Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasan…. (Swasan) Part 1


Chapter 1

A beautiful… and a girl sleeping… Two people are trying to wake her up… (and yes u guessed it correct) it is Swara.. Our Tigress.. But no one can wake up Swara except her Bro Lucky… Yes Swara ‘s Brother… Her Twin… They both are connected on a different level… They do not need to be with eachother to knw about their happiness and pain… They just know it…Its Their intuition….
Here come Lucky… and yes as the name says… Happy go Lucky… Lakshya Gadodia.. One of the most sought after guy of Kolkata… both Swara & Lakshya have a big list of followers….
Lakshya… – Shona utho… Office Jana hai… Aaj hamari important meeting hai..
Shona – Haan Lakshya… I m awake… was just waiting for you to come (winking at him)
Both Shekhar & Sharmistha are proud of their children.. At such young age they both have achieved so much.. They are aware of the hardhips that they had to go through… But today they hope and pray to God that nothing should touch their children’s happiness..
At the same time.. a boy is sleeping and he is waiting for someone to come and wake him up… this is our very own Sanskar Maheshwari.. Sanskar only open’s his eyes when Ragini comes to wake him up… He never wakes up without Ragini waking him up… He believes that his day will go good only when he see’s Ragini’s face..
Ragini – Bhaiya Aaj humme shopping Jana hai.. Kya aap Humare Saath Chalenge…
Sanskar – Haan Ragini… Aaj Ek bahut important meeting hai.. Uske baad sham ko shopping chalet hain…
Sanskar can never say no to Ragini.. She is his weakness and strength both…

Kolkata – Both Swara & Lakshaya have attended the meeting.. They both are invited for a Conference in Mumbai.. But there is a complication.. they were scheduled for a meeting In Delhi also. Now what.
Lakshya – Shona tum Mumbai chali jayo.. mein Delhi Jaata hun.. U are more pro at the Mumbai Project and me in Delhi.. Lets concentrate on both and we will be successful.. If u have a problem.. Call me I wll come to Mumbai and Likewise if I have a problem I Will call u… What Say
Shona – Haan Lakshya.. Agrredd… mein chali jaati hu.. tum Delhi Jayo..

Shona – Lets inform Ma & Baba too.
At the same time. Sanskar is also invited for the conference in Mumbai and he is planning to travel to Mumbai… But somehow he has a feeling that this trip will be a changing moment of his life…

Precap – Mumbai.. Swasan first meeting..
This Part was more on Gadodia… Next episode will be on Sanskar and his family…

Credit to: Kavita

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