Yeh ishq nahi aasan!!!!raglak ss….part 7


Thanks for all your comments guys..I am really happy you all like it….do keep reading and commenting…guys I know many of you forgot my story I won’t hurt you again…anybody who was reading it I am really sorry I am stopping it as I can’t get the future story line…I will keep posting os and ss ….

Two days later…

Swasarag are sitting in the conference hall and discussing with nakul malhotra about the project..

Sanskaar-mr.nakul where is you manager…he is supposed to give the presentation..what’s his name..

Nakul-his name is…….Mr.Abhimanyu…(I knowyou all guessed it)he is punctual…he is supposed to give the presentation at 12:30..its 12:28 now…he will come in two minutes..


Sanskaar looks at her…Swara got confused then she understood what.

Swara-i did not mean that..

They heard a man entering…

Man-sir m ready..

All felt the sound similar…they looked up and found Laksh aka abhi…

Abhimanyu looked at them atnd got shocked..

Pause…. .

Guys when swaragini and sanskaar merged their companies they changed their company name… So Laksh did not know about it..


Laksh was shocked…but then he quickly acted as abhi.

Abhi-so yes guys..todays presentat…

Before he could complete he felt someone hugging him tightly….yes it was ragini..

Ragini-laksh..Laksh….thank god youre OK. You know what I was dying every moment…without you…we just wanted to give you a small punishment but instead you gave us a punish ment…..did you ever think about ragya about me about sanskaar,swara,samkrit..we all need you…swara used to call you the right name…Mr duffer…..I hate you..

Sanskaar came there and gave a bone crushing hug making it difficult to breath…

Sanskaar-you know what you are not a good father,a good brother,a good bil,a goodlover,a good uncle. You are very bad in all relations..idiot..if you were good you would never left us in a guilty situation for your death..

Abhi-look I guess you all made some mistake…I am not any Laksh..I am Abhimanyu….Abhimanyu khanna…

Swara-dont you dare Laksh…we can make a mistake but our hearts won’t fail in recognizing you…

Abhi almost in a verge of crying-i told u m not any Laksh…

Ragini went and took a vase and broke it and cut her nerves….

Ragini crying-now also say you are not my Laksh..

All were shocked…

Laksh ran to her and started shouting..

Laksh-what the hell ragini….what kind of a method is this…god look how much bloods bleeding…yes I am your Laksh now please don’t do anything like this…

All looked at him happily..

Laksh-bhai help me in carrying her…my house is nearby… I will do her first aid….fast..

They take her to his flat…Laksh puts her on the sofa….and rushes to the first aid.. He does her first aid…

Ragini looks at him with teary eyes.. He signs laksh to come here..

Laksh goes…Ragini gives him a tight slap…

Ragini-idiot stupid duffer you coward ….I hate you and pushes him….correct time sanskaar catches him..

Laksh-thanks bhai at least you helped me….

Sanskaar-thanks my foot…

And starts beating him….hitting…him…punching bhaijaan…no aouu..ouch..papaaa…no no god help me…no way bhai sorry…bhai…..maaaa.

Sanskaar stops….laksh is weeping touching all the punched parts…

Laksh-thankgod bhai…you did not hit my control system otherwise ragya would have never got another sibling…


Laksh-what only that parts left..ouch…meri ma..

Swara goes to him and hugs him tightly…

Swara-we missed you badly….I hate you laksh..don’t dare leave us again…your my duffer..we can’t stand if something happens to you..

Swalak hugs eo…

Sanskaar comes and hugs him..

Sanskaar-dont even think of leaving us again..I will

Laksh-never bhai..

Sanlak hugs…

Laksh tip toes to ragini..

Laksh-ragini…rag ragini…

Ragini starts throwing all the cushions on him..

Ragini-idiot…I hate you…I thought I was dead along with you..

Laksh comes and hugs her…

They notice his room full of their pics and gets emotional…

All the four share a group hug…

Then they hear a tiny voice…
Its ragya

Ragya-dont you thing you guys are missing something…even we also are a part of the family right…I want the answer now..

