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Yeh Jawaani 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku is sleeping someone pulls his bedsheet…He sees its kimaya…Cheeku gets shocked and asks how she came out of laptop…Kimaya tells she came to apologise him…Kimaya apologises and starts crying. And tells that she has hurted him alot and started crying..Cheeku tells to stop he cannot see her crying.Kimaya throws the laptop out of window..Just that Cheeku realizes it was a dream…its dodo throwing out his laptop.from window..Dodo tells to get rid of first have to throw all the sources….Cheeku goes and hold the laptop both try to push…Cheeku shouts noo….Sid comes and see…Dodo calls sid for help Sid comes and pushes along wid DODo..Cheeku pushes Sid and Dodo leaves Laptop falls…Cheeku shouts and checks Laptop is alright….Laptop

is good still.working…Sid tells that in Ocean there are more fishes..Cheeku asks what does ot mean Dodo tells it mean there are soo many more girls in the world…And Sid says that no body fisherman like born till now…Sid says for that have create a good body…and says Cheeku”s body is like Cheeku only…Cheeku feels depressed asks what to do..Dodo tells to do excercise..gym and pushups…Cheeku tries to do pushups but fall on ground cannot getup asks help from Dodo…Sid put his leg on Cheeku and tells He is not capable to do that..However Sid tells Dodo that he has to go for Photoshoot.and goes away…Cheeku gets up..Dodo tells that today he has fixed their double date Cheeku says he is not ready..Dodo tells he have too…Kimaya calls Cheeku..but he cuts the videocall saying he cannot talk to her..

.In next scene Dodo and Cheeku arrive at cafe and Waits for girls.Two cute girls arrive One introduces herself as Tara and the other wearing shorts looked hot introduced as Ruksana..Dodo says hii…They go and Sit..Dodo acts like Something fell down and instructs Cheeku that he will talk with Ruksana and Cheeku will talk with Tara…Dodo tries to talk with Ruksana but she ignores…Tara says hii…asks whether he is in college or School..Cheeku replies he is in College..Tara says thats awesome…Dodo asks Rukshana is her Sunsighn is Saggitarious Ruksana tells what rubbish and scolds saying all boys are Same.Tara says never mind Ruksana is hurted because she broke up recently..Cheeku is lost in his world and doesnt replies…Dodo tells Cheeku Ruksana is not talking to her Soo change the places..They both exchange the places…Dodo says hi to Tara she says they have already talked…Tara says wait a minute and asks Cheeku did he broke up recently…Dodo laughs and tells the girl reject his proposal..Ruksana asks is that a long distance relationship Cheeku asks how did they know…Ruksana says mainly in long distance relationship happend this..And asks from where was she Cheeku replies America..Ruksana tells girls from America are not good As When here is day there is night and when here is night there is day…Cheeku tells Ruksana is right..Tara asks Dodo to bring three Coffe…Cheeku tells he want green tea..Dodo shouts goes Angrily murrmuring himself…After sometime Dodo Angrily yells at Cheeku..Cheeku comes and asks for money as he paid the bill all were over..Dodo tells that he have to give its answer.Cheeku asks what he did Dodo tell he has fixed the date and he got the “Hero” tag..

Cheeku thinks..Dodo goes away..Mangeskar Mam calls Cheeku and tells that Tommorow is inter press meet and from this college she has selected Cheeku..He have to go..Cheeku gets Shocked and tells that already his life is full of problems and he is not ready…Mangeskar mam tells noo and keeps the phone..Cheeku gets tensed as he has not prepared the Speech..

Sid is taking photshoot of a Soniya..From different angles and poses Sid clicks pictures..Dodo tries to fan her..cleans her Sweat tries to get close to her..Soniya tells he is soo sweet…Gattu comes running and tells she will help She opens the fan She tells if he didnt clean Soniya then she will have drown in Sweat..Sid and Soniya laughs..Dodo asks Gattu why she spoils everything..Sid again starts clicking..He sets Soniya”s hair..Meanwhile Devika and Ishita are passing by..Devika tells look Ishita somebody photoshoot is going on..And says that in during her photoshoot there were 4-5 professionals..Sonia tells may be because it was her photoshoot As the whole college known how is she How Sid treated her but she ignored..Devika gets upset..Sid shouts at Soniya..Soniya gets annoyed and leaves..Dodo goes back of Soniya and tells she is looking too but she ignores and leaves…Sid apologises Devika and goes…Next day Dodo eats burger at cafe and Sees news Where Reporter shouts and gives news that Aliens are found in the city…Dodo notices kimaya and says that it s Cheeku”s item..Cheeku gets worried moves here and he didnt prepared the Speech..Encourages herself..Dodo comes and asks what happened Cheeku tells him that tonmorrow is his speech in inter college conference Dodo laughs and tells that he does not answer properly shraadha bai for breakfast what he will give speech..Dodo asks his pillow and suggests Cheeku to sleep…Cheeku prepares the speech on Environment..Cheek is awake till 2:00 clock wheras Dodo sleeps freely Cheeku dreams that he failed to deliver Speech and Everyone is beating him

…Next day Alaram ring Cheeku gets up it 8 “0 clock its late Somehow reaches the College and tell watchman that today is his Speech..Guard shows his Stick..Cheeku tells its okey and goes He reaches from back gate and finds out it is a girls College..He again comed to guard he tries to beat Cheeku..Cheeku tells wait and asks where is RAM Inter college..Guard says it is one hour far..Cheeku says what it is already late 9:30..Cheeku sits in taxi and tells the driver to drive as fast as possible…Driver tells it is taxi not aeroplane…Taxi stopped as its engine is to be repaired..Driver blames Cheeku..Cheeku tries to take Auto..Driver tells it is only 10minutes far Cheeku goes to College..

Precap: Professor tells that topic is to give idea on how to collect garbage Cheeku tells he is prepared on environment…Devika tries to do friendsip with Sid..

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