Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani-Abhigya,Arya,Rosid,Raglak,Gohem SS Part6

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Kokila:Like you think your Anita bhabhi was not good.He never loved anyone in this family.She was only pretending to be good.
Abhi was’s a lie.
Koki:Are you saying that I am also a liar?I swear on Krishna bhagwan that Anita was unfaithful.One day we found her true colour.We found her with her boy friend.I became very upset thinking that like my husband betrayed me and left me alone with my kids my Ahem dikhra’s wife also betrayed him.After that she became rude to us.But since you were too small to understand his true colour she continued pretending to be good to you.Though Ahem forgave her and decided to give her one more chance she did’nt change.That day she and Ahem had a fight regarding this matter

and she decided to leave Ahem and go to her boy friend forever.She left the house.But on the way she met with an accident and passed away.Though she was unfaithful Ahem loved her he was depressed.To get him out of depression I made Ahem promise not to shed even a single tear for the woman who does’nt deserve his love.

For me my Ahem hid his pain and tried hard to smile.I realized that only true love can heal his wounds.But Ahem refused to remarry.But I forced him to remarry.I threatened him that I will die if he does’nt remarry.

Finally he agreed and I found a nice girl like Gopi by God’s grace.Gopi Bahu is pure like Sita.

That is how Ahem married Gopi.Ahem was sad while marrying Gopi while Gopi who was not aware of Ahem’s trauma was happy on her wedding day like any other bride.

I hid the truth from you as Ahem requested me and Gopi to hide it from you as Ahem did’nt want you to hate Anita as he knew how much you loved Anita.
Gopi was weeping:Ahemji did not accept me as a wife.It took a long time for him to give me a wife’s place.

Kokila:Ahem is not at all at fault beta.
Kokila cried:I can’t bear you hating the innocent Ahem.If you want to hate someone for Ahem’s remarriage you hate me as I’m responsible for it.
Abhi was silent,but his were filled with tears.
Ahem cried silently.He tried to leave the room.Suddenly Abhi held his hand.Ahem looked at him.
Abhi hugged him crying.
Abhi:Please forgive me Ahem bhai.I hurt you for many years for what you have not done.I trusted the wrong person.I don’t deserve pardon.

Ahem:Don’t say like that.You were too young to understand the truth.It’s not at all your fault.

I have always forgiven your naughty acts when you were small.This also I consider as your childishness and I forgive you.

Abhi hugged Ahem again:Thank you Ahem bhai.
Gopi and Kokila smiled tearfully.
Koki:Can we both join you guys?
Ahem Abhi smiled.Gopi and Kokila too joined their hug.

5 years passed…

Abhi is a famous rockstar who does concerts and sings for movies.

Maya’s house is decorated.Arjun and Laksh came.
They had a friendly hug.
Laksh:Wow are getting married.
Maya smiled.
Arjun:But are modern.Then why did you agree for an arranged marriage?

Maya:Arjun…instead of coming and wishing me a happy married life you are discouraging me?You are impossible.
Arjun:Seriously I feel its a wrong decision.

Maya:Oh Arjun…in the last moment don’t make me crazy.
Arjun:Ok leave it.
Maya went to take juice for them.
Laksh:Arjun…Maya is your best friend.Instead of becoming happy for her marriage you are getting restless.
Arjun:I know.But i don’t know why.
Laksh:Are you feared of losing her?
Arjun:What do you mean?
Laksh:You know we always thought that you love Maya.But it never happened.But now I feel you love her.But you have not realized it yet.That’s why still you are not able to understand why you are not happy with her marriage.

Arjun:What nonsense are you saying Laksh?What will Maya think?
Laksh:I am sure that Maya too loves you.
Arjun was shocked:What?Are you mad?
Laksh:I am not mad.But you are so mad that you did’nt see Maya’s love for you.In fact you are so mad that you did’nt still realize your love for Maya.Duffer.If you had confessed your love to Maya she would not have agreed for this marriage.Instead this would have been yours and Maya’s wedding.
Arjun was stunned.
Maya came with juice.They took juice.
Arjun:You have liquor here?
Maya:Arjun..still you have not got rid of your drinking habit.You are crazy.
Arjun giggled.

