YEH ISHQ NAHI AASAN – Swaragini (Episode 4)



Hey guyz i m back with yet another episode first of all thank u for all u r comments and support bt i guess i m receving very less no of cmments.guys pls do cmmnt even if its negative no prblm.ur cmmnts only encourage me to write further nd helps me to rectify my guyz pls pls do comment.without knwing ur suggestion i cant write further so coming back to the stry.

ragini is sitting in her cabin and going through some files.abhay knocks on the door
rags:yes come in
abhay:mam clients have reached meeting ll begin in 20mins
abhay leaves the cabin.
ragini:(monologue) wheres that file gone.she starts to search on the table and opens the draw and takes sme files out of it.smethng falls from frm the file.ragz bend dwn to get it.its a photo.its upside down.she takes the photo and is shocked to see it.
ragz:hw did it cme here?who kept it here?
she looks the photo for sometime
rags:(to the photo)u knw one thng i jst hate i m here away fr my family then its only becz of u.i have lost all my happiness only becz of u.if were nt in my lyf then my lyf wouldnt b lyk i hv become smeone else u jst killed that old ragini.aaj agar mere dil pathar ban gayi hai toh woh sirf aur sirf tumhare wajah se.u dnt hv any space in my lyf jst get lost.she throws the photo away.ragz is very angry and her face had become all red.tears are rolling down. from her eyes.
abhay:mam its tym for meeting
ragz:ok i m cming

shona locks the door and leaves.she gets into an stops in front of a 3 storeyed buliding.SUR MUSIC ACADAMY.she goes inside nd reaches in front of a class room.She enters the class room and all students stands up
students:gud mrng mam
shona:gud mrng everyone.sit down
all gets seated.shona moves towards one corner where a guitar is kept.she takes it and comes and stands in the middle of the class.
shona:ok students so we r meeting aftr 10days i hope all of u might hv enjoyed ur holidays.shona plays her guitars and all her students listen.she then give out the notes and the students take tgem down.suddenly peon enters the class room
peon:mam principal is calling u
shona:ok i m cming(to the students) u guys practise i ll jst b back
shona enters principals office.
shona:sir aapn ne mujhe bulaya?
princi:ha sonakshi.i hv called u to tell smethng imp
Shona:ji sir tell me
princi:so as u knw.every year we are participating in our inter college fest.nd this year its gonna be conducted at kolkata.nd u r in charge of the fest.u ll take the students there.
shona:bt sir me ?that too alone hw can i handle…
princi:dnt wrry sonakshi there are only few students food and accomadation for students ll b provided by the authorities u ll hv to jst do the arrangements for ur self only.
shona:bt sir such a big responsibility.i thnk u should hand over this responsibility to someone else.
princi:no sonakshi all the senior most staffs r busy with preparations fr the u ll hv to take the students.nd i knw u ll handle it well.
shona:ok sir.i ll try my level when is the competition
princi:its nxt week so u ll hv to leave within 2days.
shona:ok sir.
Shona returns to her class and informs the students about the same.all of them gets excited.

Ragini enters the conference room is a huge room with a large table and chairs are arranged around the table it can hold almost 50 people at a time.there is a huge screen behind the table where the projection is show.the room is full of clients and share holders.ragini comes and stand in front of the table so that everyone could see her clearly
Rags:good morning gentleman.first of all I would like to welcome you all to our office.its our pleasure to wrk with u u all knw we hv been wrking on this project for the past 5 and a half years and now we are at the verge to disclosing it in front of the whole wrld.i hope that this project turns out to be one of the most prestigious project of our lets move on to the presentation but before that let me welcome our directors MR LASK MAHESHWARI and MR SANSKAR MAHESHWARI a huge round of applause for them.
All of them starts to clap and the door opens and 2 men enters.

That’s all for todays episode guys pls pls pls do cmmnt.tell me u wnt precaps or not nd I m gonna introduce a new character soon.i ll give u sme options and u ll hv to choose nd yh u can suggest other names also nd the options are
Nakul mehra aka adi from pyaa ka dard hai,karan tacker,avinash sachidev aka shlok frm ipkknd 2,rithvik dhanjani,shakti arora aka ranveer frm matsh.its a kind of matured character so while selecting pls keep that in mind.nd yeah taai ma’s role played my supriya pilgaonkar aka ishwari frm kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi…… thank u.

Credit to: Jitha

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