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Yeh Jawaani 5th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku dreams of Kimaya giving him a rose and telling him she didn’t take it off from plant, it’s a fake one. He tells her environment comes on 2nd place for him, it’s her on first place. Both dance romantically on Tum Se Hi. He wakes up from his dream and goes on laptop hoping Kimaya is still up. She is online as she also wants to say him something important, but Cheeku doesn’t listen and says he will go first. She tells him go ahead. He tries to say, but Sid keeps calling. In end he tells her he will tell her later and disconnects the call. After that he calls himself useless, he knew he won’t be able to do it.

Cheeku meets Gattu. He asks her if she proposed Dodo. She says by evening and asks if he proposed Kimaya. He says he said her he wants to tell something for

now. She says that’s good enough by him. Cheeku asks her if she’s not nervous. She says no and tells him chill. He wishes her all the best, and so does she.

He then meets Sid. Sid says he will propose Devika such a way that everyone will remember it and all girls will want their boyfriends to propose like that. He asks him why he’s asking when he already told him before. Cheeku says he forgot in tension. Sid asks him why he’s getting tensed? They go outside and Dodo has brought band people as they are low on budget. Dodo asks him what’s his plan. Sid tells Dodo and Cheeku his plan. He will gather everyone in cafe and when Devika comes there, there will be flowers rain on her. Her favorite song will start. She will be surprised and will wonder what’s happening. Suddenly she will see all hot girls in front of her. All will move one by one, and behind them, the hero, Sid himself, will come out in suit. He’ll give her a flying kiss and she’ll get shy. All girls will be looking at him, but he will go straight to Devika and gets down on his knees and propose her. She will reply back with a yes. He comes out of his dream. Dodo says what a plan and tells him he should be in Hollywood. They go inside to give measurements for suit. Sid says if all goes good, then he will be king tomorrow in the college. Dodo says and he can do all his work using his name. Cheeku wants to say something about plan, but Sid says later.

After a while, Cheeku asks Sid whether Devika will like that much crowd. Sid tells him he won’t understand this love. It’s different love than plants love. Cheeku says he is not old Cheeku anymore, he knows how important this is for Sid and he will support him fully.

Gattu calls Dodo and asks him to come to the cafe in evening as she wants to propose him. She asks him to dress properly as they will take photos. He asks her if she’s drunk and refuses to go. She says he will have to listen to her feelings no matter what. She dreams of proposing him in their unique style. She tells him they are different than the others and if they come together, then they will rule the world. He agrees to make her his girlfriend.

Dodo remembers Sid is planning everything in cafe as well. He can’t take risk to be there. He tells Cheeku he didn’t do any work in morning, so now he will stay with Sid in evening. Cheeku says he has important work. Dodo says he has not done any important work in his life. Sid tells Dodo to leave him with sad face. Cheeku says his work is on laptop which can be done from cafe. Dodo is relived.

Sid goes away for preparations and in the mean time, Cheeku starts video call with Kimaya. She asks him why he’s acting so weird. He didn’t let her say important thing that she wanted to last night and he didn’t say it either. He says he will go first now. He starts saying she’s his first friend, a proper friend, female friend, so she’s special. He got lots of strength from her. If she wasn’t there then today he might not be able to say those 3 words. His friend, Hansraj, comes running and tells him there is some problem and Sid is upset. Cheeku tells him to go, he will join him. Kimaya asks him what 3 words. Hansraj keeps calling him. Cheeku tells Kimaya I will be right back and disconnects the call. Kimaya gets mad.

Precap: Sid gives a rose and asks Devika to be his girlfriend. Gattu tells Dodo that she likes him. Cheeku once again tries to tell Kimaya those 3 words. This time he takes a gift out as well.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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