Roli and Siddhanth came.Maya was excited and hugged Roli:How are you Roli?
Roli:I am nice.
Maya:I am so happy that you came to attend my function Siddhanth Sir.
Sid:How can I not come Maya.
Roli was wearing mangalsuthra and Sindoor.
Maya:You both are happily married.When will be Pragya’s marriage?She is older than you.
Roli:Pragya di is a busy doctor now.She has no time for marriage.
Maya:However busy we are when we get our true love we will get ready for marriage.When will Pragya come?I had called her personally and she said she will come.
Roli:Pragya di will come for Sangeet.
Maya’s mother Jhanvi called:Maya..get ready for the mehendi function.
Maya:Ok maa.

Mehendi ceremony…

Maya’s fiance Armaan arrived.
They smiled at each other.
Arm:Hi Maya.
Maya:Hi Armaan.
Arjun’s face became dull.
He thought:What is there in Armaan for which Maya is desperate to marry him?May be because he is a doctor.

Mehendi lady asked Maya:Which letter should I write in your palm?
Maya looked at Arjun and said:Write A.
Arjun smiled.
Maya:My fiance’s name is Armaan.So A.

Arjun’s face became dull.Maya and Armaan smiled at each other.

Suddenly Ragini came:Hey..I came.
Maya hugged her.
M:But you are late.
Ragini:Sorry Maya.I had the shoot of an ad.
Maya:Oh you are a super model too.
Laksh went near her.
Lak:Hey beauty queen.We all were waiting for you.
Rag:I have come naa darling.

Kids ran fast pushing Ragini while playing and Ragini fell over Laksh.
They shared a passionate eye lock.

Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe
Yeh moh moh ke dhaage
Teri ungliyon se jaa uljhe
Koyi toh toh na laage
Kis tarah girah yeh suljhe
Hai rom rom ek tara
Hai rom rom ek tara
Jo badalon mein se guzre-

(Dum Laga Ke Haisha)
Both of them blushed and broke the eye lock.
Laksh noticed that Ragini’s one earring is missing.He saw it on the floor and took it from there.He made her wear the earring with his fingers.She blushed.
Arjun:Open romance.
Laksh Ragini were shy.

Roli,Siddhanth and Laksh Ragini danced…

Ye kudiyaan nashe di pudiyaan
Ye munde gali de gunde
Ye kudiyaan nashe di pudiyaan
Ye munde gali de gunde
Nashe di pudiyaan
Gali de gunde..

O.. o..
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Mehndi laga rakhna

Doli saja ke rakhna
Lene tujhe o gori
Aayenge tere sajna

Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Oh.. ho.. oh.. ho..

O.. aa..

Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Sahra sajake rakhna

Chehra chhupake rakhna
Yeh dil ki baat apne
Dil mein dabake rakhna

Sahra sajake rakhna
Chehra chhupake rakhna
Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna(DDLJ).

Siddhanth pulled Roli closer.He was lost in her.Roli became shy.
Roli:Siddhanthji…what are you doing?
Sid:You look so gorgeous that I can’t take my eyes off you.
She blushed.
Sid:When you call me your voice sounds like a nightingale to me.
Roli:Oh really?Then why did you say earlier that my voice is irritating when I call you.
Sid:That time instead of studying you were after me and you used to call me Siddhanth Sir..not sweetly like Siddhanthji.
Roli smiled.
Sid:When you stopped calling me Sir and started calling me Siddhanthji I started melting before you.
Roli blushed.
Sid:The wetness in your lips seem to be sweet honey for me.I feel like tasting it.
Sid moved towards Roli’s lips.
Roli became shy.
Roli:Leave me Siddhanthji…others will see us.
Sid:Let them see…
Everyone laughed.Their laughter made Sid come back to his senses and left Roli’s hand moving away from her.
Both were shy.
Arjun:Long ago you were advising us about love and now you are loving your wife in front of us shamelessly?
Sid was shy.
Sid:That time I was not in love.So I advised easily.But now I am madly in love with Roli that I have become shameless.
Sid Roli blushed.

Everyone laughed.
Jhanvi:Now let Armaan and Maya dance.

