Yeh Jawaani 24th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jawaani 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dodo tells Cheeku he saw a girl like Kimaya..Dodo suggests to date that girl who looks like Kimaya So that his ticket will also be saved..Cheeku tells he not loves kimaya”s beauty or looks he loves her mind..heart…It cannot be same Of duplicate he says..Dodo tells now he understood that movies are made for people like him..Cheeku tells if he love some truely then only he will understand..Dodo tells till now he has not come out of his laptop in love and advicing him..and goes..Cheeku”s father reads newspaper and tell Brazil lost in fifa..Dodo tell from when he is intrested in football asks if did betting or something…Father tells he is not intrested its his boss who loves brazil..He tells not to bring newspaper as its waste of money..His father taunts DODO

and tells that a boy name Aditya ghosla won intercollege conference..Cheeku see and tells it is he..cheeku”s father sees it and congratulates him tells hime very good..Cheeku”s mom tell that she will cut the newspaper and keep it safely..Cheeku tells thankyou..He dreams everyone is Shouting Cheeku Cheeku!! girls are dying and fighting for her autograph then he realises a girl bumps into him..Cheeku tells her to wait as will get his autograph in sometime..The girls tell she will give autograph on his cheek,,Cheeku apologises..girl goes away saying him stupid..Dodo comes shouting tells that in College it is his name..All college is disturbed.tells that …Mangeskar mam said infont of whole college said that Aditya ghosla got the award for most innovative idea and people are going crazy for his photo,,autograph Cheeku tells he cannot believe..Cheeku tell he have decided to go US as Environmental Science is his passion..If Kimaya is there or not DODO tell Cheeku will get thousand of KImaya…Cheeku tells he want to a carrer counceller,,DODO tells he will also come back of him to America..Dodo goes away…DEvika and Ishita congratulates Cheeku..Devika asks where is Sid Cheeku tells that he is sad..Devika moves from there..Ishita asks DEvika why she moved from there..DEvika tells as she wanted to know about Sid..Sid sits in his room..Sid tells Cheeku and Dodo also left him..He is sad…His mother comes asks how he has become not shaving Why he is Sad.Sid tell she will never understand..CHeeku text Sid saying Devika is asking about her..His mother asks who is devika Sid tells she is Social worker…MOther goes away Sid reads the text and says that Devika was asking about friend SID not boyfriend Sid..and becomes more sad..On another side Cheeku comes out of classroom Everyone congratulates him..tries to shake their hand..Cheeku tells he have become so much famous it is true not a dream..
In canteen Dodo brings a cardboard statue of Cheeku and asks everyone for fund as Cheeku wants for doing Advance course in US…He asks only 500 rs The boys ignores and goes..Everybody present there laughs at dodo..Dodo tells that he will collect some money from Cheeku”s popularity as he wanted to go Bangkok but tells He have not popularity even of a single 50 rs…Boy comes and calls Dodo tells that his Play has started..Dodo tells that in this exictement he forget to say Radhika that he is not doin the show…In the class Students are doing excercise and Professor Shukla is standing……Dodo comes..Professor calls him and asks why did he came..DODo tells he came to become hero of his play…Professor tells yes..Dodo thinks to do something..Professor tells to act to show cry as the hero of the Hero is undergo Has to Cry until the end….Dodo makes weird faces and try to cry but fails He cries like a small kid…Students laugh,,Professor asks whats this..Dodo tells that Hero cry like this only..Professor asks he is Director or Dodo..He gives one more chance to Dodo…Dodo cries rolling on floor..Keep hands upside and shouts while crying…All the students laugh Professor catches his ear asks whats this..And tells he does not fit for Hero..Dodo tells yes exactly he is different not a loser..or underdog.But he know who can play this..who fit it..its his brother Cheeku Professor asks is he ready?Dodo tells he will convince him by hook or crook…Another side Dodo tells Cheeku to act in the play..Cheeku refuses..Dodo tells although he have stage fear but he has full confidence on him…Cheeku tells he have listen alot of stories about Professor shukla..Dodo tells he is already gave comittment to them about hero Dodo emotional blackmail him…Cheeku tells he will think…Cheeku tells after thinking that he cannot do,,,Mam call Cheeku,,Dodo tell he will Never leave Cheeku HE have to become hero…Mangeskar mam Scolds Cheeku that how his brother said in the canteen that there is not good professor in the college to teach..CHeeku tells himself that his day never goes perfect..Mangeskar mam later tells him to be modest..One award he won he is flying high in the sky..Cheeku and DODo goes to the counceller..Cheeku tells he want college for doing course in Environment,,Councellar tells that they have cold cold areas …Hot hot beaches…He have scheme there is a college in las Vegas and casino is also there for 5lacks Dodo tells that he can easily earn in casino las vegas…Dodo asks to tell about bangkok
Cheeku tells he want to go America not BAngkok..Cheeku goes away saying that he will think and say…Cheeku tells kimaya in video chat that he is coming to America,,Kimaya tells if he adviced anyone Cheeku says yes for las Vegas he was cahrging only 3lacs..Kimaya tells it is fraud ..Cheeku says yes..KImaya is disturbed repeatedly by calls during her video chat with cheeku…Kimaya tells to forget about America as there is too cold He cannot manage the weather..Cheeku finally agrees,,Again someone calls Kimaya..Cheeku asks whats is the problem,,Kimaya tells the she and her boyfriend…and stops…Cheeku tells not to worry as everthing will come on track..Cheeku says bye and sign out..Cheeku feels sad for Kimaya as she fought with her Boyfriend..Cheeku says yes yes and laughs Then his Mann ki AWAZ says how bad friend he is..Cheeku tells its okey…As Everything is fair in love and War..

PRECAP:DODO tells Cheeku that he is 100% sure that Kimaya is in Mumbai

Update Credit to: Ansari

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