YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 7)

Hey guyz I m back ….thank for all the comments and all the votes,really guyz ur comment only encourages every ff writer to continue with their story.and I have replied to all the comments hope that u guys have seen it….and friends who have not registered in tellyupdates pls do register its really good u can read all ur favourite ff and can send messages to ur friends and post ur own ff its pretty good so do register……ok coming back to the story I had asked u to choose one actor for a new entry and KARAN TACKER have achieved the maximum no of votes so I will choose him nd the next one is shakti arora so if I need a new entry again I ll choose shakti arora….if I get a chance to talk na I m like this always keep on blabbering…..lets move on
NEW ENTRY Karan tacker as Arjun kirloskar (I love Rithvik so much …so I m taking his name from Pavitra Rishta) he ll play the role of Tai ma’s son….whether he ll be positive or negative that will be revealed as the story progresses so pls do wait and watch…
Ragini gets down from the car and move forward Ragini to see who came in front of the car.RAGINI IS SHOCKED.she sees a small girl sitting in front of the car hugging a puppy
Ragini:hai bhagvan
She comes near that little girl and kneels down she makes her stand.
Ragini:beta what r u doing here?
The girl didn’t respond she was in a state of shock
Ragini:beta answer me…ragini noticed that the girl was in the state of shock ragini hugged and consoled he
Ragini:beta bolo na?what were u doing here?u know if driver uncle wouldn’t have applied the break then what would had happened?
Girl:sorry anuty I wanted to rescue this puppy that’s y
Driver:ek street dog ko bachane ke liye u came in front of the car?
Girl: (angrily)kyun only u have the right to live?this is a street dog toh kya hua?there is no value for his life….this puppy also have equal right to live in this world and u were going to hit him with the car so I came forward in order to save him
Ragini smiled
Ragini:wah beta what u said is really true this puppy also have equal right to live but iss tarah car kea age aana is not good na?
Girl:I know aunty I m really for that….but when I saw this puppyi couldn’t resist myself from coming in front of the car….i m really sorry for the inconvenience
Ragini : no problem beta….infact I m happy to meet someone who cares for others.nowdays kaun karta hai aisa (smirked)
Girl:aunty my badi dadi taught me that hamesha hame doosaron ki khusiyon ke bare me sochna chahiye sab khush toh hum khush saying this the girl smiled.
Ragini:your badi dadi is right….acha now tell my what is this beautiful dolls name
Girl:my name is aaradhya nd my pet name is aaru (yes guys its aaru the same girl whom I had introduced in the 1st episode hope u guys remember)
Ragini:aaru such a cute name.ragini pulled her cheeks
Aaru:acha aunty I ll make a move now everyone will be waiting for me …bye…
Ragini:bye aaru
Ragini moved towards the car and opened the door she was about to get in suddenly
Ragini smiled.she got inside car and car headed towards MM


Shomi was preparing something in the kitchen she comes out of the kitchen.she is having a bowl in her hand
Shomi:aaru your favourite rasmalayi ……aaru……aaru… where r u ?dekho beta I m really tired I don’t have the energy to play hide and seek now stop hiding and come out….aaru…..AARU
Shomi gets tensed and she starts searching for aaru…she comes out and see children playing but aaru is not seen.shomi goes near a child
Shomi:anya beta where is aaru
Anya:aunty aaru is not here.
Shomi:but beta she was playing with u na?
Anya:ha aunty beta suddenly she got missing?
Shomi:MISSING………acha beta you go and play…….hai bhagvan kahan hai meri aaru…AAARU ….AAR… she sees aaru coming with a puppy shomi run towards her and hug her….where were u u know I was so tensed.aaru narrates the whole incident to shomi
Aaru: mishti that aunty was very beautiful and very modern too just like deepika padukone
Shomi:thank god that u r fine now lets go to home I have prepared ur favourite rasmalayi
Aaru:wow rasmalayi…..


