yeh ishq nhi aasan (badtameez dil continued…) episode 6

Hi guys so new episode hope u all liked it n the links to my previous episodes r:
Episode 1
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Here my episode starts

Recap: she comes out of abeer’s house remembers her journey with abeer and becomes emotional.

She locks herself in the room and opens her cupboard. She sees a Teddy bear and goes into fb

Fb starts: 10 years ago, it is meher’s birthday. Abeer comes there and asks why is she upset??? Today it is her birthday she shall be happy. She says I am missing my mom only she knows what I want on my birthday and no one else. He says now you are challenging me you think I do not know you???

M: whatever I am not interested to talk to you, abeer please GO!!!

A: that is rude enough I bought a gift for you and you are saying me to go…

M: I give it up ,give me my birthday gift and go!!!!!

A: OK!!!! Here you go…

He gives her a very cute teddy bear holding a heart in his hand it was written I LOVE YOU

Meher says how did you know I wanted a teddy bear…. Thankyou so so so so so much abeer you made my day…..she gives him a tighthug..…

Fb ends…
She sees the teddy and is filled with tears she looks at the teddy and says 10 years ago you made my day…. Now you bring tears… Is it destiny that what I loved in you makes me weaker everyday?????

Other side…

Abeer was thinking about Meher being at that place and having tears and then her silence….
He wonders what she was doing there, what was hurting her that she broke down… He decides visiting her.

At meher’s house
Abeer comes and greets suman. Meher wipes her tears and comes out seeing abeer she gets more frustrated and decides to go to store room. Suman goes from there as she had to meet her friend. Meher goes to store room abeer thinks of following her to know why she had tears.

Meher notices abeer through a mirror and thinks to trouble him and check whether he still cares for her???

She goes back to room and takes a stool, a knife and a rope. She says how could I forget such important things because someone has to die today . abeer says death huh??? Oo was she so depressed that she he looks up he says no bad idea but what if its true she did not reply to me even is she that frustrated???

He follows her she climbs on the stool abeer runs and he says stop meher… She says why??? You are taking your life and asking why to stop??

Meher says you gone mad huh???? Why would I take my life??? He says then why are you having this knife, stool and a rope and saying that someone is going to die…

Oh that actually above the cupboard there is a mouse so to kill it I used a stool and a knife and the rope was to be kept here so I brought it with me. She says I am sick of you abeer please go…

She turns and tries to control her smile and says to herself you still care for me wish I could tell what is in my heart..

Hope you guys didn’t find it boring….

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