Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani-Abhigya,Arya,Rosid,Raglak,Gohem SS Part8

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: This Youth is Crazy Part 8
Sorry for less Rosid.I know Rosid fans are disappointed.But in this chapter Rosid romance does’nt fit as they are in tension..because only they know the truth.

Dedicated to who wants Ahem to fight wih Gopi to surprise her later and Gopi too thinking of surprising him.

Riddhima looked at him:Yes your Riddhima…

Arm:Why have you come back Riddhima?You left me for career.Right?Then just before my wedding why have you come back?
Riddi:I am sorry Armaan.Actually my step mother pressurized me to leave you.She blackmailed me to marry someone of her choice otherwise she will kill my brother.That’s why I left you.
Armaan was shocked.
Rid:But my father came to know that and got her arrested.That’s why I am back to you now.
Armaan was in tears:I am sorry for misunderstanding you Riddhima.I thought you left me for your career.Please forgive me.
Rid:Don’t say sorry Armaan.It’s me who lied to you that career is more important than you.But the truth is that nothing is more important than you for me.
Armaan Riddhima shared an emotional eye lock.
Arm:But Riddhima..tomorrow is my wedding.
Rid:I know Armaan.I know it’s too late.But still I had a slight hope that I will get you back.If you can’t accept me it’s ok.I will go back.After all your innocent fiancee should not get betrayed and hurt because of me.
Armaan was helpless.Riddhima walked away.Armaan cried.
Roli felt very sad and shocked.
Roli went near Siddhanth and told him everything.He was shocked.
Sid:I can’t believe it Roli.Are you sure?
Roli:Yes Siddhanthji.I heard their conversation.I feel Armaan is longing to go back to his girl friend.But because of his commitment towards Maya he is still here.I want to tell Maya about it.I don’t want my friend to suffer in a loveless marriage where her husband would be still thinking of his ex girl friend.

Sid:Wait Roli.Don’t tell Maya about it now.Let me talk to Armaan first.

Abhi went near Pragya and put haldi on her face softly.

O ho… Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko

Feeling his touch she closed her eyes.

Tere hi naam karun Khudko main yoon kho doon Ke phir na kabhi paaun Haule haule zindagi ko Ab tere hawaale karun

Abhi put haldi on her hands making her feel goosebumps.

Sanam re, sanam re Tu mera sanam hua re Sanam re, sanam re Tu mera sanam hua re Karam re, karam re(Sanam re).

Suddenly she heard Abhi’s voice:Why have you closed your eyes Pragya?
She opened her eyes and touched her cheek.It was blank.

Then she touched her hands.
She thought:It means Abhi applying haldi on my cheek and hands was my dream?Oh God!I am dreaming too much.I should control myself and keep away from Abhi.
Pra:Nothing Abhi.
She walked away.
Abhi:Why suddenly Pragya behaving like a stranger?

Abhi went near Maya.
Abhi:Maya..why are you looking tensed?Because tomorrow is your wedding?
Maya smiled:Nothing like that Abhi.

Abhi:Can i tell you something?We all used to think during our college days that you love Arjun and you both will get married.
Maya wiped her haldi face with a towel.
Maya:It was not a wrong guess Abhi.I used to love Arjun.
Abhi was shocked.
Maya:But Arjun considered me as a friend.So I decided to move on when Maa wanted me to marry Armaan.Atleast let Maa be happy.
Abhi:Means still you are not happy with this marriage?Still you love Arjun?

Maya faked smile and lied:Nothing like that Abhi.I am happy.

Abhi:Tell me do you love Arjun now?
Maya was silent.
Abhi:I got my answer.
Maya:Abhi..promise me that you will tell this matter to Arjun.
Abhi:But Maya…
M:Please promise me Abhi.
Abhi promised with hesitation:Ok..promise.

Siddhanth and Roli approached Armaan.
Arm:Why did you both call me here?
Sid:Because we want to talk to you in private.
Roli:I saw you and Riddhima together.
Armaan was shocked.
Sid:Do you love Riddhima?
Armaan replied tearfully:Yes.Riddhima is my only love.
Sid:Then why are you marrying Maya?
Roli:She came back.Right?You realized that Riddhima never betrayed you and was in distress.So if you marry Maya the whole life you will regret leaving Riddhima.
Arm:But Maya..If I don’t marry Maya she will feel betrayed.She will be hurt.

Sid:Then what about the betrayal and pain she will face after marriage when she realizes that her husband loves only his ex girl friend?
Roli:That time she will be more hurt.Right?Is’nt it better to tell her the truth and call of the wedding than to betray her after marriage?

Armaan became upset:I need more time to think.Please…
Sid:Ok..but there is not much time.Don’t forget that.
Armaan was silent.

Ahem smiled seeing the date in the calendar.
Ah:Our wedding anniversary.Today I will surprise you Gopi.
Ahem got ready to go to office.Gopi gave him lunch box.
G:Today will you try to come early?
Ahem stared at her:Why?Don’t you know that I have work in the office?

