YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 8)


Hello friends aap logo ko thang karne keliye mein phir se aagayi………just kidding I m really happy that u people liked my FF and thank u so much for all the support….toh aaj zayada baate nahi hogi heading straight towards the story…….

Railway station (KOLKATA)

A train arrives on the platform.Shona and some children get down the train swara is wearing a red coloured cotton sari with yellow border with her hair open.shona looks everywherebut couldn’t find anyone
Shona :arrey where are the authorities principal informed me that they will be present at the station to receive the students..
Student 1:ha mam even I cant see anyone…I think we should go straight to the venue
Shona :but Samarth what will do by going to the venue….competition is after 4 dayshum abhi jaakar kya karenge and ur accommodation facilities is done my the authorities of the competition and my duty is to safely make ur reach there..
Student 2 :we know mam butthere is no one here…what will we do now
Shona :lets wait for somemore time..someone would definitely come
Students: ok mam
They wait there for 15 mins and the authorities arrive and take the children with them…..they tell to shona that she can meet the children from the very next day and prepare them for the competition which will take place after 4 days…..shona is waiting for Arjun (tai ma’s son as she informed her that arjun will take care of her accommodation in Kolkata)….
Shona: arey yaar where is this so called Arjun kirloskar….Tai ma was toh iske ke bare me aise baath kar rahi thi ki mano yeh koi superhero ho….i m waiting for him from the past 2 hours aur uska koi address nahi….one min tai ma has given me his no let me call and see….she tries to call arjun but because of network problem the phone is not getting connected….A Gang of boys standing near by shone watches her…
Boy 1: dude look like someone got bored by waiting for such a long time
Boy 2:haa yaar….how can some one forget about such a beautiful girl
Boy 3:mujhe us par bohot taras aaraha hai yaar…chalo lets go and help her…
Boy 1:teek hai….lets do one things you guys go and get the car ready….i ll go and get her
Boys:ok done (thumbs up)
Boy 1 goes near shona
Boy 1:chalo lets go….
Shona : (looks at him from top to bottom )Are u Mr. Arjun kirloskar?(confused look)
Boy 1:mmmm….wo …wo……..h…..ha….. I m Arjun kirloskar
Shona: finally….u know I was waiting for such along time..
Boy:sorry I was struck in traffic come lets go….Taxi is waiting
Shona : ok
Shona was leaving with the boy but she feels that something is fishey.she gets out of the station with that boy.she was moving towards he car where other boys are waiting…suddenly swara’s phone rings.she is shocked to see the name…..It was ARJUN…shona looked into the car that was waiting and saw a gang of boys..shona realizes that she was going to land in such a big trap….she acts as if she got hurt in her leg
Shona :aah……my leg…..
The boy turns haring this sound and saw shone wincing in pain holding her leg…
Boy:arrey what happened?
The boy sat down to see shona…shone grabbed some sand in her hand and threw it oh the boys face…and ran away….
Boy:aaaah… eyes….(to other boys)go and get her..
Shona runs to save herself and collides with a man…..
Shona: (panting)dekhe nahi chal sakte?dont u have eyes or what?cant u look while walking on the road?how will u see u will be busy seeing girls right?aur tu…..
Man:OH..….hello madam….. u came running and collided with me and now asking me that whether I have eyes or not…1st go and consult a physiatrist I think thumari ek screw dheeli hai
Shona:what?how dare you talk to a girl like that?
Man:acha…..u can talk to a boy in whatever way u wish but a boy cant talk….tum ladikiyan bhi itna ajeeb kyun ho?
Shona:oh hello u have problem with me na then talk about me….y are u dragging whole girls in to this matter
Man:ajeeb hai…when I talk about u,u have problem when I talk about girls u have problem….now u tell me about whom should I talk….what do u wish to hear from me
Man:SORRY???…but y?
Shona:because u collided with me…
Man:Yeh lo….this ladki is again back to square one….let me suggest u one thing go to hospital and consult a physiatrist …..because u r a totally gone case…
And the man walked away….shona called him from behind
Shona:excuse me?
Man turned:now what?
Shona :u cant say sorry…but its ok….i forgive u for that….
Man:thank god..he starts to leave
Shona:but u will have to do something else for me
Man: now whats that?
Shona:I m new to Kolkata…and I need to find an address can u help me to find it out
Shona:no need of showing this much attitude if u cant help just say it…I will seek help from someone else..
Man:ok I ll help…give me the address…
Shona gives him the address……he looks at the address and then at shona…shona moves her hand in front of his eyes..
Shona:oh hello…..u r staring at me for the past 5 mins what the matter?do u know this address?
Man:yeah I ll drop u…pls get inside the car..he opens the car and shone gets inside…and he starts the car..finally they reach the address ..shona gets down from the car…the man helps her with the bags and other belongings…
Shona:finally….thank u so much…
she starts to walk .she feels as if someone is following her.she turns and find out it to be him (the man who gave lift)
Swara asks him to say it
Man:I didn’t collide with u outside the station..
Shona:yeah I know….and I m sorry for behaving rudly…
Man(in his mind);kya baat he yaar MISS CHATTER BOX sorry bhi bolti hai?
Shona:oh hello…tum baar baar kahan khojate ho….
Shona moves again and find him following her again…
Shona:hey man …don’t u have in other job kabse dekh rahi hoon u r just following…I agree that I m beautiful and I did ask for a lift but how can u follow a girl jus because she is beautiful…
Man:aey Chatter box..dont u think that u are giving much important to urself I agree that u did ask a lift…but beautiful?(laughs)do u really think that u r……..(laughs)
Shona angrily leaves……she goes to a house and rings the bell…someone opens the door
Shona:Namaste…is this Mr Arjun kirloskar’s house?a vpice comes from behind
Shona is shocked to see the person


