Yeh Jawaani 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku is sitting naked and doing yoga… dodo enters and asks weather he is gone crazy?? y he is sitting naked. and y did he decreased AC tempreature?? so Cheeku replies he can bare it.. and cheeku says I m practising this for America.. dodo begs him to go the play. cheeku asks what is the name of the play.. dodo replies ”all is fair in love and war”.. cheeku says he is ready… dodo is very happy and leaves Cheeku comes to prof. shukla he asks who is he? cheeku replies he has come to play the role of hero in the of the studaent says he is inshaan ghosla’s bro cheeku… professor scolds his and sys not to intrrupt.. and then says first of all he is that idiots bro and then he says what da heck is cheeku?? name is insane not good in taste niether good in shape and

colour. ppl wait for leece season wait for apple flavor and waits for orange flavour but they dosent wait for Cheeku fruit… Cheeku thinks he will not give up and says to professor.. than cheeku replies that taste and structure is not all…it prevents from cancer..cold..Prof shukla laughs and tells he have studied about Cheeku”s character…Prof shukla tells to play Cheeku character…Cheeku sits on a bench placing his hands on ears..Cheeku tells himself that Prof.Shukla has made up his mind to fail him..One boy playin MAngo was standing Sudennly falls..Proff asks why did he fall..The boy tells that he didnot sit..He growned and fall…Prof tells thats call Committment…
In next Scene Dodo comes to Radhika..Radhika says she came to know how Dodo gets scared the role and opted out and send Cheeku..from it…Dodo tells however the role was of underdog and he doesnt look like a loser from anyside..Radhika asks why did he came there…Dodd tells he came to help her..Radhika tells to stop..GAttu comes..Dodo tells what she came there..Gattu tells she came to help radhika..Radhika tells Gattu came to control him,,dodo tells Radhika didnt she got some better girl for that.Radhika tells no..She gives him charts and list to bring props and tells to bring fast not to flirt with the Sales gal..Dodo goes..On anotherside Cheeku is still sitting..Professor shukla tell he still expect work instead of having mango and orange..Cheeku tells yes because director like him can workk with Cheeku also..Prof shukla tells okey okery..Proff shukla tell to be ready daily at 6:30 with their Script..Radhika tells that she is very disappointed with Dodo as he opted out and forced Cheeku to go…She tells by SEeing Cheeku”s confidence she believe that he will play justice to the role afterall impressing his dad is very tough job..A girls standing near Cheeku tells that CHeek has changed now he is bold..confident..Cheeku asks what role is he playing She replies she is the herione..DOdo goes to the shop He started flirting with sales girls asks her number Girl replies which number police or Ambulance Dodo gives her list and tells to give the items..Till that time Dodo sees Kimaya and runs to her He bumps to a girl and stares her..Kimaya goes away Cheeku asks the CAsher Do he know that girl..Casher tells HE will not give the information of the customers and asks him to get out..Dodo goes away..Anotherside Cheeku Sees Sid and tells that it is good that he came to college He suggests him to watch his play..Sid tells to leave him alone and is not intrested in the play..Cheeku tells he move out Sid from this situation…Cheeku recieves a call from Aman who tell he is ready to come on show and ready to give 5000rs as Devika is coming…Sid listen this and goes away…Cheeku is sitting in Canteen and revising his lines..dodo comes and tells that he is 100% sure that is kimaya…Cheeku tells why is he telling crap as Kimaya is in America..He tells not to spoil his life he is happy,,,Dodo tells KImaya was there and she was buyin cosmetics…Cheeku tells whats bad in that..Dodo tells that Kimaya was wearing black top and black sandle and red skirt He tells once he see girl he never forgets his attire…Cheeku tells that very good but he trust Kimaya more..Dodo tells yeah When girl enters into life they will forget brother…Dodo tells ok lets bet 1000 rs Cheeku agrees..Cheeku tells now he have to practise the dialouges Dodo tells okay Dodo goes away..Cheeku tells okay to trust trust kimaya..Cheeku opens laptop and asks kimaya whether she gone somewher outside kimaya tells noo,,,Kimaya is wearing pink dress..Cheeku gets panic…Cheeku asks whether she wents cosmetic shop…Kimaya says yes..Cheeku asks where stay in chicago..Kimaya says do he know any place in America…Cheeku says noo…Cheeku says he is playing hero in a play..Kimaya is very happy…KImaya gets a call she asks cheeku that she will talk later..Cheeku recieves Kimaya msg to come fast..Cheeku comes..Prof shukla shouts at him…Proff tells Play didnt started and he started showing Heropanti..HE gives him first and last first and last warning..,Tara tells her line but Cheeku keeps Mum and is confused He forget the lines…Prof shukla Scolds him tells who suggested him to become hero.Prof tells him to sit in a corner and revise the lines in 10minutes and tell…Dodo peeps in the class Radhika and GAttu comes…Gattu asks DODo anythhing happend with he is not tellin dialougues .DODO tell her that he has done bet with Cheeku of 1000 rs that Kimaya is in mumbai…GAttu asks DODO is he sure that kimaya is in Mumbai DODO tells 100%..then GAttu tells then she will also help him then…Gattu tells that she is al doin this for CHeeku..

Precap:Cheeku is sitting All the students of the play make fun of him and tells Loser like him should be thrown out from this country while Tara throws garbage on her..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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