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Yeh Jawaani 19th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku comes in the College and Sits on the bench He falls and Makes noises Everyone is Disturbed…A girl says to keep quiet..A boy is on Stage tells Everyone to present the new ideas on how to increase recycling in Environment…and reduce the garbage ..The one who says more and best in this topic will be Selected Cheeku asks one boy that Mangeskar mam only told him to give speech on Environment and he is not prepared for any other topic..The boy tells to keep quiet…In next Seen Dodo comes to Radhika she makes huge paper hurts..He says what is the the need of making this paper hurts Instead we can express love from lips…Radhika says shut up it is not a joke…Radhika tells there is a problem DoDo asks what problem Radhika says Professor Shukla Is made a play…And the lead

hero of show is unwell suffering from food poising..Dodo thinks that it is the best way to go close to Radhika tells her that problem is Solved…Dodo say he will play the hero Radhika gets happy and thanks him .Cheeku tells that boy that he is not prepared and he is leaving till that his name is Announced..The professor shouts at him to go…Cheeku is not confident..Sad..Goes on Stage Introduces himself as Cheeku. Everybody laughs He tells his name is Aditya Ghosla.He is quiet..One boy from audience tells that he is quiet because not to spread noise pollution Again Everyone laughs…Professor shouts that late comer is not preapared for Speech..and calll tha next Speaker…Cheeku comes to tea stall and is worried and drinks tea its raining..Tea waala asks what happened Cheeku tell he had a dream to do something good for environment..Everyone will be happy with him He tells but now of use..Tea waala tells its okey His father use to say Trouble may be very big never to loose hope ..And sometimes answer will be front we cannot see..Cheeku tells yes thats what he got the answer..

..On another side Devika comes to Sid and Sees Soniya”s picture and complements him ..Sid asks what does she want..Devika brings one plate of cake and one cup of Sambar.Sid tell he is not hungry.Devika tellShe tell that she is like cake and Sid is like Sambar meaning they are very different from one other and cannot mix thats how they but forward her hand But Sid ignores and goes away…Everyone present in the Cafe laughs at her…Cheeku comes back to Sri and another Speech is going on..Cheeku goes to Professor and Tea vendor comes along with him He gives tea to Professor…Professor gets happy and appreciates him..Cheeku asks him permission for Some speech He agrees..Cheeku tells he will serve tea to everyone..Professor goes on stage and Announces that Aditya ghosla wanted to Speak something…Cheeku comes and tells that they have to give idea to bring change in the Environment…Decrease the garbage and increase the recycle…Everybody has worked hard and presented good ideas He says he liked specially the robotics and making windmills on terrace the Same bring change in the revolution by small idea…A girl asks what is the idea Cheeku tells the idea is in ur hand means kullad tea ..Cheeku tells because it is in Kullad thats why..But if it was served in plastic it may not be…kullad is cheap..low..and effective..and contains zero wastage wheras plastic or paper is not..Everyone claps..Professor asks his name..Cheeku tells Aditya ghosla..

In next scene Dodo comes out of class…Gattu comes and asks what happend..Dodo tells that He is the hero of Annual day theatre..Gattu asks how as he dont like theatre..Dodo tells because of Radhika..Gattu laughs and tells that Radhika is helping only in Background She is not in the play..Dodo gets shocked…And tells he want get out of this problem by hook or cook and goes..Gattu laughs..Everyone Congratulates Cheeku atlast Professor comes and gives him saying that he gave because Cheeku bring change in Enviroment by his small ideas…Cheeku clicks his photo..Tea vendor appreciates him and tells that his position is in America not in india..Cheeku says he is correct and will go to America..Cheeku comes to home sits with mother and father..Her mother tell her friend that Cheeku is resemble to her not to his father thats why he won..She is very happy and tells Cheeku that she has prepared Sooji ka halwa for him Cheeku tells that is Sid favourite not his..Mother says sol what she made for her..Cheeku agrees…Mother goes away for kitty party along with her friends..His father asks why he won..Cheeku tells because of eco conference meet…Father asks he belongs to botany soo why he gave speech on Ecnomics..Cheeku tells not on Ecnomics on Environment to reduce waste..Father says ok he dont understand but tells to do whatever but Salary should be high and he goes away…Dodo and Sid comes and sits..Dodo tells Cheeku that phone will ring and College management will say that they handed trophy to wrong person..Cheeku thanks him and says thats what he expected from him.Mother brings Sooji ka Halwa Cheeku tries to take the Halwa Dodo snatches and eats…Sid congratulates Cheeku..Cheeku asks why is he sad..Dodo replies because Devika agreed but for friendship not for relationship..Dodo tells Sid thankgod she had agreed for friendship not for tying rakhi and he laughs…Sid tells he will beat him..

In next scene Cheeku is curious to talk to kimaya he finally opens the laptop and calls kimaya..Kimaya recieves the call and tells that she is guilty..Cheeku tells that he is guilty..and he says Kimaya to stay happy as he cannot see her sad..Kimaya smiles..Cheeku shows him trophy and tell he won for giving idea on environment…kimaya congratulates..Cheeku tells he wanted to come chicago..Kimaya gets nervous suddenly and reply no As in chicago there is too cold and she closes the laptop…Dodo comes and goes to washroom frequently make weird faces and tells Cheeku not to go washroom after him as he is not responsible..Dodo tells that he has seen kimaya on tv..Cheeku tells hows that possible epsiode ends..

Precap:cheeku tells Dodo that he loves kimaya not her beauty face but her mind..thinking..her nature..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Nice 1. .next episode will be interesting.

  2. Ansariji, episode ended on 19th & u updated it 2day, quite fast u have updated knw…..

  3. @Lips There were some problem so it was late…we have reason…From next time it will fast keep reading and dont forget to comments..

  4. Lipsji…. Its ansari so plz don’t mix ji in it…. And if u r that fast y don’t u write??? So plz shut the f**k up..!!!!

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