Sujatha is checking whether all rooms are arranged or not and she give instructions to servants what to do
AP:sujtha ab bas bhi karo kitini tayyari karogi?
Suju:aree na jiji.i ll see my children aftr long seven years I wanted everything to be perfect
AP:ha sujatha everything ll be perfect you r continuously working from yesterday.agar aise hi kaam karogi toh u ll fall ill then who ll look aftr the arrangement now sit nad drink some water.
AP:SUJATHA……and she makes her drink water.(forgot to tell u they are in sanskar’s room)
Servent is taking out some carton from top of the cupboard.suddenly something falls down.Its a photo frame sujatha bends down and get it.sujatha gets emotional seeing the picture
Sujatha:chori if u were here today then things wouldn’t have been like this my children would have been with me……..aftr ur death everything has changed……..kyun hum sab ko chod ke chali gayi UTTARA…..(YES guys its uttara and yeah uttara’s role will be played by RUBINA DILIAK)
AP keeps her hand on sujathas shoulder and consoles her….sujatha hugs AP and cries
AP:sujatha chup ho jao…..u know na our children will here any time and if they see us in such a condition then u know what will happens….whatever happends 7 years back have totally changed our life and that’s y our children are away from us ……..there are coming back aftr such a long time will u welcome them with ur tears
Sujatha:ha jiji …..i wanted my children to be happy….shamu kaka plz put this picture inside store room
Shamu Kaka:ji malkin
Shamu kaka left with the picture sujatha and AP wiped their tears.a voice came from behind
Hearing this voice sujatha and AP went downstairs and saw ragini standing in the entrance holding her luggage with a warm smile
Suju:arrey ragini beta aa gayi tu…suju goes and hug ragini
Ap:how was the journey beta?and where is sanalak
Suju:han ragini where r they
Ragini: woh Ma they had to rush to office but don’t worry they ll back in an hour.
Ragini about to enter the house
Ragini:what happened chachi?
Sujatha:arey aarthi utarne do
Ragini:chichi u know na I don’t believe in all these supernatural stuff
Ap:ragini don’t talk like that I know u don’t believe in it but for our sake
Ragini:ok ma
Sujatha does the aarti and ragini enters the house
Sujatha:jiji I ll kewep the aarthi thaali in the mandir and come
Sujatha keep the thaali in mandir and remembers raginis words that I don’t believe in all these supernatural stuff
Sujatha: (monologue)this 7 years have totall changed u ragini…………..i wish I could get my old ragini back…hai bhagvan …..pls keep my children happy……

That’s all for today…….i hope todays episode is long enough and yeah today also no swasan sorry for that but u can see swara in tomorrows episode and karan tackers entry as Arjun kirloskar…..guys pls do comment ……ur comments only help me to rectify mistakes …….ND SORRY FOR STRECHING IT…………

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  1. nice… and please give swasan scenes..

    1. JITHA

      i know anu u r eagerly waiting for swasan scenes and i m really sorry for delaying but the story demand and extension …..i promise u can see it soon…..and thank u for ur support

  2. Wow……amazing story
    Im eagerly waiting of past story…plz make it too long plz

    1. JITHA

      thank u soooo sooo sooo very much…past story will revealed soon with lots of swasan and raglak scenes…..and i ll try to make it too long…….

  3. Soujanya

    Awesome… Update soon dear

    1. JITHA

      thank u so much soju…..i hope i can call that becz soujanya is too long for me …….

      1. Soujanya

        Yea u can call me soju as your wish

  4. wow!! ragu rocks

    1. JITHA

      ragu always rocks…..she rocked when she gave that slap that chudail pari i just loved it….thank u so much for commenting

  5. Anjaly

    wow! super

    1. JITHA

      thank u anjaly……..ur support only help me to write keep reading

  6. Yashasvi ( yashu)

    Wowwww nice!!! Ragini as Deepika…

    1. JITHA

      thank u……yup i do think that teju is the deepika of small screen superb acting and superbly gorgeous so bus aise hi likh liya i hope u liked it…

  7. Nice dear

    1. JITHA

      thank u Ann ….i coling u Ann because i have some other anu here….there are a lot of Anu’s right?My besties name is also Anu…

  8. yashasvi ( yashu )

    i luved it……… can anyone one tell how to reply every one individualy , like u do jisha actually i also write a ff soooo.. plzz tell

    1. JITHA

      its simple yaar below everyone’s name there will be reply click on that then u ll get the comment box jst type your reply and click on post comment it will be automatically posted…..and whats the name of ur ff i would love to read it

      1. yashasvi ( yashu )

        thxxx jisha and actually i write ff on serial tashan e ishq…………
        i write 2 ff’s one is woh dushmani hi kya jisme jalan na ho aur woh ishq hi kya jisme tashan na ho… and 2nd is do dil joh kabhi na honge judaa….
        read it if u wish otherwise ur wish… luv uuuu

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