YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 5)


hey guys i knw all of u hv a lot of confusion i ll clear them all.ragini is lakshs wife she is not sasnskars sister.nd pls keeping reading then u ll understand whom does ragini hate nd whats the reason for it and all thats the suspense in the story.thank u for ur comments nd support.

everyone claps the door opens nd 2 men enter.its sanakar and laksh.sanskar is wearing a white tshirt and a navy blue blazer and a black jeans whereas laksh is wearing a black tshirt and a pista green blazer.both of them take their seat.
rags:so as i hv informed v ll hv 2 presentations a brief nd a detailed one.laksh ll give the 1st presentation aftr that its up to you to decide wheather u want to invest ur funds in this project or not.aftr that sanskar ll gv the detailed laksh pls.laksh stands up and nd give sme instructions.the light switches off nd the presentation starts.laksh gives a very good presentation and it last for almost 1 hour.
lucky:so thts it.
nd the light is on.everyone starts to clap.
rags:so laksh is done with his presentation so hw many of u would like to wrk with us
mr singhania:yeh bhi koi poochne waali baath hai.itni badiya projct hai i dnt thnk no one ll back off.
mr raichand:yh yh.its true.v jst heard the brief nd its awesome this project is gonna be the best.
rags:u jst heard the brief nd u r mre than satisfied that wat ll happen if u hear he detailed presentation
mr shah:till nw i had jst heard the stories abt ur company nd ur passion nd dedication towards today aftr seeing this presentation i hv finalized to wrk with u.
rags:thank u all of u r investing on this project.we r done with the brief nd we hv one mre prsentation left.nd we ll continue aftr the lunch brk.
all of the investers get up nd leave to hv lunch sanskar also leaves with them.raglak is all alone in the cabin.ragini is arranging the files nd laksh is checking smethng on this laptop.laksh moves his hand to get a file lying next to him he is looking into the laptop.ragini also moves her hand to take that file.thier hands touch each other.both look at each other.rags is lost in laksh’s eyes nd lakah in ragini’s.they remain like that for a few minutes.suddenly ragini pulls her hand off.

laksh:wat happnd ragini
ragini:kuch nahi.
ragini is about to leave.laksh holds her hands.
rags:laksh leave me
laksh:no ragini
rags:laksh hum ne kaha chodiye hame
laksh still does not leave her hand.ragini turns nd removes his hand frm hers.
ragini:(angrily) i tld U several times dnt ……
laksh:bt y ragini.hw long?hw long will u hold on to that matter.its all gone.we hv left everythng behind.v came here to start a new u r still there
ragini:ha laksh becz hum woh hadsa kabhi nahi bhool sakte humne uske wajah se hamari zindgi khoyi hai hamre kushiyan khoyi hai.i ll never forget that incident.
laksh:bt ragini.u r still punishing urself fr that.hw long?hw long will u live ur life like this?i want my old ragini back pls mujhe apni wali ragini de do pls.he joins his hands in frnt of her.his eyes r filled with tears.ragini leaves frm there without saying anytng.she enters her cabin nd locks it frm inside.she sits on the couch nd starts to cry
ragini:i m srry laksh i m really very srry i knw my behaviour is hurting u a lot bt wat should i do.i m trying my level best to forget that incident bt…i m nt able to get over it.hw can i ??hw can i forgve tht person who is the reason for all that happnd in our life?she cries even mre hardly she tries to contrl herself bt….someone knocks on the door
abhay:mam presentation is abt to begin
rags:let them start i ll b there in a min
in confrence room sanskar is giving the presentation.ragini comes and takes a seat opp to laksh.he looks into her eyes nd finds that they r still wet