With her hand on her hip…laksh comes there and hugs the three..swasanrag also hugs them..
They share a family hug..

Swara-how did you guys come here..

Samar-nakul uncle dropped us here..

They all go back to Kolkata..

In mm..

Swara-today you both are going to get a punishment..


Sanskaar-now what did I do..give the punishment to him..

Laksh-bhai…why me..??

Swaragini-you two will get the punishment for sure..

Swara-listen Mr.sanskaar Maheshwari.. Your punishment is to tolerate me for the rest of you life..

Ragini-and you Mr.laksh Maheshwari… You will have to marry me and then bear me for the rest of your life..

Sanlak-command accepted madam..

And all laugh..

Sanskrit Samar and ragya comes with the aarti tali…

Sanskrit holding one and Samar holding another…

Ragya take the mangalsutra and gives it to sanskaar..

Ragya-take this…jaldi kijiye shaadi ka muhurt nikal ja raha vadan vadu ko mangalsutra pehnahiye..aur uske bad sindur..

All looks at her shockingly…

Sanskaar-from where did you study all this..

Ragya-bade papa this is why people say to watch all kind of movies not only romantic ones..

All laughs..

Laksh- what kind of a storm you fave birth to ragini..

Ragya-papa you didn’t give any contribution… Its not only mamas fault…

Ragini-chup kar shameless..
And blushes..

Sanskaar puts mangalsutra and then sindur on swara..

Then laksh does the same on ragini…

Samkrit starts whistling…..

At night…

Ragini is inside the room…

Laksh is standing outside the room pleading ragya to let him go inside…

Ragya-no way…first money…

Laksh-fine here 100 rs…

Ragya-god why is my father such a miser…

Laksh-here take another 100…

Ragya-no way…I want two thousand..

Laksh-2000 no way..

Ragya-you want to go inside..

Laksh-urghh take..

Ragya-i want some thing else also..


Ragya-come down..

Laksh bends..

Ragya-kisses him…and tells I want a brother…

Laksh looks at her shocking…

Laksh-ragya how do you know this..

Ragya-i always see in movie when a man and woman goes inside together… Then lady will be carrying a small baby..that’s why I said like that.

Laksh-these movies are spoiling you..aajse no TV…

Ragya-nahii. .keeps her hand on head and runs..

Laksh-drama queen…just like your mom..

In swasan’s room..

Sanskaar was facing the same condition..

Sanskaar-no I wont give 2000…no..

Samar-then you won’t go inside..

Sanskaar-fine take this..

Samar runs with the money..


Sanskrit also was about to run..he turned

Sanskrit-papa make sure our sibling will be a girl like ragya..

Sanskaar- sanskrit ke bache..

Sanskaar goes inside..

Sanskaar- sorry swara…now we will lead a happy life..

Swara nods..

Sanskaar-by the way sanskrit wants a baby sister…so can I fulfill it..

Swara blushes then nods…

Sanskaar goes to her….picks her in a bridal style and they start their love making…

Meanwhile in raglak room..

Ragini-lajsh don’t think you escaped from my punishment..

Laksh got a bit scared..


Ragini come Near and whispers-i want your baby.

Laksh thinks-both mom and daughter has nothing else to think about..why should I care…lucky you..

Laksh-afcouce darling…I know to make twins also..


Laksh-you started..

Ragini-then what are you.waiting for I have been waiting since long for you to be inside me…

Laksh pick her and drops her on the bed..

Laksh-by the way ragya wants a boy..what bout you..


Then even they consummate…..this time no lust,no wanting….only love pure love..

After some days swaragini comes to know they are pregnant…all are happy..

Samar-but bhai…how did mama get pregnant..

Sanskrit-papa must have got naughty and kissed mama….

Samar-but bhai I saw you kissing your gf..that means she is pregnant…

Sanskrit-ohh god I did not think about that..

Laksh-one minute what’s going on here…you kissed a girl..and who told you by missing a girl she will be pregnant…

Ragya-but papa that’s what happens in movies..

