Yeh Jawaani 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dodo plays shettle cock with a friend…while Arya comes and play with dodo…Cheeku encourages Dodo…all girls shouts for Arya….while Sid..devika comes and sits..Dodo and Arya plays…DOdo miss one shot…Arya takes the advantage..Arya does cheating Look at another side…Dodo sees there…Arya plays..Dodo misses…Arya wins..
In next scene Sid..Devika. Gattu and Dodo..cheeku are sitting in canteen..where gattu tells how Dodo flirt with girl..Dodo tells he will tell her dad how gattu stares him..Devika talks about Arya…Cheeku tells he want to talk something else…Kimaya comes…Devika tells today is giving treat…and kimaya also invited..kimaya sess the menu…As some students comes and declares is last day for SOTY

compedition…Gattu sees Arya and tells Devika…Devika tells that this year winner will be Arya…Cheeku feels jeoulous..and takes part in Compedition..while everyone gets shocked…Cheeku tells he thinked alot and took part…As arya comes..Cheeku tells it will enjoyment…and compedition..Cheeku goes…Dodo comes and asks why is he taking part…Cheeku scolds Dodo tells that he is capable of taking part..Gattu tells he have to practise from today onwards…Gattu asks if he knoe the activities…Cheeku says no…Gattu tells the activieties are boxing…running..Dancing..Dodo tells Cheeku is good for running away from situation…And boxing champion is chirag…will be beaten..Gattu tells will balance anyhow…Cheeku goes away..
Cheeku hires an auto..Kimaya goes and sits in..Kimaya apologises.. Kimaya comes out of auto..kimaya tells Cheeku..that she is very happy that he took part in SoTy…kimaya tells that she is happy…that Cheeku is showing inner talent and confidence…Cheeku Mann ki awaaz says.. if he did’nt took part in Compedition then he will become a loser…Cheeku tells. He have to take part in compedition anyhow….Cheeku starts the bike..but it does”ng start..Dodo comes and takes Cheeku’s wallet and takes the money..Cheeku shouts at him…Dodo gives Cheeku Castrol active oil to put in the scooter soo that it works…Cheeku tells sometimes Dodo talks wise…
As gattu tand Dodo standing..a boy comes.. and tells Dodo that he want help in studies as he is taking part in SOTY compedition..Gattu tells dont worry she will help…DODO tells him that cannot handle a girlfriend how can win a competidion…Gattu tells shut up…Gattu asks Rs 500 for a paper as she know where Proff iyer will keep the question paper…The boy gives the question paper and goes away..Dodo counts the money…Gattu sees Arya fighting with a boy..and gets shocked…

Precap:: cheeku plays table tennis with a boy and wins…Arya challenges him.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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