Yeh Jawaani 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jawaani 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hansraj is worried and calls Cheeku..Cheeku comes and asks why he is tensed what had happened Hansraaj tells all bad happened what to tell first..As per the Schedule Alok has to come half and hour before but he didnt came till now and his phone is Switched off..And the Band people who are waiting outside are Ignoring him,,not listening him..And the hot girls are fighting..Hansraj tells they have to tell this all problems to Sid But Cheeku denies saying He would Simply take tension..Both leave Cheeku forgets the gift..In next Scene Gattu tells that Sid”s plan is soo Romantic but ignore other people Sid asks what people are telling Gattu says some girls in washroom are saying that Sid will become a joke and devika wil reject him..Sid says he”s plan was secret How people came to knoe Gattu

asks who know the plan ?Sid replies only Dodo and Cheeku..Gattu tells Cheeku is near where is Dodo? ..Sid calls and scolds Dodo and tells to come here..
On the other Side Cheeku and Hansraaj tries to talk band people but they didnt understand And says they cannot hear properly and says to speak some louder..One of them tells that from a long time they use band baaja thats why they cannot hear properly..Cheeku tries to instruct them with gestures that when the girl comes inside and flowers will throw in Air after that to start band..They tell not to worry as they are experienced..As they are doing the work since many years.Hansraj and Cheeku goes away Saying they have some Important work..Cheeku starts video chat with kimaya…Cheeku tries to tell those three words.. Cheeku lost the box he brought for kimaya He searches but does not find and he asks Hansraj checks in his bag but could not find Hansraj tells a big problem is occured…Suddenly some girls come and see furiously to Cheeku..They tell that Dodo lied them if they acted for Sid in Cafe..then Sid will take their photoshoot free..All of them shout at Cheeku..Hansraj says Cheeku to stay calm..One of the girl asks who should be beaten up before..Cheeku explains Dodo didnt lied them as it is Competition who acted good they will win and Sid will take their free photoshoot The girls fight amoung themselves and goes away…Cheeku tells Hansraj to Search the box as it is very important..Till that they hear Sid shouting..Cheeku tells Hansraj to Search the box..Cheeku Comes to Sid…Sid is wearing a blue coloursuit with pink strips He says that Alok sent a letter Cheeku reads it…Alok says that dodo and his useless brothers cannot blackmail him as his father is principale”s old friend soo now he plan is Spoiled..Sid tell that he is looking like a joker and his plan is Over Devika will reject him..Cheeku tells that Someone teached him that love will not judge from appearance it sees the type of person and his heart..

Sid tells that he understood that his suit is bad but devika would love his muscles..and body Cheeku says no..Hansraj comes and tells Devika is coming..Hansraj throws flower petal on Devika…But Devika get irritated as flowers were wet..Cheeku gestures and Band starts “Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hain” Devika gets more irritated by the band…Cheeku finds the box and crawls down slowly between the hot girls (Sid brought) All of them fall..Sid Comes to devika..Hansraj hides infront of laptop..Kimaya asks what had happend..Hansraj tells that today is very Special day as His friend Sid and Cheeku will propose their love today…Kimaya keeps thinking..On another side Sid proposes Devika on knees giving a rose flower Devika takes it but says to stop wasting her time.. Says that it is not possible because they are different..Sid says he understood what she want..Sid challenges that from now onwards “Devika Shroff” will run behind him..Kimaya leaves..All the people laugh at Sid…Hansraj tells that all troubled happend Cheeku feels pity on Sid..Hansraj goes away saying he is hungry..

Gattu comes to dodo..Dodo says that he is worried and to Stay away Gattu says why he is tensed as his brother is Rejected..Dodo says they live in a same house and it matters alot.. Dodo says he have to think how to blame all the matter on Cheeku..Gattu asks Dodo as he like her or not …Dodo says that there is no feeling coming from Inside…Gattu says its ok…Dodo goes away…Cheeku says sorry to kimaya and tells the day was crazy Finally atlast Cheeku proposes kimaya I LuV you But kimaya says she like Someoneelse…

Precap: Gattu asks Cheeku as he feels to Cry…Cheeku cries infront of mirror and Suddenly laughs..Dodo and Sid sees this and tells Cheeku have gone crazy..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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