Sanskaar-from today all you movies are over..god see how spoilt they became..

They give a puppy smile..

After six months..

Raglak are sleeping hugging eo…while ragini is seen with a small baby bump..

Ragini gets disturbed and gets up..

Ragini-oh god I feel like having ice cream..
She gives a wicked smile to laksh…

Ragi i-laksh I want ice cream..

Laksh-not today raginu evry day u don’t let me sleep…you and your cravings are too much..
Can’t you keep your cravings to yourself..

Ragini-is it my problem I became pregnant..its because of you…and I know now I became fat you started disliking only like my bod..

Laksh kisses her hardly….

Laksh-dont even dare say that again..I am not after your body.. I want you….by my side…

Ragini-sorry laksh I did not mean to…in the verge of crying…

Laksh-its OK..I will go buy your ice cream..

Laksh goes…he sees sanskaar on the stairs..

Laksh-what happened bhai…

Sanskaar-you lovely bhabi wants pani puri..
God I am sure I will die due to lack of sleep..woman say they give birth pain etc …the truth is that the entire time men has to keep suffering..from their cravings..

Laksh-very true bhai..very true..

Both hugs each others and let’s a sigh of helplessness..

They buy ice cream and pani puri..

They go back to their rooms..

Laksh-here your ice cream..

Ragini grabs it and starts licking it…

Ragini -you want..


They both starts licking the ice cream together…laksh was licking her tounge more than the ice cream..

Ragi i-laksh if you want ice cream have it my tounge is not kept the for you to lick..

Laksh-sorry baba..

They finish the ice cream and starts sleeping hugging each other…

In swasan’s room..

Swara also was eating pani puri eagerly.. She sees sanskaar staring at her..

Swara-you want..

Sanskaar opens his mouth…Swara puts one in side his mouth…

Both feeds each other…

Then even they sleep hugging each other..

After 3 months..

We can hear two people screing inside the labor room..

Yes they are swaragini..

Swara s screaming-mr.sanskaar I hateyou…I won’t leave you stupid…aahh…omg…its paining…Mr.idiot….I will kill you..aah..

Ragini’s screaming-laksh you stupid creature….you did not have any other job or what…I hate you…aah….god please baby come out..ouchhh….ouuuu..

Outside both sanlak are walking here and there… Completely tensed….specially Swaragini in’s shouting making them more embarrassed..

All the children are sitting on the bench closing their ears due to swaragini s screaming…

All the people are smiling looking at them..all of their condition were worse..

A old woman comes and consoles sanlak..

They get embarrassed but they just hug the woman back..

The woman leaves and then they hug each other..

Sanskaar-swara won’t leave me..

Laksh-its OK they have already gave birth to them no so then this won’t be as hard as giving birth to these devils…

Sanskaar nods…then they hear a child crying…

The nurse comes out…completely exhausted and

Nurse-mr sanskaar Maheshwari….you have got a girl….uff your wife is to hard to control…

Then they hear two more children crying…another exhausted nurse comes out..

Nurse2-mr laksh Maheshwari you have got two boys…and for god sake don’t make your wife pregnant again..I guess I have to go to the ear doctor…off…my god…

And runs..sanlak looks at each other embarresed..

After sometime they ate shifted to a ward…they had two different romms…but then they insisted on only one…

Swaragini were angry with sanlak..

Sanskaar-sorry baba

Laksh-sorry ragu…

Ragini-i hate you..

Swara-me to..

Laksh-why you hate me..

Swara-not you dufer this stupid khaddus..

Sanskaar hugs Swara…. And laksh hugs ragini..

They names the two boys as raksh and ansh.and the girl as sanaya..

Sanskaar is carrying sanaya…while samkrit are on the bed with swara…

Ragini is catching both Laksh and ansh while laksh is sitting on the bed side with ragya in his lap…

The story ends there with a happy family picture…..

Thanks guys for all you love and support…tata bye bye…see you guys soon..

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