laksh(monologue):i knw u were crying.i had lost all the hope bt nw i knw i hvnt lost my ragini.she is still there inside u.i jst need smeone who ll help me to win back my ragini.he smiles.sanskars presentation ends it was almost 2 nd a half hrs since they hv started the meeting nd its almost 4
sanskar:so thats it
everyones applaudes with standing ovation.
mr shah:gr8 Job mr give me immense pleasure to wrk with ur company
sanskar:thank u so much mr shah.
mr shah:bt sanskar u didnt tell abt the place where u r gonna make this project
san:oh i m srry mr shah.this prjct would be at india
raglak is shocked to hear kolkata becz they never knew abt the place where the prjct is abt to begin.
mr shah:thts a good choice mr maheshwari india mein agar ek aisa venture shuru hoga toh isse badi baath hamare liye kya ho sakti hai.BTW when r u leaving fr india?
mr shah:oh gr8 hv a safe journey.we ll talk abt the other details over fone.bye
all the investers leave.sanskar also leaves the cabin.raglak look at each other shocked

SLR mansion
A huge nd elagent mansion.a car comes nd the gate opens enters the mansion.laksh get out of the driving seat nd ragini is also in the same car.they enters the house
ragini to servant:nancy where is sanskar
nancy:hes is in the pool side mam
raglak move towards the pool side.they see sanskar standing near the pool
laksh:bhai wats all this
san:wat its a pool
laksh:ha ha vry funny.i m nt talking abt the pool.
san:toh Kis ke baarein me?
lak:bhai its abt the projct.v r wrking on this fr mre than 5 Yrs nd till nw u hvnt taken any decision without taking our consent then hw can you?
san:hw can i wat lucky?
lak:bhai hw can u fix the damn place without our consent
san:i knw that i didnt take ur permission bt wats tge big deal.investers r happy with the place then wats the prblm
rag:bt i m nt happy.sanskar hw can u even thnk of starting this project in kolkata.i mean c’mon there r a lot of places in india bt y kolkata
san:bt wats the prblm with kolkata.hum log waise bhi kal kolkata ja hi rahe hai na.nd evryone is hving a complaint that v r nt able to gv tym to our family.if v start our project there then…
rags:no sanskar u knw hw much i hate that city.i hv lost everythng only becz of that city.nd i ll nt let u strt our prjct there.ragini starts to leave
san:1 min Ragini i knw u both hv lost all ur happiness only becz of that dnt forget.i hv also lost many thngs there.nd thts the reason y i chose that v ll get an oppurtunity to live our memories.aur ha yeh jitna tum dono ke liye mushkil hai utna hi mere liye bhi hai.atleast tumhare paas laksh ka sahara toh hai bt mere paas……sanskar leaves frm there without completing.ragini also goes to her room.laksh stands near the pool
laksh:(monologue)itne saalo me pehli bar bhai ne apni dard ko chupane ki koshish nahi ki.i jst hope unka yeh decision sahi hi nd v get back all wat we lost

shona comes back home she gets freshen up nd wears a red kurta nd white leggin.shona strts to do her packing as she ll hv to leave fr kolkata within 2days.someone rings the door bell
shona:ab kaun hai?
she opens the door
shona:taai ma?come na
taai ma comes in.
tm:r u busy shona?
shona:ha little hw cme u knw
tm:u took so much tym to open the door toh i understood.shona smiles.BTW wat were u doing?
shona:actually i was packing
tm:kyun kahi jaana hai kya
shona:ha woh actually…
she tells to tm that she ll hv to go to kolkata fr the fest nd also tells tht she ll hv to tke cre of her food nd she she is tensed as she does nt knw anyone there
tm:y r u getting stressed out.kolkata hi toh hai na?did u forget my son is there in kolkata na.he ll make all the arrangements fr u
tm nods her head.

Thats all fr todays episode i hope i hv made everythng clear.nd tm is shonas neighbour.if u hv any furthr doubts pls do cmmnt.

Credit to: Jitha

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  1. pls update n english cant understand

    1. Ok.i ll update the nxt episode in eng.

  2. Nice…….is ragini hate swara????

  3. Plz ragini is sanlaks sister??or laksh or sanskar wife..plz reveal it also…need raglak and swasan

    1. hey anna i think u didnt read the intro of this chapter properly where i hv revealed that ragini is lakshs wife nd nt sanskars sister.nd i hope i hv myself clear.

  4. Very nice

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