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Yeh Jawaani 12th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku is doing Yoga upside down on his head as he is hurt broken He tells the person said on internet doing yoga upside down it will bring change in mind but from last 10minutes There is noo improvement Cheeku tells may be the Person who wrote this Yoga Heart is not broken..Till that Bai comes and asks why is doing that…She asks whether he falls while sleeping…Cheeku denies and Says that troubles are happenend in everyonelife not to worry…Cheeku cries Bai says to calm down…He tries to get up but falls down…Bai gets tensed comes to help Cheeku…Tells Troubles happens Everyone life Cheeku asks how she know…Bai says ” Leh..His life is dozen of troubles and it not normal for him..Like her She is in big Problem as her husband is in hospital and nobody gave her

Money..Cheeku gets thrilled and Takes out his Wallet but Finds only 800rs Bai Snatches that Saying it is Enough..And asks Cheeku Number so that She get more money If needed…And goes away..In next Scene Sid is Sitting in front bench of Devika,,,Suddenly A girl comes and flirts with him sits very close to him…Says for free Photosession on Saturday..And tells she wil wear Red bikini..Seeing this Devika gets jeoulous and tell them talk Slowly..Sid says he is feeling Soo hot and goes Away along with the hot girl..Devika” s friend tell her that Sid is a very good was sad that she Rejected her…Gattu Comes to Cheeku..She finds he is still said..Gattu tells c”mon as it has been 16-17hours over In that time Sharmaji will bath her children 6-7times and Rakhi Sawant have undergo 2 or 3 Surgeries…And in Africa government have changed Cheeku says she wont understand the he realizes that Dodo did the Same..Gattu says she understand as he heart would be looking Soo heavy..Feeling to cry..Gattu Suggests to Cry and to wiped away all sorrows…Cheeku tries to Cry but fails..Gattu Suggests to talk kimaya and give the gift Finally Cheeku smiles Gattu goes away.Sid thanks the Hot gal for Acting..She gives him Advance money for making her Portfolio..Sid tells her acting was awesome specially that Bikini line..The girl tell she told because he is cute Sid sats thankyou..In the college Gattu comes to Dodo..Gattu asks why he didnt did breakfast..Dodo calls her physco..he tells thought after yestarday he rejected her proposal Gattu may never talk to him. Gattu says she felt bad but after Seeing him on balcony she forget all her Anger..Dodo tells they will meet in night and goes away..

In next scene Cheeku is practising to Cry in the fresh air in the park Hansraj comes and tell didnt said him that he had asthma..Hansraj tells that his father is transferred to delhi Cheeku tells he is Sad.will miss Hansraj..Hansraj asks why he is crying Cheeku tells soo that his inner emotional.dams will break and sorrows will wipe off Hansraj tells that he has gone crazy Hansraj tells he need medical check Cheeku shouts at him tells to leave him alone Hansraj cries Cheeku apologises..Hansraj cries hugging Cheek..Hansraj goes away saying he have to do packing..Hansraj goes to Dodo and Sid tells them to take extra carr of Cheeku..Dodo asks what is the problem..Hansraj says he promised Cheeku..Sid catches him and asks… Hansraaj admits cheeku”s heart is broken..Sid and Dodo sees Kimaya picture.and gets shocked how cheeku proposed a girl from America..In next Scene Dodo and Sid peeps in Cheeku room Cheeku practises in the mirror how to talk to kimaya He laughs openly and cries Dodo says cheeku has gone Crazy..Cheeku opens laptop to video chat with Kimaya ..Dodo and Sid comes and asks Cheeku how he proposed the girl..As in College no girl talked to them..Cheeku tells that he loves her ..Dodo asks to tell in detail..Cheeku tells to leave him alone Dodo whispers Sid not to leave him alone as its dangerous He may do anythng..kimaya comes in video chat and is listening all..Cheeku cries and tells he loves her unconditionly but kimaya loves someone else he cannot control himself to stay away from her..Cheeku cries..Kimaya thinks..Dodo and Sid are shocked

PRECAP : Dodo throws Cheeku”s laptop outside the window Cheeku asks what he is doing Dodo tells the first rule of rejection is to throw away all the Sources

Update Credit to: Ansari

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