G:Ya…but…today’s speciality…

Ah:What is so special about today?
G:Today is…

Before she could say anything Ahem said:Nothing.Today is like any other day.Right?Don’t pressurize me Gopi.
Ahem left.Gopi became upset.
G:Ahemji does’nt even remember that today is our wedding anniversary.I know that his work is very important for him.He may having so much of work pressure.Still for wedding anniversary I gave him tension.I really hurt him.
Ahem said in his mind while travelling to his office:I am sorry Gopi.But I needed to do this to surprise you.
G:I need to do something to make his mood good.
In the evening…
Gopi made pancake.
G:Ahemji’s favourite pancake.Eating this his mood will be alright.
The bell rang.Gopi opened the door and was surprised to seeAhem.He came inside.
G:What a surprise!You came early.
Ahem:Yes..what is wrong in that?What is your problem Gopi?If I don’t come early you have problem.If I come early also you have problem.
Gopi became upset:Not like that Ahemji…
Ah:Don’t say anything Gopi.
Gopi controlled her tears.
Ahem felt sad.He saw pancake on the table.
He thought:For me Gopi made my favourite pancake.But in return what did I do?
Ahem:I feel hungry…give me something.
G:Yes…I made pancake specially for you.
Ahem:Please don’t talk and give me something to eat.
Gopi served him pancake tearfully.But seeing Ahem eat it she smiled.
She thought:At least you ate what I made for you specially.Atleast that much I could make you happy on our wedding anniversary.
While eating some people went to the terrace through the backyard.
After eating it Ahem got a message in his phone:Work done..
Ahem smiled.
Ahem said:Gopi…please bring my cream shirt you kept for drying in the terrace.
G:But I had taken it back yesterday.
Ah:But in the morning I had kept another shirt there.Go pick it up.
Gopi went to the terrace.She was surprised to see a decorated table with different flavours of ice creams.Ahem came from behind:Happy wedding anniversary Gopi.
Gopi was surprised:Ahemji..

satrangi mausam ho
ya gham ke badal ho
phoolon ki sej ho
ya kanton ki raahein ho

Ah:Sorry Gopi..I hurt you.But If I had been sweet wishing you earlier how would this be a surprise?
Gopi smiled emotionally:Ahemji…you are too much..

mere humkadam mere humsafar
raah mein chod na jaana
har kasam tod na jaanaa

She embraced him emotionally.

saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa

Ah:Years back..On this day without any happiness I married you.I did’nt give you any love on you that day.But later you brought happiness to my life making me fall for you.On this anniversary I want to make you happy.Hope you will like this small simple anniversary gift.

Gopi smiled.

suraj ke sang kiran
deepak sang baati hain
saagar ke sang lehar
aise hum saathi hain

Ahem started feeding her icecream.

oo mere sanam
ho khushi ya gham
naa churana humse nazar

She fed him back.

sang rehna umar barr
saath nibhana saathiyaa

They enjoyed having ice cream.

The Wedding day of Armaan Maya…

Ragini was sitting in front of her mirror.Laksh came near her.
She was crying like a baby.
Lak:Ragini…what happened?
Rag:Laksh…now only I realized that my matching earring got broken.hat will I do?
Lak:For such a silly thing you are crying?
Rag:Don’t you know that I am a beauty contest winner plus model?I have to keep up my standard.
Laksh controlled himself from laughing.
Lak:Ragini..if you cry like this your make up will get spoiled.What will others think about it?
Rag:You are right.My make up should not get spoiled.
Lak:So..don’t cry.
He wiped her tears.
Rag:But my matching earrings.

Lak:Just forget it.I have a surprise for you.

He took out a jewellery box from his bag.
Lak:It’s for you.
She was surprised:For me?
Lak:Yes…when my beloved is a beauty I want everything to be perfect for you.So I bought this for you.Not only earrings..I will make you wear everything.
She blushed.

Ye moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe

He adorned her ears with beautiful earrings.

Koi Toh Toh na laage
Kis tarah girah ye suljhe

He placed forehead chain on her forehead.

Hai rom rom iktaara
Hai rom rom iktaara
Jo baadalon mein se guzre

He made her wear bangles.

Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna

Then a chain around her neck.

Kaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab sunaa

Lak:Look at the mirror.You look so beautiful now…
She blushed.

Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai chuna

Lak:People will praise your beauty.
Ragini:I don’t get flattered with other’s compliments anymore.I just need to be beautiful only in your eyes Laksh.

Tu din sa hai, main raat
Aa na dono mill jaayein shaamon ki tarah

He cupped her face in his arms:In my eyes you are the most beautiful girl Ragini.

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…

Ragini was shy.
They shared a romantic eye lock.

Yey moh moh ke dhaage…(Dum Laga ke Haisha)

Maya was brought to the mandap in the bridal attire.She was feeling very sad.

She sat near Armaan.Arjun could’nt bear it and moved to a corner.Laksh went near him:Why are you standing away from the wedding hall?
Arjun:I can’t bear Maya marrying someone else Laksh.I love her.

Laksh was stunned:Arjun!
Arjun:You are right Laksh.I am a duffer who did’nt understand my love for her.
Laksh felt sad:But now it’s too late.
Arj:I know.
L:You come there.Otherwise others will doubt and it will spoil Maya’s mood too.Don’t create complications now.

Arj:No Laksh..I can’t come.
Laksh grabbed Arjun’s hand and walked to the wedding hall.
Roli and Siddhanth were tensed about Armaan’s decision.
Suddenly Armaan got up from the mandap.All were confused.
Sid and Roli looked at each other with tension.

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