Armaan:Ok aunty.
Maya:Sorry..I can’t.
Jhanvi:Why can’t you dance Maya?This is your function. hand is full of mehendi.If I dance our clothes will be dirty.I am not comfortable dancing with mehendi in hands.Sorry.

Armaan:It’s ok Maya.I understand that it’s really uncomfortable to dance around with mehendi.

Arjun:In a way Maya is right.While dancing if her mehendi will get spoiled everybody will say that it’s a bad omen.

Jhanvi became dull.
Laksh whispered to Arjun:Why don’t you admit that you don’t like Maya dancing with Arjun?

Arjun was silent.

Pragya arrived.All were surprised to see Pragya in a beautiful sleeveless salwar suit with no specs.
Roli:Di…thank God you arrived.Maya was waiting for you.
Maya and Pragya hugged each other.
Maya:I am so happy that you came Pragya.
Pra:How can I not come for your wedding as you are the only scool mate who constantly had touch with me.
They smiled.
Ragini:What yaar?What a make over?How come you are so beautiful?You are giving me tough competition now?
They all laughed.
Pragya chatted with all of them over there.
Maya:Feeling very happy to see all after a long time.Right?
Prag:Yes.But one person is missing.Abhi.
Maya:He has promised me that he will come.I don’t know when.
Pragya thought:Where are you Abhi?I miss you.
Suddenly they heard a voice from behind:I am here.When you think of me I will be near you.
Pragya’s heart beat fast.She turned back along with others.They were surprised to see Abhi.
Pragya’s face blossomed.Abhi was surprised to see Pragya’s make over.Maya,Arjun,Laksh,Ragini,Sid,Roli hugged him.
Maya:Hey rock star Abhi…you have to sing for my sangeet.
Abhi:Sure Maya baby.Without me how can sangeet be complete?
Everyone smiled.
Abhi walked towards Pragya:Hey chashmish..sorry now no specs for you.
She smiled.
Abhi:Would you like yo join me for a dance Pragya?
Smiling Pragya held his hand.

Abhi started singing and they danced like crazy.

Badtameezee Ek Bimari Hai
Ek Aisi Bimari
Jo Dheere Dheere Waqt Ke Saath
Budhaape Mein Badal Jaati Hai
Main Kehta Hoon Jab Tak Budhaapa Nahi Aata
Thodi Badtameezee Hi Kar Lete Hai

Paan Main Pudeena Dekha
Naak Ka Nageena Dekha
Chikni Chameli Dekhi
Chikna Kameena Dekha
Chaand Ne Cheater Hoke Cheat Kiya Toh

Saare Taare Bole Gilli Gilli Akhaa
Pa Para Para…
Meri baat, teri baat
Zyada Baatein Boori Baat
Thaali Mein Katora Leke
Aaloo Bhat, Muri Bhat
Mere Peeche Kisi Ne Repeat Kiya Toh
Saala Maine Tere Muh Pe Maara Mukka

Laksh Ragini Roli Sid Arjun Maya Armaan too danced with Abhi and Pragya.

Ispe Bhoot Koi Chadha Hai
Theharna Jaane Naa
Ab Toh Kya Buraa Kyaa Bhalaa Hai
Fark Pehchaane Naa
Zidd Pakad Ke Khadaa Hai Kambakht
Chhodna Jaane Naa

Seeing Abhi dancing with Ragini Pragya became dull and walked away.Abhi noticed it.

Badtameez Dil, Batameez Dil, Batamiz Dil
Maane Na, Maane Na
Badtameez Dil, Batameez Dil, Batamiz Dil
Maane Na, Maane Na – yeh-jawaani-hai-deewani

He left dancing and followed Pragya.
Abhi:Pragya..why are you irritated?We met after many years and still ypu are showing angry face at me?Why did you leave the dance?
Pragya:You deserve it.You know…You have not changed a bit.Still you are flirting with Ragini.And she too enjoys flirting with you.

Abhi laughed.
Pra:Why are you laughing?
Abhi:Even you have not changed a bit.If you know the truth you will laugh at yourself.
Pra:Then tell me that funny truth?

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