cafeteria. Shireen looks really tensed while the kids have a smirk on their faces.

Rahul and Manvi come to meet the kids. They get scared seeing Rahul. Manvi assures them he wont harm them in any way. He is my friend like you are mine. She makes them bond with Rahul. She is happy that the kids agreed to befriend Rahul. Rahul offers them chocolate. Nurse comes to tell the couple that meeting hours are over. Manvi tells the kids she will come to meet them tomorrow. She leaves with Rahul.

Sonali asks Rahul and Manvi about the kids as they come home. rahul tells her to relax. He goes to freshen up. Manvi notices Sonali worried. Sonali says stupid Nisha kept our family photo in storeroom as the glass broke. I am sure she only did it. She has cooked up an excuse. Manvi offers to bring it.

Manvi comes to storeroom. Manvi finds an old broken name plate there which confuses her.

Lightning strikes. The kids are still up. The boy takes out the rest of the name plate. He hides it when he hears some noise. They lie down pretending to be asleep. Nurse is relieved to see them there. She senses something wrong though but walks out without saying a word. A shadow appears on the wall she had been looking at. The girlโ€™s duvet gets tucked automatically. The boy wakes up. He looks at the shadow relieved.

Manvi gets thinking about the broken name plate. It is of metal. No one can break it just like that. Who has the other half? I will ask mummy ji some other time.

Shireen is sleeping. She cannot stop thinking about what had happened recently with her. She wakes up holding her neck and breathes heavily. What’s happening to me? I am not having any illusion. It is because of the ghost. I wont let anyone malign my name. I have to prove myself right and innocent. She thinks to check the kidsโ€™ report once again. it might prove me innocent. She comes to their room but finds it empty. They are not even underneath the bed. She shouts for guard but no one comes. I will have to inform Sir. She hears some strange voice as she dials his number. She gets scared. Where did the kids go? She checks outside too. She finds the kids talking to someone but cannot see anyone except them. She recalls the boy telling her again and again that his mother is alive. Senior doc asked me to prove the truth. She wonders if anyone is here. Is it their mother? The boy takes Manvi Sabharwalโ€™s name. The kids agree to do it. Shireen hears him and gets confused. Is she in some danger? She makes some noise by mistake and the kids see her. Shireen is stunned to see the shadow. She runs back inside. Her phone has no network. She dials from landline when she hears some strange sounds. The shadow is there. Shireen is completely scared. She drops the phone and retreats. She tries running out but the gates get locked automatically. The shadow steps in front of her and hurts her. It suffocates Shireen to death.

Precap: A lady tells Sonali that Rahul and Manvi are very happy with the kids. Another lady talks to Manvi about how kids (own or adopted) love you if you love them enough.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. guys very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very bad news YKAGH serial band ho raha hai ????????????????????????????please ekta mam band mat kijiye pls pls mam or yeh conform huya hai naveen sir SE mean raj sabharwal

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