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Yeh Jawaani 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku dreams of Gattu making him realize that he’s in love with Kimaya. He wakes up in a shock when Dodo is looking out from window saying he loves her. Cheeku goes to him and he informs him about a girl coming in their neighborhood and him being in love with her. Cheeku asks what he would know about love. In his mind, he says, he makes a beautiful thing like love dirty. Sid comes in with flowers. He hopes to give them to Devika and impress her.

In college, he gives them to her and she lets him sit beside her. He tries a chance on her and ask for movie after class. She says she only goes to movies with special people, he needs to prove himself first. Sid asks if he proves himself, then will she become his friend? She says may be, she will think. He thinks he’s a boy already and once

she comes his friend, he will become boyfriend automatically.

In next scene, Cheeku sees his gardener writing a message for someone. He asks Cheeku for help. He writes him a nice message. He then imagines sitting there with Kimaya. Cheeku is in then his class where he daydreams about Kimaya. His madam scolds him and asks him to get out.

Dodo is not able to see the new girl now. Gattu comes and he blames her for not helping him with his dream of making out in Bangkok. She tells him Bangkok is no few miles away, and by thinking about that dream, he may be missing out some opportunities here. He’s confused. She tells him girls only get attracted to the guys who already have girlfriends. He says he doesn’t have any. She tells him to look properly, sometimes they don’t see the obvious. He strikes that she’s trying her luck on him, and therefore, he refuses. But in end she convinces him.

They come to a restaurant holding each other hands. Girls look at him. They sit down. Dodo asks her if girls are looking or laughing at him. She says in 5 minutes, she can send one of those girls to him, but if she succeeds doing that, then he’ll have to take her on a date. He agrees. Gattu goes to the girls and tell them her boyfriend is ditching her and she wants to catch him red handed. She goes to order the food. One of the girls go to him and flirts. He also give her the attention. Gattu comes. The girl takes her hand back and calls Dodo a despo. She’s about to slap, but Gattu stops. The girl tells him he should be lucky to have such a girlfriend.

Sid’s teacher is impressed by his photography work. She tries a chance on him, but he avoids her as his concentration is fully on Devika right now.

Gattu reminds Dodo of his promise. Cheeku is also there. Dodo says her plan didn’t work. The girl got mad at him so he refuses to take her on date and leaves. Cheeku feels bad for Gattu and tells her to stop going behind him. She says she had enough, tomorrow she will now directly propose him. Cheeku thinks she’s a strange girl. Sid also intends to propose Devika. Seeing them both, Cheeku also thinks Kimaya said to say it out whatever is in heart, so he also decides to tell her that he loves her, but he wonders if he will be able to say it?

Precap: Gattu, Sid propose Dodo, Devika respectively. Cheeku dances with Kimaya and then tells her, environment comes on 2nd place for him. She asks him what’s on first place then?

Update Credit to: Simmy

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