Sujatha is praying in the mandhir…..
Sujatha: (monologue)this 7 years have totall changed u ragini…………..i wish I could get my old ragini back…hai bhagvan …..pls keep my children happy……
AP:Ragini beta u might be tired after a hectic journey go and freshen up….by that time we ll prepare food
Ragini:Ji Ma….
Ragini goes to her room.and freshens up.she comes out of the washroom wearing a white sleev less kurtha and a blue coloured palazzo pant with wet hair.she goes and stands in front of the mirror and is drying her her…….she remembers Aaru’s words that she is also beautiful and smiles.a voice comes from behind
Voice:among these7 years its for the 1st time I m seeing u smile without any hesitation…
Ragini turns and sees that person
Ragini:LAKSH?…….its nothing like that I was just thinking about…….nothing what happened in the office everything is fine right?
Laksh:OFFICE?acha bahana hai topic divert karne ke liye
Ragini:laksh u r misunderstanding me I was not trying to divert the topic instead…
Laksh : (sarcastically) Misunderstanding??really ragini do u think like that ragini?when there is no understanding between us toh misunderstanding kahan se aagayi
Ragini could see the immense pain his eyes….she avoided eye contact with him and stared to arrange the bed.laksh undersood that ragini was trying to avoid this topic…….whenever laksh starts taking about this topic ragini starts avoiding him…..over these 7 years he was trying in every possible way to sort out the things and make their realtion better but ragini never wished so….she always ignored him…she always ignored his feeling…..there was no love left in their relation what ever happened over these years totally changed ragini….he always wished to get his old bubbly hamesha bak bak karne wali ragini….lekin uske lakho koshishon ke baad bhi kuch nahi hua….laksh was literally fed up…..they just behaved to be happy couple in front of the society …..they just lived together for the sake of their family….ragini had never smiled after that dreadful night…..that night which changed their lives completely …….and forever…………..
Ragini:aaj bhi yeh room bikul pehle jaisa hai na?(even now the room is just like before)
Laksh:ha ragini bus ek cheez ki kammi hai…..pehle is kamare mein pyaar tha lekin ab ……..sirf dard hi dard hai……..laksh leave from there angrily…..ragini sits on the bed and starts crying…….she cries her heart out….someone was seeing all this from outside……his shadow can only be seen……


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