Yeh ishq nahi aasan!!!!raglak ss….part 6


Like before I changed it to ss…don’t know why I can’t give long updates.. I know you guys are hell angry with me for killing lucky.. But just see what future has in stock for them…

Leap of four months…

Ragini has become a lifeless body…she talks less and does all work…most of the time she sits alone taking to Laksh’s picture….when she misses him badly she goes and hugs ragya…she feels his presence in her…

Sanskaar has become a ruthless business man…he has become to rude to the entire world…he handles the biusness all alone….evry ones scared of him…he is only kind to his family..

Swara starts doing all the work she takes care of the house and does evry thing because both ragsan always stay very unhappy….nobody understand her feelings…though she misses Laksh..

Ragya also couldn’t accept the fact that Laksh died…she is the only person in the family who says.. My papa is alive….but no one takes it srsly..

Somewhere in Mumbai…

A man is seen playing with a lot of children…he is giving them chocolates…a man calls him from behind..



Man-you are very good you come here evry day and help us..thanks..

Abhi-never pleasure…

He how’s back home and gets ready….he looks at a large photo hangining inthe wall…

Its of..

You guessed it…swasan along with raglak photo taken on swasan’s marriage…

And around that large photo there are tons of other small frames with ragya and samkrit pics…

So yes he is non another MR.LAKSH MAHESHWARI…

he careses their pics and ask sorry from them..

Laksh-i am sorry…I know you all would be living happily cause I am always bad luck to you people…

Flash back…

After all leaves home hearing laksh’s death…in hospital there was some movement in him…the doctor Ame out to inform them but they were not there..

Doctor tells Laksh bout it..Laksh says not to inform them and thought let him be dead for them so they can move on in life happily..

He come to Mumbai and changes his name to abhi and work as a manager in a multinational company…he wanted to start his business but he thought its not needed.

Flash back ends.

Laksh does his daily routine of going to office and coming back..

In Kolkata..

Sanskaar and swaragini had merged their companies and hence the most biggest company in Asia..

Sansjaar-ragini we have a meeting with nakul malhotra in mumbai…the owner of malhotra industries…they are reputed we can work on the project with them…

Ragini-ok…you and swara go..I will stay with children..

Swara-no ragini…all there of our sign is required..

Ragini-then what about them..

Swara-we will take them with us..

Ragini-they have class swara.

Swara-its OK we can take leave.


Next they all took a flight to Mumbai..

In Mumbai..ragini feels a different happiness there…she could not understand why..

They reach hotel…

They had booked three rooms..

I for swaragini..I for sanskaar…I for children..

Swara-meeting is day after tomorrow till then we can go somewhere..

Ragsan-no need swara .
And goes…swara looks at them sadly..

Swara-why lucky…we know you did wrong but we forgave you know can’t you come back…its seems like ragini and sanskaar forgot to live…we all are nothing without you.. You had been my best freind know…my cutsie boyfriend..don’t you remember how we two used to make sanskaar jealous…when we used to pull pranks on him…when me and ragini used to irritate you two. .don’t you want that fun…can’t you comeback..and cries like a baby..

Precap-face to face…????

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